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  1. I know nothing about what they still have, but Bosse lost some pretty solid players to graduation. I could see Harrison getting 3 wins.
  2. I predict it will be a 2 or even 3 way tie at the top this year and I'll be shocked if anyone can run the table. I just hope Memorial has everybody for Central in Wk. 3. And I mean everybody.. Wk. 4 at the Bowl should be a fun one. Memorial is riding a 5 game win streak against the Wildcats that can't sit well with Coach Goebel.
  3. Sullivan is already there, right? Adding Lincoln, Linton and N. Knox would seem to help all 3 and could be doable with the 2 divisions. Linton's current schedule is not going to get them prepared for a team like Mater Dei.
  4. I wish we were, but Memorial is not in the same area code with Chatard in terms of 3A football titles. We were 0 for 2 before the SF came into play. We are 1 for 4 in 3A. Ironically, all 3 losses came after beating Chatard in semi-state. The SF was not put in place because of Memorial HS.
  5. After Sectionals the IHSAA gets the gate revenue after paying officials, a modest host site fee, modest travel stipend, and the revenue from the first 200 tickets being split between the 2 participating schools. A home team/town crowd plus 1 loyal traveling fan group is going to produce more gate revenue than 2 loyal traveling fan groups, plus site host expenses and travel stipends would likely increase. As a loyal traveling fan, the atmosphere is what I would miss most. As bad a drive as it is, I'd rather play East Central in St. Leon than in Sellersburg.
  6. Why. Do you think the IHSAA is going to change its decision?
  7. LOL. It's not sexy, it's a snake oil to dab the wounds of losses in 2016-2018 when GS had rattled off 3 straight wins against relatively bad Memorial teams and thought it had entered an era where annual runs deep into the playoffs would be the norm. What happened to those very good GS teams in the 3 year stretch of losses to Memorial is the same thing that happened to them in 2019 & 2020 losses to HH & SR - GS just got beat by a better team on that particular night. If a p/p's effective enrollment should be 15-20% higher (which incorrectly assumes a p/p has zero dead-weight students) then GS and Memorial are already "effectively" the same size (550 v. 700). I think you like to say GS is similar to MD simply because GS hasn't played them. How do the rosters compare? GS has had more kids on its roster than Memorial in recent years. Heck, MD has had more kids on its roster than Memorial for quite a long time. Shouldn't Memorial have more kids on its roster in your sexy scenario?
  8. BS. It should not matter. Two moves. Why punish the kid, unless there is someone (or more than one person) who is in a position of great influence, who has a vendetta? It's about the kids, right...?
  9. Why not? What if you've moved twice and both schools say the transfer was not due to athletic reasons? Just punish the kid because of where he wants to transfer? That is BS..
  10. Today must be Tango's day in the barrel... LOL.
  11. What? I love going to the Jewell in November! The long drive west through the harvested fields with rolls of hay painted in support of the Titans, seeing the lights, being harassed by Gibson Co. deputies for tailgating when the GS faithful are 50 yards away with open containers. Its great! In 2013 when I was coaching middle school we had a Saturday night double header vs. Mt. Carmel at the Snake Pit. Didn't see any snakes but the mosquitos were so bad I felt like I was in the Okefenokee Swamp.
  12. If Enlow is just alright, then the Jewell is just a patch of turf in a cornfield...
  13. Central imploded. The lack of discipline from the head coach on down is what beat them.
  14. No question. And in 2017 too. It would be interesting to see 2017 SR v EM and GS v Central.
  15. And the PAC thread is the same with GS dads (and you). So what? In 2013 the PAC was stronger, no question. After SR beat MD I thought for sure you would make LOS.
  16. LOL. Mater Dei will likely return to LOS again in 2022. In 3 years in 4A Memorial has 1 state title, lost to the state champs, and made sectional final in 2020 COVID year. Plus enrollment is up. Keep trying.
  17. It's a conference argument. I not proving Memorial is anything other than in a better conference. Personally, I'd have us #3 or #4 behind MD, GS, and maybe Jasper. I'll agree EM and GS were pretty close competitively in 2017 (and in 2016). They weren't in 2012-2014 or 2018. Can I assume you agree 8-2 HH was pretty close competitively with 3-7 Bosse in 2021? And can we agree all we really have is head to head, whether it's actual (in the case of 2A teams) or mythical, right? So go through last season and match 'em up - PAC v SIAC (throw out Washington and Pike Central who combined for 1 W). I'll give you GS beats Jasper. Where is another PAC W? Yep, and since he didn't come to Memorial he has full eligibility.
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