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  1. Now adding Brownsburg to the mix....this is getting ridiculous lol...
  2. Off topic here...my main argument is that Avon belongs. I would think Bless would fit this description as well. It's not John Hart money, but it's still a pretty penny to coach.
  3. A state championship in both Volleyball and Track in the past 5 years seem to say they'd be okay in some sports....wrestling is generally a top 10 program in the state. Bless has made the football team competitive in the HCC including a conference championship in 2019... I'm sure DC's F/R/L is much higher than the average in the Mid-State...doesn't mean you can't compete....Avon is still affluent in a large part of the town...again....they'll be alright.
  4. I don't think any school in the HCC will win anything besides the school that has 3x the enrollment of most of the schools, in most cases. I don't see them all abandoning ship. The HCC schools (including Avon) are growing at a rapid rate. They'll be fine.
  5. Avon wants no part of that. Not happening. Per very reliable inside source.
  6. Marian becomes their stiffest competition for recruiting. Knights are 2-0 vs the Hounds as well...
  7. Technically, if were going off the "best football player in the state" that title would go to Desan McCullough out of Bloomington South according to any recruiting site.
  8. When is it expected that CG and Carmel try to make the move to the HCC?
  9. The Mason Inn in Pittsboro is a good spot. Down the road, in Brownsburg, there Dawson's Too with some great food and a good bar.
  10. Plainfield has a WR going to Iowa and another WR who is pretty dang good. They had probably the best WR duo in all of 5A this year.
  11. I think you'd have trouble finding 7 better teams in the state regardless of class.
  12. CG -17.5 Fishers -5 Luers +6.5 Roncalli -9.5 Zionsville +19 Avon +4 MC -3 DC LC +18 WC -24
  13. Cathedral 42-14...I think all eyes are going to be on the matchup looming on Oct. 15th....Will be 2 of the best teams in the entire nation taking the field that night
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