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  1. Tri-west will be getting turf this off-season, I believe
  2. Hate to see them play an all in conference schedule (similar to Ft. Wayne). It was always nice to see how competitive they can be with some of the Indy schools (if that's who they decided to pick up). I think the SOS is downgraded, for most, with the addition of Jasper and VL.
  3. Off the top of my head Ben Davis- Tandon Doss, Marqueis Gray Plainfield- James Hurst Warren Central- Krishawn Hogan, Darren Evans, Sheldon Day, Jeff George Cathedral (Not mentioned above)- Ted Karras, Kofi Hughes, Reece Horn Decatur Central- Aaron Gibson Roncalli-Cole Toner
  4. Disgusting. The administration at Roncalli High School should be ashamed of themselves. I think the lack of action speaks to the incompetency of the leaders throughout the school. Who is going to protect these kids if the administration of the school will not. as they shouldn't
  5. I think Carmel struggles to get out of sectionals next year...but who knows, when you have 5300 kids it truly is "reload" not "rebuild"
  6. Kyle Adams at West Laf., Luke Goode at Homestead.,Brady Allen at Gibson Southern will probably be the next big time QB recruit for the state. Ben Easters at Brownsburg (Kansas Commit)...Henry Hesson at Avon will be a D1 kid
  7. Evil Czech Brewery has some amazing food. The chicken and waffles are the bomb
  8. Always thought the gap Carmel has with the rest of 6A is pretty ridiculous. They should win state in every sport, every year. If they play CG in state they will have 2700 more kids. Find myself rooting against the super school of Indiana every year.
  9. CURRENTLY- SIAC top to bottom is arguably a top 5 conference in the state. 1 and 2 respectively- MIC and HCC are the elite of the state #3 Summit conference in Ft. Wayne I would have to put SIAC and Mid-State pretty comparable..although top to bottom Mid-State POSSIBLY has more talent due to the size of schools compared to SIAC. Hoosier Hills and CI are both right there as well.
  10. Best Guess 6A:Carmel 5A:New Pal 4A:Mooresville 3:Chatard 2A: Evansville MD 1A: Lutheran All of my picks from the pickem are still alive besides Brownsburg.
  11. I'll take Mooresville 28-21. Wouldn't shock me to see it flipped. SIAC and Mid-State are both great conferences that battle test each team and get them ready for deep runs. Should be a great one. Off topic, but speaking of SIAC..Mater Dei was my pick for 2A. They're playing some good football at the right time
  12. I would say the WR/S Ball State commit (Evans) and the OL with a Big Ten D1 offer, and more to come shortly (Richards, who was offered by Purdue last week and has multiple college visits coming up) may have something to say about Combs being the best player on the field....
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