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  1. I got a propsle that would actually make it more likely that Cathedral wins more state titles and would stop the late night game for you. Ihsaa could created a PP class for the P/Ps and the championship game would be the first game at 9am. I would be 100% behind this win win for Cathedral.
  2. Playing on turf for a big game is just a ihsaa conspiracy against Cathedral because they believe that big games should be played in the mud at a stadium that has a great tradition such as Arlington middle school.
  3. Some more Center Grove D1 committed/Offers/Preferred walk-ons: Shane Bennett TE 6'3" 205 Indiana State Commit Mitchell Evans FS 5' 11" 185 lbs IU preferred walk-on Carl Biddings IV DT 6'2 280 going to Louisville Owen Green DT 6'2 260 Fordham Offer Jackson Griffin DB 5' 11" 188 lbs Dayton Offer Daniel Weems RB Sr. Western Michigan, Eastern Kentucky Offers Jacob Newlin C 6' 2" 275 lbs Valparaiso Offer
  4. So what team next year do you think Center Grove has no chance at beating?
  5. I think it ended up to be only one, sort of. RB Drew wheat that has rushed for 987 yds, 7.8 avg per carry this season was put in the game in third Quarter for a few plays and had only 2 carries. This is not counting CB Cincinnati commit that has been lost for the season.
  6. I never thought I see a game where a CG QB would out rush a BD QB let alone the entire team. Jackson 104 rushing yards BD 32
  7. From Game 1: BD: 52 passing Attempts, 10 rushing carriers CG: 16 passing Attempts, 48 rushing carriers Semi-State Game? Will BD come close to 52 passing attempts? Will CG have more than 16 passing Attempts?
  8. I really did not want this to be a PI debate. It was the use of term awful that bothered me. I totally agree that nothing can be judged by one picture because I could have just shone the interception frame and from that frame it look like a terrible call. So since this has become a debate I will express my opinion that the official probably used #6 to make his decision. The pass was a couple of feet offline and the receiver tried to adjust and that is when contact was made causing the receiver from being able to move toward the pass. So by the time the ball came down the defender was in position to make the interception.
  9. Yes Wheat is the biggest question that I have. Mid season I had a debate at who would be a bigger lost QB1 or Wheat. Still undecided
  10. I did not say that it was a correct call or not, I am not a Referee and never could even imagine doing that job. I really did not want to start a debate about one call. I guest I just don't like the term awful used towards officials making split second judgment calls.
  11. I would not call it a awful call there was a lot of contact before the interception was made.
  12. I am have a hard time making a score prediction on this game. CG hade some injuries to a couple of key players last week and I don't know what there status is for this game. I still think CG will find a way to get the win a home.
  13. That is what CG does a couple of quick three and outs and a couple of quick scores and then teams quit/can not respond to it. Such as what happen in first game that CG went on to win 42 - 21
  14. Semi State tickets have been 10$ since 2016 and the processing fee is going to Huddle Tickets not IHSAA so they are not making any more money than recent years. Now if you are looking for someone that is trying to recover revenue you don't have to look farther than Cathedral. They charged 9$ for a regular season home game plus if tickets were bought on line there was a processing fee of over a dollar.
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