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  1. Nope, I did not pick cg to win. I just stated that IMO stats gives CG an offensive edge. I leaning towards Carroll on the defense side of the ball. CG pass defense has ben bad often this season give up 325+ yards i think 4 times. First game against Cathedral CG gave up 400 passing yards. As who going to win I have no clue.
  2. Some interesting stats Both first year starting QBs a Junior and Sophomore. I was surprised how close their stats are. CG T. Cherry(Jr) YDS 2124 c% 0.649 Y/G 163.4 Carroll J. Sullivan(So) YDS 2203 c% 0.648 Y/G 169.5 Overall running game, I give the edge to CG they have an awesome one two punch. But Carroll QB has the better running QB. CG YDS AVG Y/G TD Coyle(Sr) 1941 6.9 149.3 21 Thomeson(Sr) 954 6.2 79.5 9 Carrol YDS AVG Y/G TD Starks(So) 1134 6.4 87.2 7 Steely(Jr) 482 7.0 37.1 13 Sullivan(So) 182 2.4 14.0 9 Passing game, I say is a toss-up. CG has the leading receiving yards player, but Carroll distributes the ball around more. CG YDS AVG Y/G TD Coy(Jr) 1081 19.0 83.2 13 Hohlt(Sr) 227 15.1 25.2 3 Wright(Sr) 220 12.9 18.3 0 Carroll YDS AVG Y/G TD C. Herschberger(Sr) 737 12.9 56.7 7 H. Haffner(Jr) 479 12.9 36.8 10 J. Hill(Sr) 472 14.3 42.9 4 So, looking at stats from only the offense side of the game I give a slight edge to CG.
  3. I got to go with CG by 500 they are undefeated in their last 5 trips to Lucas Oil Stadium. I would love to see a tie. I do hope Carroll brings a big crowd, the more the better for Indiana football. CG +500 in crowd size
  4. Center Grove In the past has brought the largest crowd and definitely would bring a lager crowed then Cathedral and I think Hamilton Southeastern would bring more than Carmel. So, I think Center Grove (Going for three in a row) vs Hamilton Southeastern (Undefeated) would bring in the largest crowd.
  5. So, in this case the officials spotted the ball incorrectly. The offense advanced the ball and officials spotted it where they landed.
  6. When multiple officials make different calls on the same play how is it decided on which one to go with? In the video first official called it CG's ball, second official then sort of gave a incomplete call then third office started arguing it was a completed pass. They went with the third official call, completed pass. Is it usual decided by who had best position, the loudest (alpha) official or some other way.
  7. I was going off what CG posted on Digital Scout. Cathedral Irish at Center Grove Trojans Football | 10/14/2022 7:00:00 PM | Digital Scout live sports scores and stats Whatever, 351 or 410 they still have a big play pass defense problem that they have been having all year.
  8. 4th game this year CG has given up more than 320 passing yards. They came out with the win in the previous 3 games but not this one. CG will likely have 3 weeks to figure something out. CG Opponent passing yds. Lost: 351 Cathedral - Won: 273 Warren Central, 324 Carmel, 326 BD, 348 LC, 245 LN
  9. Looks like Center Grove had fun on grass! Cathedral not so much.
  10. According to MaxPreps Tibbs is listed as 17th in class 6a in receiving yards with 281 yards. Ben Davis has 2 receivers in top 10 at 3rd and 8th. Heck Center Grove receiver Is 2nd and has more yards than Tibbs and Wooten combined. Tibbs will need a heck of a second half of the season and a deep run in the state tournament to get into the Mr. football running (IMO)
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