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  1. It is interesting that Temp picked Center Grove over Ben Davis, even though he has BD #1 in his poll
  2. I think you gotta have 20+ D1 offers to say that name.
  3. Ticket rules. ☹️ Semi-State Football vs. Center Grove - 7 pm Ticket link: public.eventlink.com/tickets?t=58887 websites.eventlink.com/s/ihsaa/Tickets The ticket link will shut down at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 17th. Tickets are NOT available for purchase at the gate.
  4. Center Grove has a few open dates next year. East Central should give them a call.
  5. BD has a very aggressive senior heavy defense. Sacks TFL int Fmb Rec BD: 43 110 18 9 Cathedral 25 48 9 3
  6. Yes, Broad Ripple Rockets always, even though BR does not exist anymore.
  7. Hey, where are all the WC fans hiding? Don't you believe in your team's chances to pull off a miracle against Center Grove? Come on, have some faith! If they can get to CG QB1 and make him sweat, they might just shock the world. Of course, it's still Center Grove's game to lose, but anything can happen in football, right? Right?
  8. Ben Davis game to lose I will go with BD wining 35 - 14. Ben Davis will stop the Iresh run game an bring presser that Irish cannot handle.
  9. Max prep has BD with over 43 sacks this year, but Cathedral has an elusive QB. It will be interesting if Cathedral can handle the pressure BD brings. I put BD sack total over/under at 4.5
  10. Let's see, Temp picking the cheating Cathedral over Ben Davis and he siding with cheating Michigan. Temp has definitely gone over to the dark side!
  11. I would like to see Brownsburg win this week because I would like to see them face off against Center grove later, that is if CG makes it to Semi-State. I think Center grove matches up against Brownsburg better than Ben Davis. Ben Davis has 33 sacks that could be problematic to Center grove's passing game, and I think Center grove can handle Brownsburg's run game better than Ben Davis's passing game.
  12. Matchup between two of the top contenders for the Mr Football award. The quarterback from Ben Davis High School and the running back from Brownsburg High School are both having stellar seasons, but they will face each other in the first round of the state championship. This means that one of them will be eliminated from the title race and possibly from the Mr Football race as well.
  13. How is gate revenue handled in sectional games? Do they split it or does host school get it all?
  14. Can someone explain why schools are doing tickets like this. It makes no sense to me. Pike tickets: Tickets to our football game this Friday VS Center Grove are on sale now! Tickets will only be sold online and are limited to the first 2,000 guests. To purchase your tickets, please visit https://public.eventlink.com/tickets?t=54711. Tickets will be sold until 6:00 p.m. on game day or until we sell out. There will be no ticket sales at the gate.
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