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  1. Wow, that is way sad, must have been sudden/undetected?? Prayers for family and friends.
  2. How did Carroll lose their new starting QB?
  3. You mention North Side has best player in state and one of the best WR's. Are they two in the same or do they have two studs? Yes, I also wonder what is going on off of State Street with other players heading there? Seems a bit odd, but if they have two of the states' best, good usually attracts good.
  4. https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/blackhawk-christian-launching-8-man-football-program/
  5. I agree, Kansas adds very little to the B1G. The B1G is after TV sets, so I see them going for the Seattle market (Washington), Phoenix market (AZ State or AZ), TX market (TCU or Houston) then either ND or BC for more East coast exposure. ND could be left out, they shunned B1G after a few attempts, maybe B1G moves on without them??
  6. Snider returns a QB that has started for 2 years and a very good back in Levell (sp?). Not sure how much returns from the O & D line though. North Side could be very dangerous, nationally rated, big WR. They almost took Snider out last year in first game of the season and I'm expecting another close game to start this season. Never under estimate Dwenger.
  7. IMO, not seeing many of the top national schools jumping at chance to play the select few from Indiana, especially, if they have to travel here and no return trip.
  8. I've been around the SAC for my long, blessed life, has good mix of classes. I think that 4A is more competitive from top to bottom than 6A. Year in and year out, maybe 2-4 teams have realistic shot at the crown in 6A, 4A I would say 6-8 have realistic shot. The private schools do seem to have upper hand as you lower in class though. If Dwenger or Cathedral are in 4A, either one of them or both will be in semi and/or title game. Roncalli is making gains in 4A now as well. New Pal seems to be in good position as a 4A school.
  9. https://www.wane.com/news/local-news/caleb-swanigan-former-nbaer-dead-at-25
  10. I am not sold on Hippenhammer as a P5 player, he has struggled. Maybe he would have turned out different at ND??
  11. This topic is way overplayed DT, find something else to talk about.
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