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  1. That's the point that he is trying to make. Linton has around 105 kids in their freshman class, but don't get 25 of them out for football. MD has around 128 in their freshman class, but gets 25 or more to come out for football. Sure, having an extra 25 kids per class gives you a better chance of getting 25 out but you still gotta be able to pull the numbers from what you've got. I don't really buy into the enrollment=success argument much. Doesn't matter how many options your kids have for prom dates compared to mine, if my kids are bigger, faster, and stronger than yours I'm going to wi
  2. Hate to hear that. But, as always, East will reload. Villarreal is yet another solid back in their program, and Parks is awesome. Good luck to you guys!
  3. What's up with McDonald? Always been really impressed with him anytime I've seen him play since his Freshman year, hope he will be back next week for East
  4. It is the exact same. Just the W turned upside down, pretty unique look, I like it
  5. Linton got over the hump, that's what killed off a lot of the chatter on here. And since then they are 3-3 in the tournament with all 3 of those losses being by 19+ points. The "old days" were mainly filled with arguments trying to defend the program and show that it could compete (and win) with anyone in 1A, as they proved that they could. The "rivals" have changed, it's no longer about beating Ritter, Scecina, LCC it's about beating Southridge and Mater Dei; and then eventually more potentially bigger and better teams. So far they haven't shown the ability to do that. I don't believe that wi
  6. Agreed. If they can't win 10 games with that schedule, regardless of who is at QB, they need to clean house and try again. Houston will still be in the mix for the division. Hopkins is a great player but Stills, Cooks, Fuller, and Cobb will be enough to help Watson score points, not to mention a still improving O Line and running game. Defense will be the biggest question for them, and bouncing back from the collapse in Kansas City. I am expecting Tennessee to take a bigger step back than Houston. Jacksonville is tanking and looking to lose 13-14 games.
  7. I found that pick interesting as well as the Eason pick. Everything the team had been doing this off season seemed to be geared towards winning now, but then you take 2 guys in those rounds that most likely won't play a snap this season. Or at least not until pretty late in the year. IMO the 3rd round is still a time where you should be getting a player who will be expected to be on the field for at least 50% of your snaps on the season for their side of the ball. I don't mind the Eason pick as much because he had fell a little and was probably worth a little more due to his potential. R
  8. Is Phillip Rivers an upgrade over Brissett? Last season says no and that the Colts still have the 3rd or 4th best QB in their division. But the Colts can protect Rivers far better than the Chargers could. And they have a superior coaching staff.
  9. Crazy times. Sad to see him leave New England, but really think it is best for both sides. BB will be able to rebuild around a QB on a rookie contract making less than a million bucks the next 3 years. Brady will be able to make the money he is deserved for a couple years. And he gets to play with much better weapons than New England could afford to get this year. I don't think the offense fits him the way they ran things last year, but I'm sure he will have a large say in play calling and game planning. Very curious to see if Antonio Brown tries to get in the door with the Bucs...wouldn
  10. I'm just glad we can finally start using taxpayer funding on something other than children and their athletic endeavors if all leagues are shut down
  11. According to some leaked info online--It's going to be closed to immediate family members only, no general admission fans allowed. Crazy times..
  12. Good Lord...calm down man Why would someone create one? If anybody even dares suggesting someone can compete with Linton you rip into them..
  13. Never been to a game there, but Lawrenceburg has always been my favorite to see in passing
  14. I didn't mind San Fran throwing the ball on 2nd and 5. They had Kittle matched up on Suggs and he was wide open for at least a 15 yard gain if the ball isn't tipped at the line (Great play by Jones). That being said, on 3rd and 5 I am either running the ball or making darn sure the ball is not thrown incomplete--even taking a sack would be better than what happened. Shanahan got plenty of guys open in the 4th quarter, but the plays weren't made. You can't bash him as a coach for blowing this lead the same way he blew the 28-3 lead in Atlanta--one game he ran the ball too much, one game he thre
  15. This is a good thing for IU and Mr. Ramsey. Good luck to him, I'm sure he will have success wherever he decides is the best fit from here
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