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  1. Maybe its like Linton. They dont want to do it?
  2. Throw that winning tradition out the window. Us Miners sorta think we have a winning tradition as well and play on grass. I dont recall Linton ever changing locations for a game but I think maybe 1. Kudos to Luers for being able to do that. Although its a drag for the fans and players IMHO it shows sportsman ship. Their field is trashed I guess and had the guts to call Kings X here. You gotta love it!
  3. I gotta say although ratings say this and that. I tend to look at the top ten this time of year. There are 5 or 6 teams that could win it all in 2A. But if you look at the path, all of them have MAJOR obstacles thru the Regionals. All of them. From the mighty Luers to my lowly Miners. Its just way to early to even speculate. Just a thought.
  4. I thought the Semi-State would determine which school from the North would face the South at Lucas Oil for the Final. Has that changed? I see LCC could represent the South in 2A. Help me out here. Looks like its true and if so lets remap the whole tournament.
  5. Actually Sagarin ratings see it a little different. But that's right if it doesn't fit the agenda discount it. I get it. LOL
  6. I was really looking to offer another opinion. For a football field however I have to totally agree.
  7. As a Miner fan I gotta go with Coach Berry, Pioneer! I am sure they have unfinished business. Love to see a Linton - Pioneer game again. Great folks both sides.
  8. South Putnam is a very good 1A team and they certainly have nothing to lose winning this game. Other than getting someone hurt and hampering their post season play. SP is good enough to make a 1A run. Linton on the other hand has the ultimate trap game. Do we win at all cost on Sr. night and lose a key player or two for an undefeated season? Miners right now are picked highly to make a LONG playoff run if healthy. I think both teams would love to win but not at all costs as both have great potentials post season. I'll go with Calpreps on this 34-12 Linton. I just hope both teams no injuries whatever happens. Both communities have a lot of football left. Best of Luck to both.
  9. Thats not the point at all. IF MD is in fact the last seed then so be it. Nobody believes that in fact its a 60/40 MD edge IMO. Im sorry the numbers don't work for the Evansville teams. As I said before drawing out of a hat is caveman. SEED EM! Let IHSAA tell us why MD is an 8 with a straight face.
  10. Folks are too lazy to do it is all. Use AP/Coaches/ Strength of schedule as the process. SOS will stop padded schedules Then again if you dont believe polls then ya prob dont believe in SOS. Drawing from a hat is caveman stuff IMHO.
  11. Wouldn't that be GREAT now that the nasty chat is over!
  12. This is really not a game to talk about but it is Week 8. Eastern is on a rebuilding track I hope. It was fun watching them just a couple of years ago and I hope they reach those goals very shortly. Linton can not afford injury and still have South Putnam left. Tough game for Linton this one. I can just hear Dorothy saying Auntie Emm oh my. What do we do now? I'll call Linton by35 and a short game. Any thoughts?
  13. Never done this before in awhile. I believe in jinx. With NK its not even that. They could beat the Miners straight up and I wish them well. I say 42-20 Miners
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