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  1. Ae ya all drinking the Coolaid? Sorta sounds like it sorry.
  2. Congrats Linton Miners! 14 point win, no, 42 point win and set a State record for margin of Victory! GO MINERS!
  3. How bout this reason. My Miners will take a beatdown but we won't laydown and quit!
  4. Harrels has EMD a 4 pt favorite? I think thats insane and blows all validity too predictions.
  5. As a Miner fan I wasn't surprised myself. And thats OK. We just moved to 2A a couple of years ago. Gotta play bigger teams better players. Im PROUD of my Miners! Even though we got blown out and we did its a learning experience as well. Two top teams in the State going at in a Semifinal; game somebody is gonna lose. EMD was the better team no doubt. Im sure this experience will resonate next year! Go EMD and take the South! Go Miners!
  6. I think I answered my own question about Luck. Couldn't delete my post somehow. Ya Luck is a bad term.
  7. So without Luck how do you get to the right place and time? This baffles me. Id really like hear more. Is it preordained? Feel free to message me on this. How do you do missions that you encountered hostile fire on and survive? Its the Luck at that time. I guess one could say its a training issue, capability issue or otherwise. Luck of the Drawl is a BIG deal in Aviation as well as life to me
  8. Well in all fairness I heard it was half the Old Crow was left. Rest assured if Makers Mark all gone.
  9. I think thats a pretty FAIR assessment in 2A. Thanks for keeping your eyes out for my Linton Miners
  10. Oh I gotcha there! Its a Long road. Webo and a few other teams in the South are chomping at the bits. That Cass- Pioneer game really blew my mind though.
  11. Whichever Victor comes outta this. I see a Lewis-Cass matchup
  12. Hopefully its a Great game! Don't wanna see a blow out either way. Fingers crossed.
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