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  1. Classy conversation between Miner and Falcon fans! Lets keep it going
  2. Looks like he's using Sagarin and toning it down a bit. Sagarin was real close on +44 Miners over Monrovia.
  3. Monrovia is a Class football team. Looking at records is the New Coach up to there standards? Don't know just askin. Always thought a solid gut running game wins in at least 2A.
  4. If we Linton can stop the passing attack could be much worse. If not Long Linton night.
  5. Well lets see. Linton wasn't even on the Jeff page for preseason ratings. Way down there in the 37's. Cal Preps has got pretty close into this early season. Cal Preps as Linton 27-6. Harrells a much closer score. Sagarin buy a bunch. I don't buy the Sagarin rating or do I? If I were King (LOL) I would tell the Miners #3 just ta pump them up! Polls are polls but Linton is predicted win this game and Im gonna watch it on GCSN if they make the trip!
  6. Im thinking the Golden Arrows (3A) are not Southridge (3A). I also believe the Miners roll bar fumbles. Im certain Coach Oliie has addressed this enuff. Just my thoughts 40-24 Linton
  7. I don't think this is all about football. How many students are enrolled at Union HS? They also have the opportunity to play at various other schools and some do at great effort on their families. Union as a school is trying to survive. Football and turnouts is not really in the equation. The community wants to hold it all together, Maybe it cant be done. Its not a Football issue.
  8. Until they stop making footballs the Linton Miners will play
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