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  1. I will as well pick MD but I thought Linton would be playing them. AS MD said Victors/Spoils. 24-21 feels good but if the Wildcats are hot they will score a LOT more. Just a thought. And that's what I predicted for Linton.lol
  2. Now that's original. Ive never heard that before. Makes sense though. LOL
  3. Scecina should bring a crowd? As BTO sang " You Aint seen Nothing yet" LOL
  4. Is the game not at U of I? If not you guys gonna bring a concession trailer! I hope tailgating will be allowed? I say that because your fans really took great care of the Miner fans when we showed up.
  5. Looks like it is at U of I 730pm. Thats what time it was for Linton couple years ago. Great facilities! And let me tell you the Scecina crowd throws a tailgate party! Treated me like a king even wearing a Miner Hoodie. Great concessions too. I was sorta hoping I was gonna fly in for a Miner game, but to the Victor goes the Spoils. I checked in a LaQuinta very close and decent enough for a football game with kids and the Hotel bus dropped me off. Great experience and Go Wildcats!
  6. I have tipped my hat to the T-birds ( And I never have before). I think they are WAY over their heads now. Im rooting for them though. This could be very interesting.
  7. Thats what Im talking about in unconstitutional! The ONLY game not broadcast is one that had a contractional issue is this one. Well now IHSAA should let anyone broadcast it since they broadcast all others. I know Im just a Old Miner fan and haven't lived in IN since 1978. I live comfortably in Grays Creek NC now. My home in my mind is Linton. Wildcats beat us so I am obliged to support them till the end. Funny MDAlum said to the victor go the spoils. And so true. This deal here I got buddies coming over to the house as were gonna have ribs, wings, adult beverages and watch the game. Yes me the Yankee them a bunch of Tar Heels who support HS football! Thats OK. We can turn it into a ZZ Top evening fairly quick. As I said you taxpaying folks in IN need to be raising cane!
  8. You mean to tell me MD vs Triton Central is Not going to be streamed? If it is where?
  9. IMHO its all about IHSAA revenue. Somebody really needs to look hard at the IHSAA as they seem to like the role of Judge, Jury and Executioner. Something fundamentally unconstitutional is going on here.
  10. Wont predict a score but I will split Harrels and Cal Preps prediction. Wildcats by 17. Go WILDCATS!
  11. I think they will win the South. And win it all! Sectional 40 is BRUTAL. Go WILDCATS!
  12. Ive actually set at one. One kid going to a Catholic school and the other private lets say. I found that quite refreshing. Funny though the conversation evolved about both schools and all kids. I gotta go with the Victor Wildcats as a Miner Homer. But North Posey really has to be watched. I wasn't so much worried about MD this year because that's a known Close game Big Game. I was concerned about this team from NP.
  13. I agree its not very common regarding sports. But academics its fairly common. Some kids may thrive better in different AP schools. I just give kudos to the parents to be able to do that. And probably a very well educated decision. Just a thought.
  14. Can you confirm my donation on behalf of MDAlum82 was recieved? 30 Oct date. Thanks
  15. Please accept my donation of 25 Dollars on behalf of MDAlum82 to your general fund. Keep up the good work. Thank You!
  16. Roy Willams Field is Sub Par at best? WOW! Where did that come from?
  17. If you only knew. Back to your posts. Gonna be raining I think Friday. If you want a grab and go Jiffy Treat is the way to go. Kids will love it. Set down.....I already called Jo Ettas Pizza Villa ( I go there every time when going to Linton) not very busy at all before game time. They really have better than good food and very reasonably priced. You can ask for out of the way tables as well if you want more privacy. Good Luck
  18. MD come on now. It's easy. Take a kid (boy or girl) any sport. The community stands behind the athlete. Parents say we just can't afford to pay the tuition. But we know the athlete has a better chance at achieving their goals here. I would walk into a Boardroom and propose we fund the tuition. Agreed might be 32k over 4 years or whatever. We hope to make relations in that community but zero strings are attached. And nobody recruited anybody. Happens every day.
  19. WOW! Just stopped in on 1A. Cant believe so many Homers in the North! I swear I can't!
  20. Hey Linton has a pretty fine CC program as well! Dang the luck of those Liptons!
  21. Twice on who? They put up 24 on my Miners. Lotta people overlooking the Boys from Bicknell but I am certainly not.
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