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  1. Imagine Earl’s stats if he played more than 2 quarters a game. I’d agree with you on best player. Could he have made Turkey Run conference contenders? NV was certainly not NV without him
  2. I remember watching that Lutheran team beat a pretty good Eastern Hancock team, and seeing how massive their line was. It truly was a size vs speed game between Lutheran and NV in 2014. Did Crabtree make most WRC teams move to a spread offense?
  3. I'm not sure if I should laugh at this or not to be honest. Ill take the 2007 Rox over any of those teams.
  4. I do remember watching a time when NV, FC, Rockville, and Attica were all ranked top 10 in 1A. I believe it was 2014, the year NV won state. I'm not sure if we will ever see football like that again in the WRC. I don't think it's youth programs faltering, I think it's just athletes coming and going. Those teams had some of the best athletes to ever come through the WRC.
  5. Is RP really on the rise or is the WRC just not good right now? RP has only played 2 opponents that are over 500, and got beat decisively by one, and by a few scores with the other. Not trying to be a hater, just stating the facts. Kudos to them for having some success though.. and I saw that they are destroying teams in junior high. 70PTS is crazy.
  6. Pretty uneventful week I would say. Best game is SV vs FC. NV @ PH - NV has JV out starting of the 4th quarter. 48-6. RP @ Attica - Hazzard has 4200 rushing yards, and 31 touchdowns after it's all said and done. 41124-6. Seeger @ CT - Seeger and FC just had a BATTLE last week. I wish I could have attended. Seeger is still top 3 in the conference and win this game 40-14. SV @ FC - Could be a battle early, but with the beatdown SV just put down on RP, I'd say things may be clicking. 35-13.
  7. I'm very curious on the IHSAA's plans on the reffing shortage? Is there really even a fix? I feel like at this point they may have to make it more lucrative for the officials. I think the pay is pretty reasonable, but not enough to deal with the amount of heckling they receive on a nightly basis. What are your thoughts on this? I'd hate to lose Friday night football because of a reffing shortage.
  8. Attica @ NV - I stand corrected on my Falcon over RP prediction last week. It seems the Falcons aren't as dominate as I thought initially. Still better than Attica by whatever the running clock allows them. Covington @ PH - Ill take the Trojans. It will be close early, but I think Covington can score the ball better. 34-13. FC @ Seeger - Seeger seems to be playing good football right now. They have some athletes. I think FC is too inconsistent, but if they come to play, it could be a battle. 34-22. RP @ SV - With how even the SV/NV game was after the 1st, I will say this could be a battle. Although match-ups are way different, I still think you can compare teams a little. Since this is being played at the visor field, Ill take SV 34-28.
  9. SV - CT --> 48-20. CT will score a few times. They have some athletes, but SV proved last week they are the top dogs. FC - Attica --> 41-0. NV - RP --> 42-20. Seems everyone is picking RP over NV this week. After watching RP a couple times this year, it looks to be a 1 man show. NV/SV are very even. Hard to come back from letting up 28 in a quarter, but it seemed even after. PH - Seeger --> 41-6. Seeger is a top 3 team in the conference. PH is a bottom 2 team. Depends on the size of the tenderloins
  10. Mid-season review. Was I accurate? 1. I had PH. (6-7) (0-2) Well their season has been so riddles with misfortunes. At one point I think they were missing 3 starters. They are starting a freshmen, although a good freshmen, he is still a freshmen. Johnson hasn't played more than 5 games, and he hasn't seemed to have gotten his rhythm back. They have struggled to score, but I believe the rest of the season they should be at or close to full strength. I think they will beat NV tonight, but move to third in the conference. 2. I had Covington. (9-4) (3-0) Obviously with the double digit win over PH it propels them to 1st. I watched the Covington/PH game in person and it was cool to watch. I was very impressed with the way they ran their defense. Having Karrfalt, whom may be the best on ball defender in the conference, and a 6-6 Waddell at the rim, they are tough to score on. They have a few guys that can put the ball in the bucket too. They are clearly the favorites now. 3. I had SV. (7-8) (2-0) SV did beat PH, so they have to move up one spot. They are pretty deep as I previously said, and are led by a good senior class. They have a great spread of being able to shoot the 3, but also spread the floor out and drive. I think Covington beats them by 10+ though. 4. I had FC. (8-6)(1-2) I was wrong here. Im putting them to 6th in the conference. They have struggled to score the ball consistently, and just lost to Seeger last week. Despite their 8-6 record, I just think they play too inconsistently. They do have some size, which propels them above a couple other teams in the conference. 5. I had Seeger here.(5-7) (1-0) I am going to keep Seeger here. They have a great Sophomore class led by a 2 time all conference junior. I have not seen them play much, but these guys are going to continue to get better. 6. I had NV here, and I am moving them to 4th. (5-8) (1-0). They look to have improved tremendously from the previous 2 years. They are averaging 48PPG, and have lost 4 games either in OT or by 3. They seem to be very close in turning the corner. I noticed a lack of games from Tryon and Naylor. 7. I had RP here, and I am keeping them here. (5-8) (1-2) They are 1 player away from being very good. Hazzard has carried them to some pretty close games, but they just lack that extra scorer. Hines isn't bad up top in their option plays, but when they get rid of it no one else can score it well. 8. I had Attica here, and I am keeping them here. (0-9) (0-4) These guys play hard early, but seem to lose it when pressure picks up later on. They just don't have any real scoring, but their defense seems to be pretty good when they are set. New rankings: 1. Covington (7-0) 2. SV (6-1) 3. PH (5-2) 4. NV (4-3) 5. Seeger (3-4) 6. FC (2-5) 7. RP (1-6) 8. Attica (0-7)
  11. I agree some of the surrounding schools could definitely be much different. It seems many are flocking to PH.
  12. I watched/listened to the BOW tourney last weekend. Here are my thoughts.. and does it change my pre-season rankings? Parke Heritage - Won banks without Christian, who is the best player in the conference. I stand with my prediction that they are the team to beat in the WRC. The freshmen Harper is going to be a force to be reckoned with. I was super impressed by how he played against South Vermillion. He single handedly kept them in that game, and stopped all of SV's momentum. Noble was a very good leader, and took over a lot when it counted. South Vermillion - They gave PH a pretty good run for their money early. They seem to be very deep with subs, I feel like 10+ kids touched the floor for them in some capacity in both games. They look to have a pretty solid underclass, and Uselman/Garzolini are as advertised, and do the majority of their scoring. I'm interested to see how the Bush kid develops, and how the team progresses this year. Riverton Parke - I didn't have them beating NV, but it was a thrill to watch. Hazzard finally started to score the basketball some, and ended up with 20+ against NV. They struggle to score the ball outside of Hines/Hazzard, and most of their offense just runs through those 2. Mullins looks to get most of his scoring off his defense. I don't see them winning more than 5-6 games this year, but 3-1 is a great start. North Vermillion - I feel like NV is still better than RP. They have been without a healthy Naylor, whom I expect will help offensively/defensively for the Falcons. I'm still not sold on them being able to consitsently score the ball, but they have put up 40+ in each game, which is an obvious improvement. They had a costly TF and missed free throws with 2s left to send it into OT. They did not look very competitive against South Vermillion. I think when Naylor gets back they are still in the middle of the pack in conference.
  13. Parke Heritage won't run into someone close to Linton in the WRC. Especially not someone with D1 talent. Their length alone will make it difficult for any team to score. Johnson isn't very big, so I imagine he was uncomfortable most of the night getting shots off. He won't have that issue again unless teams specifically try to take him away. It looked like PH just settled for way too many 3s. As athletic as they are I feel they should settle for an inside out game, and then look to spot up. I felt when the Freshmen came in they were getting singled out defensively, which is to be expected. Noble has definitely improved his outside game from a couple years ago, but I expect most teams to make him prove it.
  14. Pre-Season Top 10 players in the conference this year in my opinion. (In no order) Christian Johnson PH Nas McNeal PH Noble Johnson PH Derron Hazzard RP Owen Snedeker SP Landon Naylor NV Mason Larkin FC Anthony Garzolini SV Savion Waddell CT Alan Karffalt CT
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