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  1. Pre-Season Top 10 players in the conference this year in my opinion. (In no order) Christian Johnson PH Nas McNeal PH Noble Johnson PH Derron Hazzard RP Owen Snedeker SP Landon Naylor NV Mason Larkin FC Anthony Garzolini SV Savion Waddell CT Alan Karffalt CT
  2. Let's have some discussions this year on some WRC basketball. I'll start us off with some rankings. 1. Parke Heritage - Obviously the favorites. They are returning 3 starters from their state-runner up team from last year. They have the best basketball player in the conference in Christian Johnson, and one of the most athletic defenders in the conference in Noble Johnson. They also got a move in from the Terre Haute area that looks to be a good addition. I think they may lack a true big man this year like they had in Davis last year. They will definitely miss his rebounding, points, hustle. With that being said I don't see any team in the WRC stopping them when they space the floor. They will have too many guards/weapons. They also added a couple freshmen that I bet get some minutes for shooting ability. Look for lots of open 3s off of drive & kicks, and another dominant year. 2. Covington - They return at least 6 varsity players, 4 of which I believe started last year. Waddell should be cleared to play, and I look for him to be the dominant big man in the conference. Karrfalt/Waddell will probably take the majority of the shots, but they will have some guys on the floor around them that can also contribute if they aren't hitting shots. They have a new coach this year, so I am curious to see how he fits these pieces together, but I don't see them falling off at all as long as they don't play that 3-2 zone again. Now is where the guessing happens. So many teams lost the majority of their starters from the previous year, so Ill do my best. 3. South Vermillion - They return 3 starters from last year I believe. Garzolini, Uselman, Hawkins. Garzolini will probably be their best player, being 6-5 in the WRC doesn't hurt. Uselman can shoot and may end up being their #1 scorer, but takes a lot of questionable shots. Hawkins is a true guard, but can also score it if needed. I believe they have a couple younger guys that may see some minutes as well. I expect them to be in a ton of close games, and with their senior leadership/experience they should be able to pull through most. I think 4-6 could be a toss up. 4. Fountain Central - They return 2 starters I believe/best scorers, and a couple varsity players. They graduated a ton of seniors last year that took a majority of the minutes. They should have some seniors this year that have played some, but are more of role players. The big kid is probably 6-6/6-7, but from what I saw last year he looked to want to shoot 3s more than go inside. If he develops his inside game he will be very hard to stop, as he's only a Junior. The sophomore guard definitely has some skill as well. 5. Seeger - They return a top 5 player in the conference in Snedeker. I'm not sure who else they have, but I do know their freshmen class last year was very good. I think they are probably around the same as they were last year as far as record is concerned. They will have to develop some of the younger guys, but there is definitely a bright future. I saw they got a win against Faith Christian last night, although I think they are rebuilding. 6. North Vermillion - I think they are a little better this year. They have been the lowest scoring team in the conference the last couple of years. From my understanding they didn't graduate anyone, so they are returning with a lot of varsity experience. Naylor is a senior this year, and I look for him to have a big year. I got to watch the sophomore White play some last year in sectionals, and he seems like he can contribute some to the Falcons success as well. I just see them losing most of their games due to the lack of scoring capabilities. I do think they will be very competitive with most teams, but will slip away around the 3rd or 4th quarters due to low scoring output. It's hard to win a varsity game scoring 35PPG. 7. Riverton Parke - They graduated 2 of their 3 all conference players which accounted for 30PPG, so they are going to have to look elsewhere to score. They return Hazzard who I think is another top 5 player in the WRC. They have a couple other juniors outside of Hazzard that will probably be their second and third looks. They are going to lack a valuable big man, and I think they are going to struggle to score the ball as well. 8. Attica - I'm not sure who Attica returns this year. I've heard rumors their guard #2 isn't playing this year. They are coming off of a 2-17 record last year, and I look for them to struggle again this year.
  3. Wolves over Ramblers - 60-6 SP over Falcons - 42-14 Trojans over Stangs - 48-14 RP over Clovers - 38 - 12 Speedway over Seeger - 42-21 LCC over Cats. - 52-16
  4. South Newton vs Attica - South Newton 38-6 NV vs FC - Ill take NV in this one. Defense has shown it was a little better than early in the season. We know they can score, but FC's highest scoring game outside of Attica is 26 against RP and Frontier. NV hung 46 on RP. Ill go 41-12 NV RP vs PH - There will be an early running clock. Ill go 49-16 PH SV vs Seeger - Seeger is all over the place, beating the Trojan by 20, scoring 50, but only beating FC by 7 scoring 22. IllI guess it depends what Seeger shows up. Ill take the SV QB here. 36-21 Covington vs Tri County - Trojans by whatever they want. Look for 89 passes attempted and 742 yards from the Trojans. 89-6
  5. Woody, you're simply sleeping on Overpass Pizza in Covington. Please dont tell me you are saying Rockville Pizza Hut is #2? I misread the post. It says Pizza King. I was getting fired up for now reason
  6. I heard it was something on the team that went unreported? I don't know much more than that. Is the Herb coaching this Friday night? Agreed on the D-Line. I just think PH has so many athletes in the open field it will be tough for NV secondary to cover. PH line isn't great so it could very well be a good game. MUST WIN STATE TO FEEL HAPPY
  7. Stats can lie to some extent. Weather conditions, time of possessions, schedule, etc all come in to factor for stats. Karrfalt has thrown it 280 times this year. He’s bound to have some yards. They haven’t played a stellar defense yet. Crazy he has 30 more rushes than their running back too. He has doubled Garzolini’s passing attempts, so he will have better stats in general. Karrfalt did win the head to head match up, and is much more of a duel threat. Johnson is definitely more athletic out of the bunch. One of, if not the most athletic kids the WRC has seen in since the early 2000s
  8. I just haven’t been that impressed by him. Yeah he has a D1 QB build, but he isn’t even proving he’s the best in a weak WRC this year. He’s almost zero running threat. Karrfalt presents a little of both. The D1 had 90 yards and 2 picks last week right? Against a speculated week PH defense. I thought ISU may have offered him. I see that he goes on visits to some D1 schools and takes pictures with the coaches. It’s shared and posted all over social media. Not sure how official the visits really are.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I dont remember Crabtree ever intentionally running the score up on people. He's had his fair share of opportunities to put 100 on teams over the years. The coaching staff hasn't changed much in a few years right? If what Tanka said is true, and they had their JV in the whole 4th, why not practice throwing the ball some? If they were still throwing in the 3rd up 30, then so be it, they can't just sit and roll over so everyone feels better.
  10. What do you mean the QB situation has been handled?
  11. Aren’t the Falcons known for never kicking it deep? Makes sense to not kick it deep, don’t give the other team a chance to run it back, and get a chance of getting the ball every time. Win win. I saw the panthers kicked it deep the first possession and it got returned. I can’t speak about the passing game as I wasn’t there, and the Falcons haven’t put stats on max preps as of yet. I’m sure there’s a reason for everything
  12. WEEEK 6 is here.. lets talk about it. Seeger @ FC --> After Seeger's 50-30 win last week over the Trojan, it seems they are becoming a force to be reckoned with. I apologize for counting the herbivores out so early. FC is coming off a stomping of possibly the worst team in the state. I take Seeger here and it's not close. 48-12. Cloverdale @ RP --> I thought RP would be more competitive than they were last week. What happened? I heard many turnovers, and big plays were the separator. I'm going to take them this week over a not so great Cloverdale team. 32-16. NV @ Attica --> It looks like NV was able to actually get some stops last week. Defense will continue to be the separator because they can put points on the board. I saw the Tryon kid had a kickoff return, reception td, fumble recovery td, and rushing td. If this game gets played it will be NV by however many they want. Covington @ South Newton --> After going winless for a few years, South Newton is 3-2. I don't see a 4-2 in their future this week though. The herbivores took the Trojan out pretty handily last week, so expect them to come out firing this week. I say Covington 52-13. PH @ SV --> PH last a close one last week. I stopped seeing updates on Johnson at QB near half. What was his injury? Looks like the Wolves still scored some without him at QB, and made it a game. The Cats are sitting at 2-3 right now. They played very competitively again a good Sullivan football team. What's the state record for scoring in a single football game with both teams? I venture to say this game could rival that score. If Johnson is out I may take the Cats, if Johnson is in I take the Wolves. This is definitely game of the week. Final prediction.. 62-60 WOLVES
  13. Goes back to defense I guess. Seems nobody can stop anybody in the WRC. Is passing becoming the new 3 pointer in basketball, every wants to do it? Running is becoming the mid range game, non existent?
  14. A coyote no questions asked. Although I’d pay to see it. Who is top 5 in the state in the WRC? Are you talking stats or teams?
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