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  1. @Titan32 I can agree that all schools do not put the same weight on athletics in general or specific sports. I also agree that kids don’t equally weigh their sports of choice. Maybe the answer is to let school systems decide if they want to be placed into a Competitive Division or a Participatory Division per sport. Let each have their own championships, playoffs and awards. This might limit the number of teams in the Competitive Division and will then reduce the number of Classes and consolidate the power. For example allow for 128 (or 256 I don’t really care) schools to choose Competitive. Divide them into 4 classes based on enrollment initially. Divide each class into a North/South/East/West division. Give -2 points for wins against lower classified teams and +3 for wins agains higher classified teams. Hold an “All in” playoff each year and seed the teams based on rotating division pairings (One year East plays South in the first round. The next year East plays West). Division winners (based on earned competitive points) earn a first round bye and home field advantage. Utilize relegation (or SF) in conjunction with these annual “Dynasty” points to move teams up and down every 2-4 years. Let teams opt in or out every decade as long as the brackets work out.
  2. Catholics have more “athletes per capita” due to all of the calisthenics they do in mass. Stand, sit, kneel, sit, stand, walk to the alter, genuflect, walk back, turn and shake hands, sit, stand…Did I miss any? Now we know the real secret to their success.
  3. @BTF I agree. One of the things that people miss in this entire discussion is that there is a difference between public school education in the city vs rural public schools. There are a lot of parents within the city that choose private school, and make the financial sacrifices, because they want to be free of the agendas of the public school system school boards and also give their kids the best education. If the experience was similar between public vs private in the city I know I would have chosen to send my kid to public school. Unfortunately, given the level of academic performance of most of the local public schools, sending a kid with college aspirations there would be akin to child neglect. I attended a rural public school and my wife attended an urban public school (Both 40 years ago). Our choice, all things being equal, would have been to send our kids to public school. The education, though, has no comparison. With education being the primary driver of parental decision, extracurricular activities become a bonus. If parents are already choosing to put their kids into a new school should they be faulted for choosing the one that will also give their kid the best athletic experience as well? i would propose that private schools don’t recruit but they do benefit greatly from such a poor private school experience that drives some parents/kids to the private system. Maybe, if public schools should be bumped up a classification, city schools should be bumped down one. After all, they are losing the talent so maybe it would allow them to also be competitive. Maybe there should be a component that also takes into consideration kids that transfer into or out of a school district. A big problem with this issue, and one that limits creative solutions is that private school parents are made out to be championship trophy chasers. Acknowledging that both sides have valid issues would go a long way toward resolving this issue. That being said, the whole system stinks. There is no good solution. Someone will always be unhappy. Competitive balance will never exist. My opinion is worthless. I hope this whole issue is a minor one in everyone’s life and that the kids all grow up to be happy, healthy adults who get to make these choices and participate in these discussions for their own children. Until then lets revisit it every year. We can make it a holiday tradition. After all, tradition never graduates.
  4. Since all of the good players are recruited to Private schools does that mean that the All-State teams are full of Private School kids? Should there be a Mr. Private Football and a Mr. Public Football?
  5. @Moonpie29I hope I didn’t come across as trying to out coach a very successful coach. I was just really curious and your explanation makes perfect sense. Thanks and, as @TheDoctor22 said, congrats on a great season. Now, how about a scouting report on Lawrenceburg for next season?
  6. @gonzoronJust trying to help those people that apparently weren’t even ready for this year.
  7. So back to talk about the game. Are there any Lawrenceburg fans that can tell me if there was ever a real attempt by the team to develop a passing side of the playbook during their season? I realize they are a running team and that served them very well during the year. Winning games 47=0 is great when you have a strong defense and can run teams into submission but at some point every team has to throw the ball. I just don’t understand why they didn’t give their QB chances during the season (they threw about 6 passes a game) to work on some short to intermediate passing concepts. Even against subpar competition it helps develop rhythm and confidence. That seems to be the real flaw in their preparation and it likely cost them the state title. They have some really good players and will likely continue to make long runs in the playoffs (at least in the near future) but I wouldn’t be surprised if being one dimensional continued to cost them in some big games.
  8. @Donnie BakerUs Chatard fans aren’t permitted to support anyone’s “anal budget”. Not judging.
  9. @foxbat So maybe they throw in a “Dynasty Factor”. For example, If you play in the state championship game 3 out of 5 years you get moved up permanently?
  10. @foxbat I’m trying to get my brain wrapped around the SF thing so I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions. Why don’t they treat it like British soccer leagues? Every year move up the two teams that play for the state title (or all 4 semi-state participants if you like) and move down the same corresponding number of teams. At some point all of the teams will trickle up or down to where their program belongs. They could recognize the teams in each class that punched highest above their weight and give them some sort of an award. It would allow them to brag about their program evenn if they don’t win a state title. Also, why is it such a big deal to reseed the teams each year? It seems like something that a few people could do over a weekend. Thanks
  11. @RingLeader#12 for BC is Colin Guy. He played his best game of the year. If he doesn’t make 3 big plays then Lawrenceburg’s offensive line would have deserved to be who everyone is talking about today. Those boys were just road graders.
  12. @Titan32You call me “Cover Zero” then say you won’t resort to name calling. LOL. I’m done with you.
  13. Congrats to all that survived the grind. Special memories for a lot of boys.
  14. @Titan32Like a spurned 5 year old that has a crush on his babysitter. You want to be welcomed and embraced but you keep screwing it up by trying to be tough. Come here, big guy, you can sit next to me and cry. I won’t judge you. PS: They did play man with some Cover Zero. It didn’t work out too well. So call me whatever you like but you are going to have to call BC State Champions for another year.
  15. @PeakedinHighscoolHe actually has a crush on BC and is just lashing out because the love isn’t returned so he blames “the system”. He probably cries himself to sleep at night while clinging to his favorite BC tshirt.
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