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  1. I have learned in a very short time on the GID that some of the people are so attached to their narrative that it has become a defining part of who they are. To admit that there might even be the slightest chance that their chosen narrative might not be 100% correct causes them so much cognitive dissonance that they won’t even give credence to a differing perspective. They have chosen to go all in on the “it’s not fair” argument and that is all it will ever be. You choosing to supply facts and data will never counter their preferred explanation. After all, if they admit that “it’s not fair” is wrong then they are suddenly forced to face the fact that it comes down to something else. Maybe personal accountability. Their egos are too fragile to deal with that. Nice post though. Don’t be surprised if you get blasted by the fairness brigade.
  2. Now email the same guy and tell him your kid has a SAT score of 1500 and wants to get into Harvard but isn’t good at sports. I bet he tells you the same thing. Not quite the “gotcha” you were hoping for.
  3. Clearly the God that the Catholic schools support is better at football than the god that public schools choose to (or choose not to) support. The big time version of “My dad can beat up your dad!”
  4. Additionally the State of Indiana pays a little over $10k per public school student per year (your tax dollars). A school accepting the voucher is only paid $7k. This starts the accepting school off in a $3k hole per student (they then make this up with the additional tuition) and benefits the State by the same amount. A P/P of 800 kids starts with a deficit of $2.4M. The IHSAA is a business (google “IHSAA salaries”) that works in conjunction with the State of Indiana. All of these discussions about separating P/P from public would likely cause the P/P schools to leave the IHSAA and form their own organization. This would be a not insignificant hit to the IHSAA’s bottom line. Do you think the IHSAA wants to see their $150k salaries be reduced? Also, there might be a few families that then decide to send their kid to the public school (if they are chasing a ring) which would cause the State’s expenses to increase. This is a symbiotic relationship that benefits the parties that make the money. As George Carlin said “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”
  5. Here is a photo I saw on X yesterday of the Chatard State Championship team from 25 years ago. To save everyone from having to count (unless you love seeing enormously oversized shoulder pads), there are 31 kids in uniform. What’s my point? Every program has to start somewhere. Chatard didn’t get to 85 on varsity overnight.
  6. Just for clarification: I don’t despise those kids. Just the opposite. I was pointing out the absurdity of omitting any group of students based on the fact that they won’t contribute to the sports program of choice. Every school has kids with other interests.
  7. So now your issue is that private schools find a larger number of people to volunteer their time to act as coaches for the high school team? Or is it with the number of kids who want to play football even though they will likely never see a meaningful down on a Friday night? Not all P/P have the same challenges. Some overall challenges would be: outside interests, grades, keeping all of the kids engaged, managing parental expectations, size of facilities, availability of weight room for all of those kids, proper development of monitoring of lifting programs. I’m sure all programs have their challenges. The good ones find ways to overcome them bad the bad ones use them as excuses.
  8. I haven’t but I bet they are comparable to or better than some of the privates and probably some of the publics From what I have learned Chatard didn’t even have a home field til the last decade. They played every game on the road. Talk about a disadvantaged program. The point I constantly try to make is that every team has their challenges. They can be used as excuses or motivators. Winning organizations look for ways to maximize their outcomes under the current rules structure. Sometimes those are huge hurdles but there are a lot of kids playing college/pro sports who never won much of anything in HS sports. My goal as a parent and coach was to help kids become successful at the next level and in life. Couldn’t control the outcome of the games but I could (can)) teach kids to control and show their best attitude and effort. I bet that is what the vast majority of coaches do. They leave the complaining to the parents and alum.
  9. Some publics do have more problems. Especially the ones in urban areas. Public suburban’s tend to have all of the advantages (even over privates). Have you seen the weight room at Delta? How about the facilities at Hamilton Heights? I only reference those two because Chatard played there this year. Their facilities are beautiful. I don't even want to talk about the tax bases for Carmel/Fishers. For those few publics that do have these problems, and I would bet money that it is only a few, they have other concerns. For the rest of the publics, the majority, this argument does not apply. Additionally, I would be interested in knowing what percentage of a school is dedicated to this special “clientele” that you refer to. Maybe 5%? Will you let the privates carve out their special “clientele”? I’m referring to the kids who fill their extra-curriculars with robotics, chess club, multiple foreign languages and the other things they need to get into ivy league schools? I bet the offset wouldn’t benefit the publics in that case.
  10. Seems like those schools have larger problems than worrying about how many football games their team wins.
  11. You are about to win back-to-back 3A titles with your QB. Even as a sophomore he is probably the most dynamic athlete in 3A. He is the best individual player that Chatard saw in the playoffs and they got to play all of the best teams. The unfortunate part is that when he graduates the other kids at HH will have to take some lumps in 4A just because of 1 great player preceding him. They are the ones who will be “punished” for how good he is. That is the downside to success factor. Nothing is perfect. Enjoy these next two years and I hope more kids from HH decide to play football. Like I’ve said, your kids played a great game. They were well coached. The community showed great support. And your fans showed out.
  12. People might actually take you seriously around here (sometimes you say interesting things) but your incessant need to fight with everyone is tiring. Whenever you show up the conversation gets less interesting and usually goes off track.
  13. They have a safety from Pittsburgh, PA who is early enrolling in Dec. Can’t imagine they would have two at that position in a class. Worth watching, though.
  14. Sagarin’s biggest flaw is that it doesn’t factor in out-of-state opponents. As the top teams look for better regular season competition they are looking to play some cross border teams (BD vs IMG). Not including those games in the calculation is a huge flaw. That said, none of them are perfect but if one is excluding data then that is the one I tend to ignore.
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