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  1. Danny Etling lost a lot of games at TH South and he was a D1 QB. It wasn't all to MIC teams either.
  2. I don't know their players well enough to answer that question. Yes, SV didn't play well against Sullivan, but all teams have bad games.
  3. Garzolini already has an offer from Indiana State and they are a D1 FCS School. So someone on the staff at ISU thinks he is a D1 kid. Shew would project as a possible scholarship type kid and Nieves is probably more of a D3 player. Still nothing to scoff at because I am sure so many of you on here played college football!
  4. Thoughts..... NV over Attica - Might be close for awhile, but Falcons seem to be adding players back and are certainly better than Rambler Dan. Covington over South Newton - When was the last game SN won against a team from Indiana......its been awhile. Seeger over FC - Lots of pooping in Herb's yard this week...Will FC's coach challenge Herb to a bare chested wrestling match? RP - Cloverdale - Ends in a tie. Both remain winless ****The Matchup of the Year***** Parke Heritage will actually have to play a team that has more than a pulse. The offense has put up
  5. I cant recall a win for RP over NV since the George W Bush administration!
  6. I am not familiar with Boonville at all, but I looked up his stats on MaxPreps. Wow!! He is putting up huge numbers for a DL guy. Hopefully, this isn't true. Not to get too specific but what would cause a player of his caliber to stop playing?
  7. Things change......I mean Zubaz used to be in style now they are a pants from the past!
  8. Parke Heritage had the option to pickup a series with Linton, but Coach Moore said no. They opted for Eastern Greene. Linton picked up Boonville. True story!
  9. Should be a week of the most competitive games of the season, outside of the Parke Heritage game. Thoughts? Eastern at Parke Heritage, 7 pm Fountain Central at Attica ©, 7 pm North Vermillion at Riverton Parke ©, 7 pm Seeger at Covington ©, 7 pm Sullivan at South Vermillion, 7 pm
  10. Sullivan always gives SV problems, but I think it will be different this year!
  11. I hope the Miners "pack a lunch" cause stopping Mockabee will be very difficult. He is probably the best RB the Miners have faced in a long time! Early prediction: Mockaville 33 Linton 14.
  12. Ok, Ill bite....... Yes, SV is the biggest school in the WRC, but doesn't every conference have a biggest school? NV, PH and others werent talking about SV being a bigger school when they were beat us the last few years. To answer your question, a Conference Championship is a Championship. Speaking of Championships, Parke Heritage Football hasnt won a championship (WRC, Sectional, Regional) of any kind!
  13. Just trying to get some football talk on here, Donnie! Shut up, Randy!! Donnie been spending too much time at Angel Skinners house!
  14. Video was sent to officials and other schools, to show them some plays that Coach Barrett was concerned about because an SV kid lost his entire season due to an illegal hit. Everyone has since moved on from this so please drop it.
  15. The film was sent for player safety.
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