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  1. Herb is actually ahead of Moore, because he was also at Covington. That gives him 50% of the WRC schools! Peaches and Herb rocks on!
  2. Coach Fouts was a tremendous coach and a great guy. He will be missed! Rest easy, Coach!
  3. 1A - Adams Central 28 Lutheran 21 2A - Andrean 24 Mater Dei 14 3A - Gibson Southern 38 Brebeuf 20 4A - Mt Vernon 42 Northridge 14 5A - Cathederal 35 Zionsville 17 6A - Center Grove 28 Westfield 14 Mark it down!
  4. I saw that Gibson practiced at the Colts facility today. Why did they not practice at Lucas Oil? I know teams have the option to practice at Lucas Oil if they want......any insight Titan fans?
  5. Is this similar to fans yelling "Block someone, line" ?
  6. Parke Heritage (-30) @ Riverton Parke. Thoughts?
  7. Very Nice! Should be a whale of a game! Very interested to see how Linton's Offense does against the Mater Dei D.
  8. How much has the ROY got in the last 48 hours? Hows the field condition?
  9. Who covers? by saying neither covers, does that mean you are taking the underdog?
  10. It appears Coach Hall is retiring from Fountain Central.
  11. Lines for Sectional 45 Semi Finals (play at your own risk) South Putnam at Parke Heritage (-6) (O/U 58) - Expect alot of scoring in this one similar to last season. Whichever team can muster some stops and not turn the ball over should win this one. Covington (-28) at Riverton Parke (O/U 63) - Not much defense played in this one either. Covington will put up a lot of points, the only question is if RP will get the back door meaningless TD at the end of the game for the cover.
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