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  1. I thought I'd already seen that team a couple times in the past, but I was wrong. A lot of football to be played yet.
  2. I'd accept the improvement and move on.
  3. I admit, I don't know the justification for the policy. I assumed it was either 1) safety concerns, or 2) ensuring compliance with FAA regulations (no flying over groups, no flying over sporting events/stadiums). I just wouldn't want to be an FAA-licensed hobbyist told that I couldn't capture video for my school in a compliant manner just because I wasn't an IHSAA broadcast partner. Now, the exemption may be granted for anyone holding an FAA license, but I'm skeptical.
  4. The inclusion of #3 undermines the justification for #1 & #2.
  5. Lutheran at Shortridge postposed. Two officials failed to show.
  6. Most systems come in at or around $5k. If you can budget for that, I'd definitely go with the Hi-Pod. The mechanical tilt/pan is an advantage over systems that use the Bescor electric tilt-pan head (several others). You simply can't move left/right fast enough on plays 20 yds and closer to the EZ camera using an electric tilt/pan. The mechanical tilt/pan also means you'll need less external battery power (which is required at most fields). Whichever you choose, you'll want to make sure you have the same staff operating it throughout the season. None of these systems are plug-and-play. Even the most expensive systems have cable issues, because you're still relying on a consumer camera with consumer-quality cable inputs. As for Hudl Sideline, Indy Lutheran is using it for the first time this season. It's a great solution, but reliability is an issue. The system is based on off-the-shelf components better suited for a stationary entertainment center than being lugged out each week to a football field. We've learned the hard way that every plug and port needs to be secured with a velcro strap. This includes all the power connections (wall-warts plugged into an extension cord in each case). Every HDMI cable should be secured with a velcro strap when plugged in (both at the camera and inside the cases). You'll want to buy a second AC battery pack for the pressbox case (similar to what comes in the EZ case), as Hudl seems to assume that every pressbox has power available on the roof. As long as nothing comes unplugged after you're up and running, it works pretty well.
  7. Franklin Community used one during a 7v7/scrimmage this past summer. Great angle. When behind the offense, it's similar to the Madden video game view than an end zone camera. Lutheran gets the same angle for all summer 7v7/scrimmages using a camera mounted on a 16' swimming pool pole. Aside from the safety regulations (which make drones a non-starter for football), the power requirements would make them cost prohibitive. Top-end consumer drones have a max flight time of about 15 minutes per battery pack. You'd need somewhere between 6-8 battery packs in order to capture a game. This just isn't practical.
  8. Most "Dwenger" post I've seen all year. Let the season begin!
  9. Pretty sure that benefit only applies to the larger schools. Luers & Concordia certainly don't need non-conference games to "better" prepare them for the 3A tourney. If this happens, I'd love to see a home/home between Concordia and Indy Lutheran. It's time.
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