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  1. MEC Eastern Hancock- Sits right on I-70 and is always windy. Field runs East-West, so none of the fans are looking into the sun. Pork Burgers are top notch!👍 Monroe Central- Excellent Locker rooms and concession stand setup. Press box is nice and bleachers are pretty good on each side. Shenandoah- Visitor bleachers are small, but the new locker rooms are nice. Ham, green beans, and mashed potatoes in the press box 👍 Wes-Del- Visitor bleachers are tiny, and the press box has no roof access, but facilities are decent North Decatur- New bleachers. Always a fun atmosp
  2. Correct. Their Lacrosse/Soccer Field has turf, but the football field is Bermuda Grass. Absolutely beautifully maintained grass, I might add. Looks just like turf on film.
  3. Scecina usually plays at UIndy when they can. Although I have also seen them play at Tech and Manual.
  4. 2A Sectional 38 Turf- Heritage Christian No Turf- Eastern Hancock, Shenandoah, Winchester, Northeastern, Centerville, Indy Howe No Home Stadium- Indy Scecina Also, Triton Central has turf in Sectional 39
  5. Eastern Hancock is hosting a 7 on 7 this summer on Thursday June 27th. We are looking to host 4 teams this year. It will be a round robin tournament with each team playing 4 games. The cost is free, and we will have porkburgers and other concessions available. We will play both Varsity and JV games. Contact Michael Galyan for more information mgalyan@easternhancock.org
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