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  1. Eastern Hancock now looking for a game on 9/17. This will be the first year in school history that they have not played the Knightstown Panthers.
  2. Personally I think it also depends on the makeup of your team. If you have a ton of returning starters, you may play them for a series and then use it to develop your #2s. On the other hand, if you have a whole new team, then you might be more likely to use your starters for a larger portion since they often need every rep that they can get.
  3. Mid Eastern Conference has a jamboree on August 13th at Eastern Hancock. EH, Monroe Central, Shenandoah, and Wes-Del.
  4. We have been broadcasting all of our school's games for 3 years now on Youtube and Facebook. What we have found is that we are drawing in more casual fans and other people in our community who wouldn't normally go attend games in person. This includes teachers, elderly people, and those with large families of small children. Our ticketed attendance has been relatively unchanged (excluding this year). The only time that we have seen poor attendance due to a livestream is when the football team is playing in terrible weather. Instead of charging people to watch, we just asked for donations. That way people could donate if they wanted, but didn't feel obligated. They also didn't have to get a credit card out for every game, just to pay $10 to watch a 50-0 blowout. This also ensured that 100% of the proceeds went back into the athletic department, rather than 50% that most PPV platforms do.
  5. MEC Eastern Hancock- Sits right on I-70 and is always windy. Field runs East-West, so none of the fans are looking into the sun. Pork Burgers are top notch!👍 Monroe Central- Excellent Locker rooms and concession stand setup. Press box is nice and bleachers are pretty good on each side. Shenandoah- Visitor bleachers are small, but the new locker rooms are nice. Ham, green beans, and mashed potatoes in the press box 👍 Wes-Del- Visitor bleachers are tiny, and the press box has no roof access, but facilities are decent North Decatur- New bleachers. Always a fun atmosphere every time I have ever been to a game there.
  6. Correct. Their Lacrosse/Soccer Field has turf, but the football field is Bermuda Grass. Absolutely beautifully maintained grass, I might add. Looks just like turf on film.
  7. Scecina usually plays at UIndy when they can. Although I have also seen them play at Tech and Manual.
  8. 2A Sectional 38 Turf- Heritage Christian No Turf- Eastern Hancock, Shenandoah, Winchester, Northeastern, Centerville, Indy Howe No Home Stadium- Indy Scecina Also, Triton Central has turf in Sectional 39
  9. Eastern Hancock is hosting a 7 on 7 this summer on Thursday June 27th. We are looking to host 4 teams this year. It will be a round robin tournament with each team playing 4 games. The cost is free, and we will have porkburgers and other concessions available. We will play both Varsity and JV games. Contact Michael Galyan for more information mgalyan@easternhancock.org
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