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  1. Week 6 Picks: Reitz Memorial Harrison Mater Dei Jasper Boon-Vegas Heritage Hills Pike Central North Posey
  2. Does anyone know if the MD vs Jasper game will be streamed online somewhere? I thought I read on an earlier thread that Jasper had someone who streamed all or most of their games, similar to Memorial and the IndianaSRN??
  3. Week 5 Games Reitz [-23.5] Jasper [+14.5] Memorial North Vincennes Southridge [+27.5] Heritage Hills Linton Mount Vernon Washington [-17.5] Tecumseh
  4. When will Week 5 games be posted? I really need to get the bad taste our of my mouth from last week's performance Bleeech!🤢
  5. Congrats to MHS on a well deserved victory. The Tigers seem ready to put their early season struggles behind them. T I thought the main difference last night was the Tigers' ability to control the LOS on both sides of the ball. MD could not open holes on offense to support any consistent running game which left them very one dimensional. Wunderlich held the ball too long and took several sacks at key pts in the game trying to make a play that wasn't there. Sometimes the best play is to throw the ball away and not lose 10+yds to a sack. On Defense, MD had trouble getting any pressure on MHS QB, which is a key part of MD's defensive scheme. Last week at VL, I thought our defensive backs looked a step slow and nothing I saw vs the Tigers last night changed that opinion. Compounding this, our DBs often looked confused on coverages and allowed WRs behind them all night long. Lots to work on this week for the Wildcats.
  6. Do you have the link(s) available? I know HTF is covering this game but had difficulty getting game last wk via HTF connection. Isn't there someone who covers all the MHS games?
  7. Week 4 Picks: Castle Mater Dei North Jasper Vincennes Boon-Vegas Tecumseh Tell City Heritage Hills South Warren
  8. The 2 key drives by the Alices came at the end of each half. VL went 70+ yds to kick a FG to go up 10 - 7 just before halftime. Then, after MD put it in the end zone to take the lead with just over 2 mins to go in the game, VL took it 80 yds in just over a min to take the lead 31 - 28 with 56 seconds to go. Give due praise to VL offense & Hunt. That young man is a special player and gave MD defense fits all night. Congrats to Alices on a well-earned W.
  9. Week 3 Picks: Boon-Vegas Southridge SS Princeton TC MD North Jasper Monrovia
  10. Anyone from VL know if the game will be streamed anywhere on Friday? There was mention last week of the Reitz game being streamed but no word yet on MD @ VL.
  11. Apologies upfront if I am violating any GID rules or policies for posting this link from Channel 14 but I think stories like this need to be shared as widely as possible as there is too little "good news" and too few inspiring stories these days. Read more on Heritage Hills senior with amputated leg defies odds on the football field at https://www.14news.com/2022/08/26/heritage-hills-senior-with-amputated-leg-defies-odds-football-field/
  12. Re-thinking some of these much too wide spreads, I am altering my week 2 picks accordingly: Pick 'Em for Week 2 Castle [+14.5] at Mater Dei Central [-28.5] at Bosse Memorial [-15.5] North Reitz [-12.5] at Vincennes Forest Park [-6.5] at Perry Central New Albany [+28.5] at Gibson Southern Pike Central [+25.5] at Tecumseh Princeton [+22.5] at North Posey Southridge [-6.5] at Boonville Heritage Hills [-27.5] at Tell City
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