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  1. The IHSAAtv site has been down all morning....yeah. Maybe NOT such a good idea to do an upgrade on THE DAY OF STATE FINALS...smh...
  2. You had me a "hegemony"! Good luck to both teams but have to pull for our So Indiana brethren to smite the mighty smiters..
  3. This game was a prime example of why teams can benefit from a good passing game to compliment their running game. TC had a very strong running game coming in BUT WeBo's defense was able to control it. TC was never able to consistently "get 4 yds and a cloud of dust" nor could they "move the ball at will", thus completely negating their previously dominant running game. By mid way through the 2nd qtr, WeBo had 11 guys within 5-7 yds of line of scrimmage. If TC had more ability to throw the ball, they could have stretched out the WeBo defense and maybe been able to generate more space for running game. When TC did throw, they usually only had 2 in the pattern, allowing WeBo to double-team and still have 7 guys in box. Certainly some may disagree but it is hard to argue with the result last night; TC would have been much better off if they had even a good but not great passing game. The game was never really in doubt after WeBo's 1st 2 drives. TC got within a TD late in 2nd qtr but WeBo responded with a quick TD, largely due to a long pass play 😎 to push lead back to 14 at half and were never challenged in the 2nd half. WeBo looked strong on both sides of the ball and even with a good passing game the result may not have been much different. Good Luck to the Stars next week.
  4. TC gets a needed TD to close the gap to 14 - 7. This game looked like it could ugly after 1st Webo drives but TC has made some nice adjustments on both sides of the ball in 2nd qtr to cut WeBo lead in half with under 2 mins to go
  5. TC gets a needed INT on a bad throw from WeBo. TC needs some pts...like NOW...
  6. WeBo looking dominant vs TC up 14 - 0 at the end of 1st qtr. TC on the move with their 1st drive of 2nd qtr but WeBo stuffs a 4th & 2 on WeBo 20 yd line.
  7. Perhaps a little dose of reality is in order here...certainly WeBo had a great run last season in winning the 2A State Championship and looks to be a really tough out this year as well. However, based on IHSAA records over the past 2 decades 1999 - 2019, WeBo has won just 6 Sectionals & 2 Regionals, including this season's results to date. This hardly qualifies them to be the standard bearer for "football being different up past I-70!". Slow your roll. Last I checked, there are a number teams located well south of I-70 with same # of State Titles and far more success at the Sectional, Regional, & Semi-State levels than WeBo over the same 20 year period, including, Heritage Hills, Southridge, Evv Reitz, Mater Dei & Memorial. "Football may be different past I-70" but there is no evidence it is any more successful, esp at WeBo. Good luck the rest of the tournament, based on what I saw vs HC, you could well hoist your 2nd straight State Title trophy at Thanksgiving.
  8. The INT will seal this win for TC. Congratulations to Triton Central & best of luck next week vs WeBo.
  9. TC on play #22 of drive that already has eaten up the entire 3rd qtr. TC scores on 3 & goal from 6 in line on 1st play of 4th qtr. Could not have been a more perfect drive by TC. MD on the ropes heading into the wind down 13 - 0 to start 4th qtr
  10. Defensive battle so far with TC at 4 first downs and MD with 5 early in 3rd qtr
  11. So far Football Fan your analysis is dead on. TC up 6 - 0 on MD at the half. MD already with 2 TOs and too many bad snaps to count. Happe cannot seem to handle the shotgun snap smoothly which has thrown offensive timing off. Even the FG attempt just before half was a poor hold/bad kick that resulted in a sideways spinning kick that floated into the cross bar. Kicking game, or rather Mater Dei's lack of one, is looming large so far in this game. Calling their play "sloppy" in first half would be kind.
  12. WeBo just one drive away from running clock barely 4 mins into 3rd qtr. 28 - 0 WeBo running game is impressive...
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