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  1. Absolutely! Heading to the Jungle tonight with a couple of buddies. Nothing like high school football and the weather is nearly perfect.
  2. Completely forgot to congratulate the Tigers on another strong campaign. I don't know how many of the Tiger faithful saw a Sectional Championship in their future when both Fisher & Rode went down mid-season. IMO, this was perhaps the best coaching job in recent years by Hurley & his staff, and that is saying alot.
  3. Impressive win by EC last night. You don't see many teams come into Enlow and do that to the Tigers' D. Good luck next week.
  4. This statement entirely inaccurate. There is a distinct and unique catholic grade school system in the Evv area, seperate from the public school system. The vast majority of Memorial (& Mater Dei) students come from a feeder school.
  5. The situation with Memorial and Mater Dei is similar. Each has a parish feeder system where they get the vast majority of their students (>97%). I do not know if this is still the case but as a member of the catholic school board in the mid - late 1990s, there were far more students who left the catholic school system after 8th grade to attend a public high school than left the public grade schools to attend one of the catholic high schools, which is the exact reverse of what many tend to believe. Part of the reason, at least on the west side of Evansville, was the fact that Reitz has a very good academic reputation and the creation of the "Signature School" which caters to those seeking higher academics.
  6. My guess would be very few below the age of 50. With age comes a few - very few - advantages. A tribute to the culture Memorial has built over the past decade. Sometimes out-manned, never out-classed.
  7. Best of luck to the Tigers this week. Taking down EC may be too much to ask of this group but would not bet against them, either. Hurley & Co. will have the Tigers ready to compete.
  8. Every coach at RHS since Herman Byers has felt their seat warmers kick on from time to time. Seems Brunson will be no different. There was a running commentary among the throng of unhappy Panther fans as they walked to their cars about the poor offensive showing. Reitz didn't run all that well - outside of Oxley - and their passing game seemed to be centered around throwing the ball up in the general direction of Summers or Vera and have them go get it. It may have worked for much of the year but it turned into 3 INTs last night. Credit to Tiger DBs.
  9. A surprising - and yet, not surprising - victory by the Tigers tonight. The Tiger D was stout and the offense kept the ball away from the Panthers for much of the game. Panther offense looked out of sync all night, even Vera had a couple of rare miscues. The lone bright spot was strong running by Oxley who ran over everyone in his way. The talk in the section where we were seated focused on the tremendous coaching job by Hurley & staff the last half of the year. Tigers were ready to play tonight and maybe Reitz might have over-looked Memorial after their earlier rout at the Bowl. The ghosts of Enlow come back to haunt another Tiger foe.
  10. This game has huge potential for a trap game for Vikings....BIG win over MD, fans storming the field, fans completely dismissing next opponent... It is usually a good approach to play them one game at a time come playoffs. Tempting the football gods here?
  11. And yet, I am man enough to offer it but you aren't mature enough to accept it. SMH "Too soon we grow old, too late we grow wise." You were off on every detail of your prediction from the score to the running clock to the "obvious" talent disparity, etc. etc. yet you don't know enough to simply enjoy the victory and move on... Be wary, next week's game vs Paoli has all the hallmarks of a potential trap game. It will help that it is at home.
  12. Congratulations to Vikings on breaking the streak. Good luck next week...
  13. I feel your pain, brother... If I didn't put my screen at 125%, I couldn't read any of the posts!
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