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  1. This is the second 40+ year streak broken by the Wildcats in 2020. The previous streak, one slightly more dubious, where the Wildcats had not won an SIAC game in over 40 years, went by the wayside earlier in the season with the opening game victory over Memorial
  2. Appreciated the effort but the trio of young men doing the broadcast could use a bit more knowledge about the game of football. Let's just say that talking about "Jasper has the ball at their 52 yd line" was the least of their worries. Congrats to Jasper on a nice victory last night.
  3. Thanks for the info. I plan to tune in.
  4. Anyone know if 14 will carry this online as their game of the week? Nothing on 14 website that I have seen so far.
  5. Facebook Link to Mater Dei vs Central tonight: https://www.facebook.com/259338737607826/photos/a.260325880842445/1473513372857017/
  6. If someone can swing me a ticket to see this one live, I can find a unicorn suit...no problem! Should be a great game.
  7. Should be free at their website: tristatehomepage.com Google it and there should be a link. You can also download app from Roku,
  8. MD AD mentioned most Evv area games will be streamed this season...apparently both WFIE & WEHT will carry local games. However, still no details yet on who is covering which games and where they can be found online. If anyone has that info, please post.
  9. Going with Castle, Reitz, WILDCATS in an upset, Tigers & Lincoln.
  10. Can't let my East Side cousin get one up on me...check is in the mail, Tango! Fingers crossed we get to play a little football this Fall!
  11. The IHSAAtv site has been down all morning....yeah. Maybe NOT such a good idea to do an upgrade on THE DAY OF STATE FINALS...smh...
  12. You had me a "hegemony"! Good luck to both teams but have to pull for our So Indiana brethren to smite the mighty smiters..
  13. This game was a prime example of why teams can benefit from a good passing game to compliment their running game. TC had a very strong running game coming in BUT WeBo's defense was able to control it. TC was never able to consistently "get 4 yds and a cloud of dust" nor could they "move the ball at will", thus completely negating their previously dominant running game. By mid way through the 2nd qtr, WeBo had 11 guys within 5-7 yds of line of scrimmage. If TC had more ability to throw the ball, they could have stretched out the WeBo defense and maybe been able to generate more space for ru
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