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  1. I would like to offer an opinion from a reasonably impartial observer...I say reasonably because, full disclosure, my mother was a Memorial grad who "found Jesus" later in life when she married my Father and "converted" to a die-hard MD fan, but I digress... I have watched Combs tear up the competition from both sides of the ball for the past 2 years. Your WR & O lineman may be more talented at their respective positions but Combs will influence all aspects of the game; offense, defense, - it's been rumored he sells programs before the game & half-price pizza in 4th quarter. He is the all-around, real deal . Like his brother who graduated last year, he is one of the best all around high school football players in recent memory in the So Indiana region. No idea how he ranks as a college prospect but if you view the tape from last week's game vs Central, I think you will be impressed by his dominating play at multiple positions; DE, D line, FB, & RB. If you can manage to control his overall influence on the game, it will go a long way towards helping Mooresville win. Keeping it in the family...Memorial 24 - 21. Hold that Tiger... mi dos centavos
  2. It used to be that Visitors picked the day and Home team picks the time. With the 11 am start, a 3 hour bus ride, and another hour to get gear unloaded and prep for game and MD needs to leave Evv by 7 am. That is a pretty early start for high school kids. Seems to be at least a little gamesmanship on part of TC... at least I will be home in time for dinner... What are the IHSAA rules for these decisions or are there merely "guidelines", if that?
  3. Certainly anything is possible with high school kids but close games with Memorial @ 10-3, Central @ 10 – 7 and Reitz @ 31- 28 should have prepared them to win in a close game. Reitz was only team to put more than 2 TDs on starting D all season so I am putting my faith in the Defense and going with MD@ 28-14. Fingers crossed...
  4. FYI - that is Noon EASTERN or 11 am CST. Below came from MD athletic related to wknd grade school basketball games: Coaches, We just got word today that the MD football game at Triton Central is going to be played at 11:00 AM CST on Saturday. It is about a 3 hour drive to the game. Because of this, we are going to cancel our games at CC on Saturday
  5. http://indianahsfootball.homestead.com/ Let's hope your recent string of prediction accuracy holds up! Good luck next week and ...Hold that Tiger!
  6. Fans of both teams have not been frequent posters here so far but maybe that will change now that both have reached the final 8 in 2A. Early prediction from John Harrell gives no love to the Wildcats 🐱 for 3rd week in a row. Despite being a near 9 pt favorite in Sagarin, JH is picking TC @ home, 24 - 23. CalPreps gives MD the nod, 22 - 14, on a neutral field so maybe take back a FG and go with 22 - 17(?). MD will have to travel 3 hours north for what will likely be a Saturday afternoon game. Any TC fans with advance info on day & time? Can they overcome the long drive and use the 3rd consecutive Harrell slight as bulletin board motivation? Long term weather forecast calls for mostly sunny day with temps in mid 40s, dropping into mid 20's at night. TC plays on turf so field conditions should not be much of an issue, regardless of weather. TC fans, if you would be so kind as to share your recommendations of the better local eateries, it would be much appreciated. I personally prefer true local options instead of national chains but any feedback will be greatly appreciated. If there is anything most West Siders enjoy besides our Bud Light and Half Pot tkts, it is good food! Google says best route is I-69 north to Indy, I-465 East around Indy, then south on I-74 (~ 3hrs) but if there are other/better alternatives, esp when you get close to school, those would be appreciated as well. Best of luck to both teams for a well-played and injury free game. Hope everyone travels safely.
  7. With their 2nd TD of 2nd half, MD goes up 35 - 0 and puts clock in full motion. 2 min left in 3rd.
  8. TC now showing as leading Prov 13 - 0 in 4th. All is right with the world once again.
  9. Apparently the local radio station has abandoned the broadcast and has reverted to a podcast from earlier in the season instead of the live game. wth?
  10. MD takes their 3rd straight drive to house for a 21 - 0 lead at the 6:26 left in 2nd qtr. Shifting my ear buds to Memorial -Central game. Peace, out
  11. Nk's 2nd drive stalls after a couple of nice 1st downs. MD takes the punt back to near original NK LOS and proceeds to drive down field 70 yds to 2nd TD. 14 - 0. NK showing ability to get yardage via run but MD Defense adhering to the bend but don't break mantra. 10:06 left in 2nd qtr.
  12. MD takes advantage of short field and takes their 1st drive to house for 7 - 0 lead early in 1st qtr. NK was able to get a couple of 1st downs on only 3 plays before the fumble.
  13. My Mother taught me that when someone hurls insults at you, you stand up for myself. Maybe you were raised differently... As for re-positioning my panties, all good here...those Duluth Trading boxers I got last Christmas never bunch or bind, just like the ad says. ; - )
  14. Again, with the ad hominem personal attack? Most of us left this stuff behind in 5th grade. What next, a "Your Momma" joke? SMH "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak (or bang on a keyboard) and remove all doubt". ~ Mark Twain
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