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  1. I know this family. They are good people and Preston is a great kid.
  2. Well IU had 10 players drafted and Wright state (where IU's coach was at prior) had 4 guys taken in the top 10 rounds. If he wants player development, Jeff Mercer is the guy. You'd want him to live in Louisville for 4 years over Bloomington? ... eesh.
  3. After watching Caleb Murphy in our weight competition, along with his size, theres really no questioning whether he's D1 or not. Go Hoosiers.
  4. Get rid of the inter squad scrimmages. Make the scrimmage week when we play another team the start of the regular season. The week that's usually the inter squad scrimmage, have it the week we scrimmage another team.
  5. Are there a lot of 1A schools with overly good schedules? Their coaching takes a back seat to no one.
  6. He is trying to convince his school board to get turf. Other than that it was out of my own curiosity.
  7. I hadn't seen the field. Gf just got confused about which field there was turf. Thanks for the help.
  8. I googled it and maybe I just saw the soccer field was turf. Odd.
  9. Not their field though. I've actually watched a Ritter game at Marian before. Solid venue.
  10. Shortridge, Ind Wash, Fremont I found have grass. Will adjust tomorrow.
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