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  1. Louisville literally offered last week. Actually a day before IU did.
  2. This is all you could come up with? When you have to resort to attacks.. you probably need take a step back. ND isnt overly relevant. I'm not sure what to tell you? The south doesnt fear ND at all, OSU yes, ND no.
  3. You cherry picked 7 games 😂😂😂 You get zero points for coming close lol... ND is so irrelevant you're referencing LOSSES. Oklahoma beat you by 14 at home and you're referencing that? C'mon man. ND "should" beat Clemson by 21? What world have you lived in the last 30 years? Michigan WAXED ND last year and Michigan was the 5th best team in the B1G. Fair. Obviously those LSU teams your beat recently havent been anywhere close to their better teams though.
  4. 100%. Look at NDs record in "big games" the past like 15 years, its staggeringly terrible. LSU, Bama, UGA, OSU, Clemson, and Oklahoma At this point in time that's the only teams who matter. No ND is not a player right now, they aren't a threat, even as much as their fanbase wants to believe they are. And honestly.. what's with the not being in a conference? How does a ND fan even act arrogant in big games anymore? I dont understand.
  5. Notre Dame hasn't been a player since the 80s lol
  6. Indiana is at games all the time during bye weeks. You do realize how hard it is for schools to be at HS games on Fridays, right?
  7. I realize there is no difference between Valpo and SB weather wise.
  8. ...... maybe he doesn't want to live up there...lol
  9. Gf is a ND fan, bought tickets to VT/ND for her. She is an AT and had to work the state championship soccer game, I had to go to that God forsaken place with my best friend. Wore my IU sweatshirt, cold as balls, rooted for VT the whole time. That experience wasn't half of what it's like to go to a Tennessee game. (Been there three times) I'd eliminate ND for how effing cold it is up there. Jesus, y'all live in the Artic circle up there.
  10. Over the last two years.. Indiana has thrown it 14 more times per game than Wisconsin has and has completed about 2.5% more passes than UW.
  11. If you want to throw it 6 times a game to below avg receivers it's a fantastic school for a QB.
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