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  1. It's amazing it's 2020 and some cannot still grasp that winning isn't everything. Football doesn't need Anderson, but son of a gun Anderson needs football. Telling me with a straight and honest face the students at Anderson would be better off without football? What planet are you from? That doesn't even add up, even in the least bit. You have no clue what you are talking about.
  2. I still want SC in the conference. But I'm coming around to your overall idea.
  3. Then why would we have a big and small division? Just to free things up?
  4. No. We want SC in our conference, and BC wants Seymour on our schedule. No chance we lose an atmosphere like last week.
  5. Ohhh that red and blue would look sharp on a turf field. Surely Salem is about to pop and get it.
  6. It was also absurd to ask if their performance mattered or not
  7. Yep. My gf lives in Lapel.. looks nice. I will add Frankton for 2021. Thanks man.
  8. Dang.. lucky you lol 6 of our 9 bus rides are 50 mins or longer.
  9. No kids should be missing out on games. What was the JV score?
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