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  1. That it doesn't rain on Fridays in 10/13 games I coach in this year. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Dablow AD at SC. Won't be the football coach anymore.
  3. And it'd be what... 10-12 extra minutes for you guys to get to then going to FC? (I realize you'd still play them, but just saying Lville isnt very far)
  4. Why isn't Penn's schedule listed as missing a game? just curious If I were CE I would look at playing a home and home with a team from Cinci or Louisville. I highly doubt they'd be able to get a neutral site game arranged.
  5. As far as I know... the most any school has to travel is 2 hrs and 10mins in the sectional. And there is precedent for that. But I would like to know what is wrong with that make up. I am not familiar with the north part of the state. I used Google maps for the 1/3 of those teams.
  6. 25 26 27 28 Hammond FW Concordia Benton Central Guerin Hammond Clarke West Noble Twin Lakes Brebuf Hanover Central Lakeland Oak Hill Ritter River Forest Bellmont Peru Chatard Knox Garrett Northwestern North Montgomery Calumet Heritage Maconquah WL SB Wash Jimtown John Glenn Hamilton Heights Mish Marion Norwell Tipp Valley Yorktown 29 30 31 32 West Vigo Lawrenceburg Brownstown Ev Bosse Owen Valley Franklin Co Salem Gibson So Brown Co Batesville Cordyon Vinncennes Edgewood Greensburg Scottsburg Pike Central Crawfordsville Rushville Charlestown Princeton Greencastle Manual North Harrison Mt. Vernon Danville Indpls Wash SR Heritage Hills Tri West Indian Creek Washington Sullivan My take on 3A.
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