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  1. Are you implying something? Why did you post our score?
  2. Ironically.. none of our 3 final 4 teams were undefeated in the regular season.
  3. The first I've ever heard us referred to as the tribe. Just makes me think of an all time great movie: Major League. Wild Thing.. you make my heart sing.
  4. No because FW Dwenger wouldn't have played against themselves. As an example. Basically the team with the highest sagarin rating should have the lowest SOS in those instances.
  5. No. We added like 175 parking spots whenever we got the turf. It's pretty sharp up there right now.. new stadium, 8 lane track, new press box. Half the old practice field was turned into parking spots, plus we got rid of the old house on the hill.
  6. Have you been to a game at Brownstown before? It's really too bad the rain will damper in the atmosphere tonight. It would have been rocking.
  7. Michael Lindauer (it's not close) with having coached or played against. Just seeing play a game (but not coaching or playing).. Jay Cutler. That state championship game wowza.
  8. Fantastic. I'll get to see it in JV next year!! What's the next domino to fall.
  9. Because it isnt part of "greater Clark County"
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