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  1. Not to beat the dead horse... NFHS Baseball rules SECTION 4 UNIFORMS Article 1 Uniforms of all team members should be of the same color and style. Caps and shoes are required equipment (no track spikes allowed.) When a player is required to wear a head protector, it replaces the cap as mandatory equipment.
  2. Hello Bob, you are starting to sound like Joe Friday, why don't you add; "Just the facts, just the facts m'am" to your repertoire ?
  3. The sun goes down, the lights come on and for several hours you can be lost in the ambiance of a High School game.
  4. Ok, so answer me this, a few years back we were at a MS game at South Central. We had a kid that could run like the wind but was dumb as a bag on hammers. We ran him out of the backfield and he scored two TDs in a row, one a toss sweep and the second a direct snap out of the Wildcat, wearing jersey # 90. The ref came over and told the coaching staff the player was wearing an illegal jersey number. We were told the player had to swap jerseys because 90 was a kickers number. We kind of looked at each other and made the swap. I was always curious about that call...
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