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  1. Raised in rural Virginia, I was 9 miles from the school, which was surrounded by cornfields on three sides. Not so much these days with urban expansion and the death of the family farm. We had good support because it was the thing to do on Friday nights. Different times now...
  2. An interesting answer to why Texas has its own grid: https://www.texastribune.org/2011/02/08/texplainer-why-does-texas-have-its-own-power-grid/
  3. If they Move Andrean to Crown Point it could become the battle of Main Street.
  4. Ok, how about the Clodhoppers ? (too much?)
  5. How about the Howies for Howie the Cow ? If that does not work how about the Milktoasts... who could that offend ?
  6. Basketball coaches can be egocentric as well, threatening PT for not attending open gym.
  7. The other thing to consider is a 7th class for the Mega Schools.
  8. Time marches on... Hudl is here to stay until someone comes up with a system that is waaay easier to use.
  9. Offenses come and offenses go, hang around long enough and there will be something new. Ooooh Spread Offense let's all hide!
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