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  1. Was he certified to render First Aid ?
  2. Time will tell the tale.... by midnight tomorrow, even before we will know.
  3. So out the window goes hit 'em , hit 'em low.
  4. Anyone have any TDY's to trade for GST pattern 1003 ?
  5. East Noble comes to mind a few years back in a SemiState Game with Hobart. No restrictions.
  6. I attended the EC - Hobart game... the rain was blowing sideways from the North. I could imagine that same game at the Bowl... quagmire city !
  7. Time will tell who will be at the big dance.
  8. There have been a few people I wanted to piss on. I figured out there would be a line there so there is no sense.
  9. Anyone at Hanover last week ? The drainage sucks... there is a tarp on the home side between the 30's. I have seen feed lots in better condition.
  10. I had a professor tell me I had the personality of a turd... I wonder how that would fly these days. Most of the time I went to that class with a high BAC. (not a good way to go through life) Broke Boys don'r get no cat.
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