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  1. Thank you for that verification Bobref.
  2. ART.3 -C-4 lines that out... the is an EXCEPTION: "Tinted eyewear worn on the face and under the facemask is legal" So how much tint... by this exception could sunglasses be worn?
  3. I don't care who you are, superstar or third string punter... no exceptions to the visor rule, (without a medical exception) and always knee pads. There are arguments about the protection the pads provide... kids like to look cool like a college players. Rules are rules and must be enforced.
  4. I wish he would... it would be a perfect world!
  5. When times get tough... oh well you know the rest! If the walkers were not Seniors it would be the last time they played for me. Talent or no talent, you don't let your team down that way. I'm sure there are many that will disagree with me. To bring them back violates the trust of the team and teaches them NOTHING!
  6. I understand The Duluth School of The Inept is looking for a game, willing to travel!
  7. My bad, I did claim off topic... upon further review 15 yard penalty for mistaking one NP for another... ejection ! LOL
  8. After watching NP vs Hobart Friday night, they are the real deal. Defense is stellar, hard nosed and active. I know this a bit off topic; however, this is not the first time this has happened. They, NP, came out of the tunnel with blood in their eyes. Hobart, being a young team, Sophomore heavy has to move the marker to make it out of the Sectional next year. By the time Hobart caught up the running clock was instituted. Being down 49-12 at the half was a huge hurdle to overcome in the second half. Give Hobart credit to finish 49-28.
  9. Please define God Rule for the group.
  10. Lifted from another board, "No automatic first downs for pass interference or personal fouls. Seems very unsafe. Just hold or yank a face mask every play. 4 downs from the 10 with no down consequences for penalties, just yardage is a bit rudimentary. " What is the group's take on this statement?
  11. "If you're not cheating your not trying" (Junior Johnson) I like your response.
  12. Here was a guy from Lowell about 20 years ago, had a set of truck air horns rigged to a portable air tank.
  13. I know there are some restrictions for noisemakers when we reach Sectional time. What are the restrictions for regular season? Is it IHSAA sanctioned? Is it up to the host school? Your opinion please!
  14. This question is for Bobref.... what is the rule for face paint? One crew told our guys you could only have a stripe on the cheekbone under the eye. Does not seem to be a widely enforced rule.
  15. When I coached at Ashland/Paul Blazer, in Ashland, Ky., they had a .10 Gauge monster named the Blazer Blaster. It was on large farm wheels, the barrel consisting of a 6" section of well casing. Someone had cut down a .10 gauge Shotgun and welded it to the end of the well casing. The result was a great smoke show and noise that reverberated off the stadium structure. The shells were hand loaded black powder.
  16. How about River Forest flashing the stadium lights every time they score? They installed the LED lights you can turn on and off without delay. Its enough to cause a seizure or a freak out.
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