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  1. In between Buzea & Mason, City had 2 coaches who won a total of 12 games in 6 seasons.
  2. We always said City was a sleeping giant if they found a top-notch coach. Well, not only did they do that but Mason has surrounded himself with a great group of veteran assistants.
  3. I live 15 minutes away & decided to catch this interesting game between a 3A powerhouse & a 6A program on the upswing. It was a really entertaining game-- big plays & hard hitting by both sides. Southport made a bunch of fantastic big plays in the passing game on critical 3rd & 4th downs which led to their victory. GS absolutely held their own against the big school & showed they have lots of talent too. It was hot...the Cardinals led by 2 scores...I wanted to beat traffic...so I left before the late hit/flags/ejections. Wouldn't have known about any of that if it wasn't for the forum.
  4. In week 1, Michigan City was up 41-0 on Griffith after 1Q. Griffith coaches asked for a running clock to start the 2nd Qtr. MC agreed reluctantly. Final score 60-7.
  5. Crew didn't ask Team B if they wanted the Game Clock to start on ready for play. Same crew that mistakenly enforced a downfield holding penalty from the line of scrimmage on a 15yd gain apparently because there was a backward lateral on a reverse. (See other thread posted on 9/13.) The lateral occurred well before the holding. Instead of a 10yd penalty walkoff, Team B was pushed back 25 yards.
  6. Absolutely true. Keep flag in pocket & have a brief 1-on-1 with the young man as the clock hits 0:00 so they he knows not to do that again. Keeps game flowing better too.
  7. Head Ref started 0:25 Play Clock but did not wind the Game Clock...mistake by him. That explains it. However, if Team A was prepared to snap right away, they could've still run a play even if the Game Clock started up.
  8. This also occurred in Friday's game (Zionsville at FC). Final few seconds of 1st half, Team A has possession, Team A is out of timeouts. Ball carrier is tackled short of the 1st down marker inbounds. Clock is running. Just after the play ends, a flag is thrown & the clock is stopped with 0:02 left-- 15 yd Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty against Team A. Penalty is marked off. Game clock does not start until the ball is snapped. Therefore, Team A was able to run 1 more offensive play which they never would have been able to do without that penalty. Was that situation handled properly? Are there any HS rules with a 10-second runoff or something similar?
  9. Whoa. 1st football game? I knew the name from hoops. Amazing! TE #40 Munoz had a helluva game too with 2 TD including at least 3 fantastic catches. Props to GS for their big crowd. I heard the Southport concession stand volunteers say that the GS fans were the NICEST they've ever encountered. And she said they were making 100 burgers for the GS team to enjoy on their bus ride home. Pretty cool. Thanks Bob. After my initial post, I went back to read more of the thread & saw posts saying the kid was ejected. My bad -- I posted without knowing the whole story.
  10. I happened to be standing right at the goal line when Lezon got hurt. He grabbed his hamstring right away & walked slowly to the bench with help. Hope it's not a serious hamstring injury. They've got some serious weapons & he has really nice skills with his arm & legs.
  11. Late hit & helmet to helmet. Don't the HS rules include Ejection for Targeting? I left with 4:00 to go & missed the fireworks.
  12. 2 family members said they tried to watch a live game tonight but the site required payment. Is this true? When did this change? Is it pay-per-view for each game or a one-time subscription thing?
  13. Ok, I think I understand. In this case, the penalty clearly occurred (& the flag was thrown) long after the backward pass. The ball carrier had gained 10+ yards when the holding occurred. So, in this case, the penalty should have been enforced from the spot of the foul/end of the run as they were the same. That means that this crew was overthinking & mistakenly enforced the penalty from the previous spot because of the backward pass.
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