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  1. Quality schools with top-notch programs who have trophy cases full of State Championship trophies (in any sport) tend to attract great athletes in that sport. That's just human nature.
  2. Outside of 6A, any team that earns 6 points in the 2-year cycle (2019-2020 football seasons) gets bumped up to the next highest class. So if New Pal wins Regional next season, they move up to 6A. Similarly, if LCC / WeBo / Chatard / Ev Memorial win a Regional or better next season, they move up 1 class. So there is a chance that 2 programs (New Pal & EvMem) will move to a class 2 levels above their enrollment. Actually, FW Dwenger (as Regional champion this season) would do the same if they win 5A next year.
  3. No. Might as well just have a MIC Tournament & a separate 6A non-MIC tournament.
  4. Or maybe he is referring to Carmel's 2nd string (enormous enrollment slam!)
  5. After that fantastic comeback to beat the Brickies, I have to go with East Noble over Ev Mem 30-27.
  6. CG 19 Carmel 17 Because CG was 4-5 & the people who want to get rid of the all-in tournament are fools.
  7. Going with heart (DAC loyalty) over head (New Pal dominance) & hoping that the Valpo size wears down the NP skill & speed. Valpo 22 New Pal 21
  8. Must admit I am surprised by the outcome of this poll. So you guys wouldn't mind if all 4 NFL Playoff games or all New Years Day Bowl games are played at the same time? All 12 of tonight's games kickoff between 7-8pm EST tonight. And all will be available on ihsaatv.org
  9. The IHSAA sets the Semi State schedule in several other sports (basketball, baseball). Should they be involved in setting the dates/time for the Football Semi State games with 6 games on Friday night & 6 games on Saturday afternoon/night? Half of the Semi State winners don't play until next Saturday so they wouldn't have a short week of practice.
  10. I posted this on another thread but it's applicable here. After cruising through a weak Sectional field, Valpo (essentially a 6A program) enjoys a significant enrollment gap versus the rest of their tournament foes. *** Don't forget-- Valpo has always been in 6A & would have remained in 6A if the IHSAA didn't make the change to 2 Success Factor points (which kept Snider up in 6A). Interesting sidenote: Valpo is the largest school in 5A football (2054 students) & just destroyed Mishawaka 49-0 (1477--just moved up from 4A with an enrollment increase). In the Semi State, they take on FW Dwenger (1015-- bottom half of 4A enrollment but bumped up this season due to Success Factor). If Valpo makes it to LOS, the likely opponent will be New Pal (1175-- middle of 4A enrollment). *** I saw Valpo in person in week 3 at LaPorte. The Slicers hung with them early (0-0 after 1Q) but it all fell apart late in the half. Final was 35-0. Also saw some of Valpo's miracle comeback over Merrillville. Valpo had more success passing that expected so I hope they open up the offense & air it out a bit more vs Dwenger. Unlike the last 3 weeks, it won't be easy for the Vikings to put 40+ points on the board utilizing a simple run game. Prediction: Valpo 28 Dwenger 13
  11. Interesting footnote: after traveling to Sheridan for the Sectional opener, Lutheran will host their 4th straight tournament game on Friday. Everything is falling in place for the Saints 1st trip to LOS after falling just 1 game short in 14, 16, 17, 18.
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