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  1. The CYO system is a huge advantage. Not only do those kids play together for many years but they are able to learn the same offense/defense as the HS program while being taught excellent fundamentals. That said, broadcasters always talk about the great Center Grove youth program in the same way. Pioneer too, I think. Maybe towns/public schools have built great youth programs thru Pop Warner or USA Football which led to sustained success at the HS level-- but it takes a ton of work.
  2. From 2010-12, 4 private schools swept the 4 smallest classes & won three-peats-- LCC 1A, Luers 2A, Chatard 3A, Cath 4A. The Success Factor was instituted in 2013 & has had an impact. For those 4 schools, only Cathedral got past Regional in the higher class as they won 5A for the next 2 years. From 2013-2020, nobody else has pulled off a three-peat except WeBo (public school). I also think that it was a smart move to keep bumped-up programs in the higher class if they earn 2 or more points. Cathedral won Regional in 2017, lost in Sectional to runner-ups Decatur Central in 2018 but stayed up in 5A due to that change. In 2019, they lost to state champs New Pal in Regional & then cruised to the state title this year.
  3. Article is from the prep sports guy Kyle Neddenriep. I think he is really good.
  4. https://www.indystar.com/restricted/?return=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.indystar.com%2Fstory%2Fsports%2Fhigh-school%2F2020%2F11%2F22%2Fihsaa-football-playoffs-private-schools-dominate-2020-state-finals-indiana%2F6381840002%2F Are there any Indystar subscribers out there who would be so kind as to copy-paste this article to the forum for cheapskates like me??? Please & thank you!
  5. Finally... https://ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/minutes/2019-20/011620.pdf?ver=2020-01-20-155604-767 Proposal #5: the IHSBCA requests that each tournament host site (sectional through state finals) have a person designated to track the pitch count for both teams in each scheduled contest. This position will keep written or digital records and communicate with the coaches and umpires each inning to confirm pitch counts for both teams. This position will also mandate (through the umpire / crew chief) the removal of a pitcher once their pitch count limit has been exhausted. The head coach will certify the availability of each pitcher prior to the start of each tournament level; records will be kept throughout the tournament to track pitch counts; ensure proper rest is observed; and, at no time, allow an ineligible pitcher to enter the game or remain in the game. These records will be available to member school head coaches, athletic directors, principals, and IHSAA personnel upon request. A motion for approval was made by Jim Brown; seconded by Martin Brown; motion approved 15-4 with Chris Conley, Chad Gilbert, Victor Bush and Ed Gilliland opposed.
  6. Valpo vs Merrillville just got even more interesting. Maybe we will see 2 DAC squads at LOS next fall.
  7. My friend is a basketball referee who is working his way up the ladder. Currently, he does alot of girls games along with some boys JV/Frosh, etc. Last month, he told me about a varsity 1A girls game that he worked. 44-7 at the half. You might think that the winning coach would use the 2nd half to get some varsity experience for his younger players? Nope. Even though they had 12 players dressed, the winning team went with a 7-player rotation until only 3:30 remained in the game-- then he put 3 of the bench players in to finish. 2 of his own players didn't play at all...in a 89-23 game. So in many cases, sportsmanship is totally up to the coaches in basketball. Some are good at it, some are not.
  8. Looking at the Girls BB scores from last night (January 8th), 37 games were played...23 of them ended up with a margin of 24+ points. Time for the GBB contraction debate to begin in earnest...
  9. Roncalli has had several major incidents recently. But religion is all about faith so the Roncalli families will continue sending their children there & use that faith in the belief that the school gets their act together. Glad my nephew is a commoner who goes to Franklin Central.
  10. Congrats to Dave Sharpe (former Slicer HC) on landing the Noblesville head job.
  11. Congrats to Dave Sharpe (former Slicer HC) on landing the Noblesville head job.
  12. Quality schools with top-notch programs who have trophy cases full of State Championship trophies (in any sport) tend to attract great athletes in that sport. That's just human nature.
  13. Outside of 6A, any team that earns 6 points in the 2-year cycle (2019-2020 football seasons) gets bumped up to the next highest class. So if New Pal wins Regional next season, they move up to 6A. Similarly, if LCC / WeBo / Chatard / Ev Memorial win a Regional or better next season, they move up 1 class. So there is a chance that 2 programs (New Pal & EvMem) will move to a class 2 levels above their enrollment. Actually, FW Dwenger (as Regional champion this season) would do the same if they win 5A next year.
  14. No. Might as well just have a MIC Tournament & a separate 6A non-MIC tournament.
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