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  1. IHSAA Baseball Sectional Assignments for 2022-23, 2023-24 Class 3A 17. (8): Andrean, Boone Grove, Calumet, Griffith, Hanover Central, Highland, Rensselaer Central, River Forest https://legacy.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/2022-23 2023-24/2022-23 2023-24 Baseball Assignments.pdf
  2. Maybe they should amend the Success Factor for powerhouses who dominate a certain class-- Chatard 3A football, Andrean 3A baseball. Something like this -- If you have more than 6 (or 8? or 10?) state titles in a certain sport, you always play at least 1 class up.
  3. That statement highlighted above is incorrect. I just looked it up. Andrean (2A enrollment) is staying up in 3A baseball due to success factor. But you are correct-- Andrean has won 5 straight state titles when playing in 3A.
  4. HCC 6th place Franklin Central (2-5 in conference) gave Center Grove a heck of a game in the Sectional opener-- lost 14-10 after FC took a 10-7 lead early 4th.
  5. 2021 Adams Central vs Lutheran 2022 Adams Central vs Lutheran 2023 Adams Central vs Lutheran??? Yawn.
  6. 2021 Andrean vs Mater Dei 2022 Andrean vs Mater Dei 2023 Andrean vs Mater Dei??? Yawn.
  7. With the off-cycle realignment due to Covid/uncertain enrollment figures, Chatard only spent 1 year back up in 4A after losing in the 4A Sectional to Roncalli. If I understand this correctly, LCC (2A Sectional Champion in 2021 & 2022) should stay up in 2A while FW Dwenger (5A Sectional Champion only in 2021) may drop back down to 4A next year. From the April 11 IHSAA Media Release: Additionally, with the pandemic delaying reclassification for a year but the Tournament Success Factor still being applied, discussion continued on what to do with schools playing in a higher classification. The IHSAA Executive Committee has determined that the eight schools who earned at least one point this school year (2021-22) to continue playing in a higher classification due to the Tournament Success Factor, will be reevaluated after the 2022-23 school year and adjusted accordingly. Schools who failed to earn a point during the 2021-22 school year while playing in a higher class were returned to the next lower class for the next two years. This was to prevent schools from playing three consecutive years in a higher classification when their tournament results do not merit that placement. Those eight schools include Fort Wayne Canterbury in boys soccer; South Bend St. Joseph in girls soccer; Barr-Reeve and Yorktown in volleyball; Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger and Lafayette Central Catholic in football and Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian in boys basketball.
  8. I think I woke the neighbors screaming at the laptop when the Valpo QB made that incredible play.
  9. Just 3 weeks ago in the Sectional opener, Franklin Central scored early 4th to take a 10-7 lead on Center Grove. The 2-time champs had to dig deep to win 14-10. Since then, CG has put up 49, 42, 33. FC finished just 3-7 but they had an excellent top 10 defense.
  10. I only saw the OT but the Valpo QB made a SportsCenter 9-yard TD run on 4th down. Then they spread 'em out & RB waltzed in for 2pt conv & the win. Congrats to the Valparaiso Vikings!!! Way to represent for the DAC.
  11. Great, gutsy 4th qtr comeback on the road by the New Prairie Cougars!!! Smart to kick FG & then execute a BEEEYOUTEEEFUL onside kick with 4:30 left which led to the game-winning TD. Way to go, Cougars!!!
  12. Yes, the stars aligned for the Slicers, especially that night. I drove from Indy to FW to meet my Dad (retired Slicer AD who hired Bob Schellinger). Temps were right around 0 degrees & those frozen conditions favored LP for sure. Best night ever to be a Slicer.
  13. Here's a proposal to the IHSAA. In today's wonderful world of technology which allows every Semi-State game to be broadcast on IHSAATV, why not play half of the games (2A,4A,6A) on Friday night & half of the games (1A,3A,5A) on Saturday? It seems like a win-win for all fans. More tickets would probably be sold (passionate HS football fans could attend multiple Semi-State games instead of having to choose one) along with more PPV purchases. Every state finalist would still have a full 7 days between their Semi-State game & the State championship game.
  14. Last time Snider faced a DAC opponent back in 2014, it did not go so well for the Panthers.
  15. Cinderella is alive!!! After 7 straight losses, MONROVIA RIPS OFF 4 STRAIGHT POSTSEASON WINS. Let's finally put this topic to bed. The IHSAA will NEVER, EVER, EVER go back to an invite-only football tournament. And for all of those geniuses who say the IHSAA can simply use Sagarin/computers/committee/whatever to determine who gets in, I ask this question. How do you factor in games vs out-of-state opponents? Chatard went 5-4 with 2 out-of-state losses. Do they get qualify because you make the ASSUMPTION that those teams must be really good since they beat Chatard? Or how about 4-5 FW Luers? They play all conference, all much bigger foes. So would 4-5 Luers qualify due to strength of schedule while some 8-1 team sits at home? So congratulations to 2-7, now 6-7 MONROVIA. And 8-4 Castle too.
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