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  1. This is where the double edge sword of the conversation comes in. For playoff selection and advancement, in theory, you'd want the most qualified and eligible crews to advance.
  2. My first year of officiating this was the #1 complaint I heard at association meetings, and it made me think, "Why even bother trying to get to state? I'd rather just work towards making the jump to college instead." IMO, the system needs to move away from crews/individuals being grandfathered in with a 50 and work more towards evaluating, especially in the playoffs.
  3. This isn't a bad idea to both make sure coaches vote and actually remember which crew they are voting for. However, I would open that up beyond three days to let some emotions settle. We've had a case in the past where the coach had some concerns with our performance, both mechanically and judgmentally. After some correspondence our crew chief was able to explain to him what we had done correctly and what we had honestly missed. I believe this back and forth got us another point from this coach.
  4. Absolutely Legal. The ball did not cross the expanded neutral zone, K still has the option to run, kick or pass.
  5. We had a similar situation Friday night. Team A gains a first down, after the play, taunting on A. Team B's coach wanted to know why it wasn't 1st and 25.
  6. This is a great answer, just wanted to add if the player has a chance to make it off before the snap we will announce over the radio that he has to get off so the wing official knows if he doesn't it's illegal. You might be surprised how many times the 11th player runs off the field thinking he makes 12 and the defense plays with 10.
  7. This is actually encroachment on the kicking team, dead ball foul. The play should have been blown dead immediately, so B doesn't have the option to decline the penalty and keep the ball.
  8. In my opinion, definitely illegal: RULE 1-5-3: ART. 3 . . . Illegal Equipment. No player shall participate while wearing illegal equipment. This applies to any equipment, which in the opinion of the umpire is dangerous, confusing or inappropriate. Illegal equipment shall always include but is not limited to:
  9. (I was agreeing with you, unless I'm misunderstanding several posts)
  10. Thank you. I lurk on several different conference threads and this one is by far the worst with, "If Team A scored X on Team B, then how do you expect Team C to only score X on Team B!?"
  11. I'm not sure how true it is, but I received an email saying about 15% of crews didn't get an assignment this year. I spoke with a Referee that didn't get assigned this year, his crew made it to the second round last year. For what it's worth, they were observed this year and got high marks. This year wasn't supposed to count against points for next year, right?
  12. I think the moral of this situation is that you have to call safety fouls regardless if it impacted the play or not. If the K player was defenseless and R took a shot, absolutely throw the flag. If R's coach saw that happen to his player, he'd want the foul.
  13. Just wanted to add a reminder this was under 2 minutes in a half, not only should the clock have been rolling after the penalty was administered, but Team B should have been given the option if they wanted the clock to run or not, which obviously they would have wanted it to run.
  14. I'm an official not on a crew and I'm not sure what you're implying here. I absolutely love football, and I get to help crews who need a replacement official that week or several weeks during the season. The assigner in my association has been warning us about this for years. There are 3 online scheduling websites being used as well as paper contracts, there's a good chance there was a double booking and miscommunication between school, assigner and officials.
  15. It's not correct procedure, but I've spoken with other officials that have said the coach on the losing side has asked to start the running clock in the first half.
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