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  1. I was so confused when I first heard about this place as well. I haven't ate there but heard nothing but good things.
  2. You've done a lot of bashing to a team/school that has done zero talking about the game. Heck, I don't even know if they have any fans on here besides Coach H. Anyways, should be a good game and we'll see how it goes tonight. Hope all teams stay injury free!
  3. Real props to anyone that can tell me if that's Coach O at the age of 18 or 60. The guy doesn't age.
  4. Most games should be a blow out this week. Judson and Knox always play each other close but I think Knox is trying to prove they are the big dog this year. I believe the score of this game will really tell us how good Knox is.
  5. KH you take everything too personally man, let it go. Ppl aren't out to get you or the Winamac program.
  6. Same reason I picked the Patriots to beat the Chiefs last year. Laville may be a good team in the making but I stick to what I know, Pioneer is a great program that continues to push out great teams and great coaching. None of this is reflected on Laville either, I would love to see a different conference champ this year.
  7. Triton- Trojans win this one. Caston is much improved this year but still a long way to go. Knox- Redskins win by 2-3 scores. Knox wants to let everyone know they are the big dog of the conference. Judson- Lambo looking to keep the excitement going in Judson. A young team, so he has to keep them focused. Pioneer- Game of the week. Lancers hang around in this one for most of it but fall short a score or 2 in the end. Winamac- Winamac big. If Warriors don't win this one, they may not win a game all year.
  8. How are numbers for HNAC teams this year? Is it true Winamac doesn't even have 30 guys?
  9. How are numbers for HNAC teams this year? Is it true Winamac doesn't even have 30 guys?
  10. Heard the Blue Jays got a new coach. Any other exciting news in the conference?
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