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  1. How are conferences deciding who plays in week 9 conference championships and other pairings if multiple teams miss games with Covid? Do you just go on W/L %age? Just curious. How would you make pairings for teams A 7-1 record, B 6-1 record and C 6-0. Team A lost to D but beat B. B lost to A and missed 1 game. C beat both A and B and missed 2 games. Or if 2 teams in same division finish 5-1 and didn't play each other. Who goes to the championship?
  2. Per rulebook ART. 9 . . . A lineman is any A player who is facing his opponent’s goal line with the line of his shoulders approximately parallel thereto and with his head or foot breaking an imaginary plane drawn parallel to the line of scrimmage through the waist of the snapper when the ball is snapped.. From this picture it would appear the left guard and left tackle and the top receiver shown (another further receiver, not shown, is on LOS) have their bodies at the same yard line. and thus in the backfield I would interpret the "waist of the snapper" to esentially be the patch of whi
  3. Since some of us also coach a spring sport, how are your administrations and athletic departments preparing? The first competition dates for track and softball are March 23. Other than schools that are already shut down, are your schools setting any procedures for practice times/s or other issues. Cancelling any early season contests with specific opponents?
  4. Coach Nowlin, please go into more detail if you have time. I've found that if we go live in drill work, when we go to team and just FIT UP, that our kids stop moving their feet on contact.
  5. I'm an analytics guy too (teach math and stats). Let's say that over a ten play drive Team A ( focuses on big hits or turnovers) gets 2 plays for -5 yards on "big hits", has 5 average plays of +5 yards, has 2 plays where it gives up 2 missed tackles for a total of 20 yards, another play with a missed tackle on a 10 yard pass resulting in +25 yards. Team B focuses on sound tackling is on a 10 play drive and gets 1 play for -1 yards, 5 average plays of +5 yards, 2 plays of 8 yards, misses a tackle for a 10 yard gain, and allows one completion for 10 yards. Both teams have given up 60 yards i
  6. Has tackling been replaced by ankle-diving or the big push out of bounds? It seems that over the last 20 years with the massive increase of speed and size of NFL players, tackling quality there has gone down, with the focus now being on creating turnovers instead of stopping the runner. I could be wrong (I hear that a lot in my own house), but it seems that this has trickled down to the college and HS level as well, where the push for the "big hit" highlight reel play, has been emphasized. To those of you who also coach defense, am I missing something? How many of you chart missed tackles?
  7. As a statistics teacher, let me add a couple of things. First, the bell curve only applies in a symmetric distribution of data (first graph). In this case, that would be by enrollment. Enrollment numbers aren't symmetric, they're skewed to the right (second graph). As NLC commented, this means that as enrollment numbers increase they are much more spread out in 6A (3200 difference) vs 1A (160 difference). This doesn't change anybody's position, just pointing out that we have to watch how we use the statistics. Not trying to be a smart alec or anything. IMO from a financial stan
  8. Thank you everybody. You're a boon to those in the trenches trying to get it right.
  9. And yes their QB is in pistol
  10. Thanks. Ok, so what if we's lined up next to the DE in the FBZ at the snap and he's within the "lateral" 4 yards of the ball.
  11. We face a team with a BIG guard pulling to the perimeter on jet and my 160 lb linebacker will get pancaked if he gets rolling. What are the rules on initiating defensive contact? Can my player cut him anywhere or just in the tackle box extended?
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