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  1. Picking up on Irishman's comment, I grew up in the NLC. Warsaw (3A) could have gone 10-0 but playing all 2A schools kept them from ever getting to the playoffs in that old system. When they did try to play a 3A school it seemed like it was FW Snider or Penn and that never went well for them
  2. That was a good game. Lapel's offense just seemed to struggle with penalties and D/D. THree times inside the 20 and no pts. Tipton had their running game going and there wasn't any answer for the short pass game. Lapel kicked squibbed their kickoffs a llot too, must not have wanted to kick deep. That gave Tipton the ball near midfield a lot. On to somewhere else next week.
  3. Yeah, but I'm not sure my car can make it to those without overheating.
  4. Pork on a stick it is. I've heard there's a good pizza place too. Got my camp chair packed. Hope my bladder can make it.
  5. 39 other games I can go to. Will this one be good or should I stay around Indy and see a 5A/6A game
  6. They really slowed down the offense of powerhouse Eastbrook. If I come watch this game, can Lapel compete with them or will this be a blowout and I should go elsewhere?
  7. So it seems as there is a grey area concerning the cutoff from when a legal onside kick would turn illegal. I From your shared video, what constitutes the difference between kick #2 (legal) when I'm estimating the ball rebounds to 4 feet after the first hop and kick #3 (illegal) when the ball rebounds to 8 feet. Is there a height off of the first bounce that officials would consider and say "that's illegal" vs "that's legal"? I totally understand the safety issue that a big hop would create just looking for clearer picture.
  8. yep. Opponent moves on to next week's game. As the tournament progresses, if a winning team must forfeit from a prior week, the loser of the previous matchup does not replace it. Once you're done, you're done.
  9. This issue happened at our school, but here's how the rule is enforced inequitably (is that the right word)? So kids get caught in contact tracing are sent home for 14 days. Our school said if you get sent home at 10 o'clock on Friday, then you come back at 10 o'clock on Friday in 2 weeks. Ok, no problem. But here's where this rule fails miserably if it's for athlete protection. Quarantine started Friday at 10 am, so quarantined football players are out that night's game, next week's and the next week's before they can get enough practices in to play. However, the tennis team has 6 match
  10. How are conferences deciding who plays in week 9 conference championships and other pairings if multiple teams miss games with Covid? Do you just go on W/L %age? Just curious. How would you make pairings for teams A 7-1 record, B 6-1 record and C 6-0. Team A lost to D but beat B. B lost to A and missed 1 game. C beat both A and B and missed 2 games. Or if 2 teams in same division finish 5-1 and didn't play each other. Who goes to the championship?
  11. Per rulebook ART. 9 . . . A lineman is any A player who is facing his opponent’s goal line with the line of his shoulders approximately parallel thereto and with his head or foot breaking an imaginary plane drawn parallel to the line of scrimmage through the waist of the snapper when the ball is snapped.. From this picture it would appear the left guard and left tackle and the top receiver shown (another further receiver, not shown, is on LOS) have their bodies at the same yard line. and thus in the backfield I would interpret the "waist of the snapper" to esentially be the patch of whi
  12. Since some of us also coach a spring sport, how are your administrations and athletic departments preparing? The first competition dates for track and softball are March 23. Other than schools that are already shut down, are your schools setting any procedures for practice times/s or other issues. Cancelling any early season contests with specific opponents?
  13. Coach Nowlin, please go into more detail if you have time. I've found that if we go live in drill work, when we go to team and just FIT UP, that our kids stop moving their feet on contact.
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