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  1. Big welcome to Coach Glesing at Shelbyville and congratulations on the promotion to Coach Lidy! https://shelbycountypost.com/sports/552804 http://www.greenfieldreporter.com/2021/01/25/mt-vernon-hires-lidy-as-new-head-football-coach/
  2. New Pal - (Marvin) Shepler Field at (Robert) Kelso Stadium. Kelso being a former princpal and Shepler being the HOF coach that coached from 68-01.
  3. Merrillville is dripping to 5a with 32 schools because they have the 36th highest enrollment.
  4. Well aware. I never said either team would go to the North semi-state this classification, rather that in 2017-2018, New Pal did go North. My point being that New Pal has historically gone to the more northern sectional while Cathedral has gone south.
  5. I don't think Cathedral will go North. I base that off the 2017-2018 classification when Cathedral went South and New Pal even went to the north semistate. Cathedral has been in Decatur Central's sectional for the last 4 years and I don't see the ISHAA changing all that.
  6. This season was tough, for a variety of reasons, but it was certainly tough. The overall cathartic moment we had coming from behind to beat Franklin first round of sectional play is something I will never forget. We were down 27-3 late in the 3rd and found a way to win. It wasn't the best win this program has ever had nor will it be the one everyone ever talks about, but seeing our seniors literally cry tears of joy/relief at the end of that game is most certainly the highlight of this season for me.
  7. My best guess for 5a. 9: Merrillville, Munster, Hammond Morton, Hammond Central 10: Michigan City, LaPorte, South Bend Adams, Valparaiso 11: Huntington North, Goshen, Concord, Mishawaka 12: FW Northrop, FW North Side, FW Bishop Dwenger, FW Snider 13: New Palestine, Kokomo, McCutcheon, Anderson 14: Whiteland, Decatur Central, Indpls. Cathedral, Plainfield 15: Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Columbus East, Franklin 16: New Albany, Floyd Central, Castle, Seymour
  8. Don't know how to record the broadcast into an MP4, but here are some screen grabs. Happens around the 1:00:17 mark of the broadcast.
  9. Looked like a late hit behind the play on replay. Kid immediately grabbed his neck after it. Hope he is okay.
  10. I find a severe lack of coherent and logical thought with your posts, but alas spewing any kind of misinformation during your "hiatus" is very much your modus operandi.
  11. Happy to see Coach Nolting get a win last week against Yorktown. He has that program on the upswing and they are still young this year. HHC football is getting better across the board and it's great to see. Excited for the opportunity to play an improved New Castle team this week!
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