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  1. When I coached at Muncie Central, it was a fact of life that you would leave the field with at least two or three mounds of goose poop stuck to your shoes.
  2. Pros: -Varsity, JV, 7th and 8th grade, and youth league teams all play on our turf. Many times Sunday is the only day there isn't a game. -PE classes use it during the day -Baseball and Softball are able to hit/field on it -Track teams can run/workout on it saving shins and legs -No mud -Little maintenance -Uniforms last longer -Tends to look nicer -Easier to mark off penalties/ do measurements (lines more accurate) -Concussion type injuries are less common from hitting the turf in a helmet as opposed to a hard ground in November. (this is an observation, not a fact necessarily) Cons: Hella rubber pellets in my truck/house/classroom after practice
  3. Let's be honest here.. There are only 3 maybe 4 people on this entire 6 page thread who actually know the kid and have ever talked to/coached him. Those that have, know that he and his family were going to make a decision that they thought was best for him both athletically and academically. Also, those that know him know that he will work his tail off to earn a spot (in whatever capacity they need him) and get a degree.
  4. You can have your opinions for sure, but I wouldn't put it past him to find himself a playing spot earlier than most think. Very few kids if any have put in the work that he has in and out of season and he is faster, more athletic, and much more football smart than people give him credit for.
  5. You really don't think he will play at all until his final year of eligibility??
  6. The last time they played each other is irrelevant. None of those players will be playing tonight and there are different coaches and schemes involved.
  7. Going with all favorites this week, don't know enough about Peru to go against the prediction.
  8. If Cass plays like they did Friday, the next 6 will be Kings wins!
  9. 6A: Merrillville v. Homestead 5A: Valpo v. Bishop Dwenger 4A: New Prairie v. Delta 3A: Indy Chatard v. Mishawaka Marian 2A: Andrean v. Bishop Luers 1A: Lafayette Central Catholic v. South Adams
  10. I think that tradition and specialization (or prioritization at least) are the two biggest thing. There aren't any schools big enough in that conference to be able to not share athletes and still have success across multiple sports. We have found (and I'm sure many others have as well) that our multi-sport kids are the ones starting in most sports and having the most success because of the different experiences and skills they attain from each sport + the weight room. The tradition aspect though is one that is harder to fix. Takes the right person at the right time that is willing to take lumps at first and stick around to build.
  11. Is it time to look at breaking up the conference to find better size/competitive fits for all of the schools? I know Alex has had some good baseball and basketball seasons and Eastbrook does well in some other sports as well, but is the competitive gap true in other sports as well? For the HHC the big gap is in football but the other sports seem to balance well between the schools for example.
  12. Coaching against them the past two years I would actually argue that their pass defense is better this year than last. They returned more on the outside than inside defensively and seemed pretty sound. Granted that was week 2 and things change, but they are long and disruptive in the secondary especially on clear passing downs.
  13. Good call. I think that, similar to Eastbrook, their schedule helps them be prepared for the tournament. The rest of their schedule being 3A and 4A teams may give them a bump or two, but should get them ready for a run!
  14. It looks like Cass is a big threat in the North. Return a lot from the team last year that took Eastbrook down to the wire in the post season and have 2 or 3 quality wins already this year starting 4-0
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