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  1. To add, Indiana's teachers could opt out of Social Security and into a system like Alaska's, but we don't hear @Irishman or @Coach Nowlin clamoring for change.
  2. No, the scientist in me has seen what retirement looks like for people without Social Security. If not having Social security was great, Alaska would not have a teacher shortage.
  3. It's not needed in the State of Nevada, other than the creation of a unicameral legislature.
  4. It would also not make sense for the HHC to have teams with the same mascot.
  5. I see BHSN as the most realistic candidate. If they joined, that would probably trigger a collapse of CI.
  6. Whenever legislators decide so; or when the laws and institutions stop functioning.
  7. "Taking charge of [their own] retirement" is something right-wingers have been spouting about for years. Read the article about the meme.
  8. Her being Puerto Rican certainly helps earn a pass.
  9. The status quo is Social Security, and we now have a test case where people could "TAKE CHarGE Of ThEiR retiRemEnt". And Alaska's experiment failed.
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