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  1. I figured I’d let fate take care of that. And since my mom had breast cancer last year and my dad broke two bones, hopefully the deadline is near 🙂
  2. If you have ever had to call law enforcement due to the actions of a parent, you can then judge me.
  3. Not gonna lie, I told my parents I was going to wait until they died before I had kids, and maybe I’m not alone?
  4. Watch what happens when the union goes away. Arizona is largely deunionized...
  5. All the districts in Nevada pay for all years experience, and a good portion of the charters do also. My starting salary at The School That Tennis Built was $45k, and that was low for a non-PERS school.
  6. I’m more concerned about the person who posted the article on this board. I’ve taught American Government and US History, and in both of my classes I’ve stressed how passing the 17th Amendment was done as an anti-corruption measure.
  7. You get what you pay for. CCSD is starting a pilot program to pay $15,000 bonuses for teaching at certain schools- https://newsroom.ccsd.net/new-program-pilots-innovative-teacher-recruitment-and-retention/
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