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  1. Cow Palace has good chili; Cagney’s breadsticks are good. An alternate route from Martinsville is to cut through Center Grove on IN-144. There are a lot less curves that way.
  2. Somebody lays an egg every year; this year all the eggs were laid by HCC teams.
  3. Here’s an example from my own life: I’ve worked as a Homebound teacher, and one of my students had autism and a history of violent outbursts.
  4. School districts will teach kids that a lot of charter schools won’t teach.
  5. I think they are often the most effective way, and I used to teach at a charter school.
  6. Probably because it didn’t exist during his lifetime... Any reason why you like to make digs at USI?
  7. A “strike” in CCSD would probably be a massive case of blue flu, and in a district that has 1 substitute for every 4 teachers, it’s a severe problem.
  8. @Muda69 your knowledge of US history, particularly Indiana history, is lacking. Past is prologue.
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