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  1. If this happens, D1 football should be taxed and treated like minor league football.
  2. @swordfish and @Muda69 I recommend watching this starting at 19mins.
  3. https://www.tmnews.com/story/sports/2021/07/19/donnie-lambrecht-passes-covid-19-bnl-track-field/8014257002/ From the article: RIP Coach Lambrecht. I went to school with both of his kids- his son is a year younger than me, and his daughter is a year older than me. Coach Lambrecht was one of the best. My father is over 10 years older than Coach Lambrecht.
  4. The character of the individuals who manage the voter rolls wherever @swordfish lives.
  5. He's making a claim that borders on character defamation, and he has not provided evidence.
  6. Ok, you are at least with it, a little bit. ... and you also live in a fantasy world.
  7. Voter rolls are controlled by State governments, ultimately. Your allegation borders on libel, but I'm presuming you are ignorant of how voter registration works.
  8. And those Jim Crow Democrats became Republicans- just like Strom Thurmond.
  9. Don't you live in Indiana? Isn't Indiana a Republican State?
  10. As long as they have American citizenship, they will pay FICA, no matter where they live anywhere in the world.
  11. Yes it does- https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(18)30181-8/fulltext https://researchco.ca/2020/08/18/health-care-canada/
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