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  1. The Federal government should use a variation of the Missouri Plan to pick judges.
  2. Not all of them, just most of them. Or rather, I’m smart enough to want to apply good practices seen in certain State governments to the Federal government.
  3. Narrower field, for one thing. 80 yard fields and 100 yard fields are both in use in Nevada, but 100 yard fields have an “inner line” for 8 man boundaries. That cost me a touchdown once 😖 Here’s an example: Tonopah has an 80 yard field; Laughlin and Beatty have 100 yard fields. Tonopah lacks the added markings; Beatty and Laughlin have them.
  4. Or, that these States had schools that put more emphasis on basketball than football.
  5. Then you should negotiate your own pay, benefits package, and discipline plan separately from your local union members.
  6. I’ll give some clarification regarding what I mean by participation- Pahranagat Valley HS in Nevada has 120 students in grades 9-12; they will dress 40+. Mountain View Christian Academy in Las Vegas has 150 HS kids, and they will dress 20 kids, tops.
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