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  1. I remember telling my academic advisor that I wanted to get a teaching license during undergrad, but she didn’t help. This might incentivize colleges to act in their students best interests.
  2. You are putting the cart before the horse. Mr. Beal really did you a disservice as a Social Studies teacher.
  3. It’s not packing the Court if there’s no Constitutionally defined judge limit.
  4. Probably, if done right. For the USA being the land of plenty, we sure have a lot of people in poverty.
  5. There are plenty of starving people under capitalism in this country.
  6. I was thinking about this from a purely mathematical standpoint, not a database standpoint.
  7. Not necessarily disputing the results. I am in favor of competency testing, however, as many professions require competency tests for licensure.
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