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  1. I really want to know if the Terre Hautes will be in 4A. That could result in a major realignment.
  2. Because “with cause” and pensions are never extended, unless they are negotiated in a CBA. If you don’t believe me, look at the DPAC handbook I posted.
  3. BNL basketball, at least on the boys side, isn't what it used to be. I would also argue that the reason why basketball was so successful in Bedford, and football was not, was due to single-class sports and the structure of BNL's feeder system. BNL was a giant among midgets in the single-class era, but in football they always had to play against similar-sized schools. Likewise, having multiple junior highs produced a large pool of basketball players but created a staffing problem in football.
  4. @Irishman, when you can, please read the DPAC Handbook. It's everything you fight against 🙂
  5. Also, I found ABF's Master Freight Agreement. Pages 4, 169, and 106 are relevant just to start. ABF18MASTERFINAL.pdf
  6. It would be far easier to charge a "service fee" equivalent to dues. Since no one in a private business would opt out anyway of a CBA, they might as well pay for the negotiation of that contract.
  7. @Bobref could you explain how a collective bargaining agreement works? Maybe we can also get @Irishman in on this?
  8. Work as in negotiating and writing a contract. People as in attorneys or their clients.
  9. ... and it took intellectual work to write a master contract that non-union workers benefit from, correct?
  10. When the law is changed to exclude scabs from contracts, then the playing field will be leveled. Seriously, If I had my way, every scab teacher would get a handbook like DPAC's. So, you are putting words in my mouth again?
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