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  1. All of the Right's ignorant memes. But Trump was in charge when a mob stormed the US Capitol.
  2. HRC wasn't President on 6 January.
  3. I went to two games during my entire time at USI. Our student section was given shirts with the school song printed on them upside down so that the students could read them and sing the song.
  4. Yes it does, particularly for these culture war issues. KS-GOP put abortion on the ballot; the KS-GOP lost.
  5. @Irishman @Wabash82 @Bobref If we ever have a Magdalene Laundry in the USA, you're to blame.
  6. You'd only be sitting through one game. Each class had its own playing site. Speaking of that, if the State Championship game is still to be played in Indianapolis, no more than three classes should be able to use a site.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/08/02/us/elections/results-kansas-abortion-amendment.html @Impartial_Observer @swordfish @Bobref @Muda69 @Irishman
  8. In my opinion, State Championship games should be hosted at one of the participant schools, just like it was before 1977.
  9. Just in our important industries. Yes, ultimately. Did you film at the Long Beach Container Terminal? Do you you have a TWIC? When you do, let me know, then you'll know.
  10. But they didn't. And they don't unless they are made to. And we saw what happens when the FrEe aNd oPeN MaRkEt controls electricity prices- https://www.texastribune.org/2021/03/16/griddy-bankruptcy-electricity-bills/
  11. Looks like everyone's favorite Tory really did gut America. Hey @swordfish and @Impartial_Observer you got what you voted for. Enjoy your inflation.
  12. tHe mArKeT isn't going to change the fact that those boats can't get through the Panama Canal and reach the Eastern Seaboard. Getting rid of the Jones Act will not do anything at all for shipping costs.
  13. Physics permits it. FIFY Yes, it is. There is one civilian shipbuilder in the USA. What nation abandons their own industries?
  14. @Muda69 a better article- https://www.npr.org/2022/01/14/1073215489/with-western-port-backups-ships-are-getting-cargo-to-the-u-s-via-the-great-lakes
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