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  1. I get the injury bug... Winamac had 7 kids miss 35 1/2 games combined last year. Hopefully rose is ok. Heard McIntire quit too.
  2. Winamac 28 Culver 12. Up 21-6 at half. Had a couple drives stall due to penalties. Gotta get those fixed.
  3. Here's the problem What if Pioneer goes 5-0, Knox 5-1 and what if Winamac went 5-0 in conf? Winamac and Pioneer share? That wouldn't make sense... Doing first team and 2nd conference will be fine, coach of the year and player of the year.
  4. Seems that way. 5 of their top 7 dudes statistically on offense (rushing/passing/receiving) are juniors..and it looks like a good chunk of those guys are on the D side too with 3 juniors and 2 seniors being involved.. A cousin of mine, his uncle on his moms side coaches at Eastbrook... My cousin told him he was "pumped" about the 2022 class. Told me* his uncle was pumped about the 2022 class*
  5. My point still stands. You are telling me Culver's offense will score more on Winamac's defense then North Judson's offense did and will score more then LaVille did? LaVille may not have even scored an offensive TD had Winamac been able to prepare for that defense. I imagine Winamac will do some reshuffling of their offensive line. If they move Seymour to Center and put Podell at tackle, both are bigger and stronger than who started last Friday. And their DL is fine. Their whole defense is so far. I think they'll lead the way Friday. Zehner is a good coach and those kids wi
  6. So Culver's offense is gonna score more on Winamac then Judson's did? Culver's offense is gonna score twice as many touchdowns as LaVille's did against Winamac?
  7. If Winamac can hold you guys to 75. Knox might keep you guys below 50
  8. I remember being in HS around 05ish/06ish and seeing the oob..nothings changed tbh since then.
  9. Yes, these next 4 games are very winnable for the warriors and should give them chances to fix some of their problems. They gotta get their punt team figured out and their offensive line. I think moving Podell back to the line was a great idea. He and Schultz can lead the way until Olds' return. Those 3 are the strongest, best and most experienced lineman they have. I'd like to see a line of Podell and Schultz at tackles. Roudebush and Olds at Guards. Seymour at Center. Russell doesn't have much time and it's shown with the 5 picks. Their defense gave up 3 tds to NJ and 2 to LaVille. I
  10. So proud of Tyson Johnson. A great young man. He would have broke every single receiving record had he stayed here.
  11. White Women couldn't vote for 143 years. Blacks couldn't vote for over 180 years...things change.
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