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  1. Idk what's worse. Cancel Culture or Eric Nowlin's self righteousness.
  2. Lets try this again. I noticed that Howe had not been in the digest in a few months, i also know he hasn't been on John harrells message board either. One of my close friends on JH used to pm him decent amount and they never traded names or any outside contact but Howe had said he had been going through health issues. Does anyone actually personally know him? I know he and I have our disagreements but I don't wish anything bad on him and with me losing my mom just this winter, i hope hes ok. Coach Nowlin. Next time just ask for my reason behind the post instead of assuming things.
  3. How they used to treat traitors back in the day. They betrayed our country on that day. Also any GOP senator/house member that helped plan this or support this should be removed from the house and senate. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Andy Biggs esp.
  4. Winamac should be fun to watch. I know Coach Barr was licking his chops a few years ago about this up and coming season John will get the boys ready to play. 7 starters back on O and 8 on D.
  5. John Hendryx probably would have had his best team at Knox had he stayed. I heard Radtke didn't even learn kids names. Heard he about fought an assistant coach too during a game.
  6. That's really good news... Hope hell fill a need. I think they got a FSU transfer too but hes an offensive guy. That's really good news as well I hope Whop comes back too, those 2, hendershot at TE and Stevie at RB are solid weapons. I hope Penix can stay healthy as well.
  7. PJ Fleck is a solid coach. Bowl win year 2 and year 3. Tied for first in their division last season and this past season was a cluster F among their program w covid outbreaks. I think 1 game they had 30 or 40 guys not dress. He just picked up a DT from NC State and a WR from Texas AM along with a LB from Abilene Christian. They have their QB, best RB, 2nd and 3rd top WR and a slew of defensive guys coming back. This was a rebuilding year.. They should be solid this year.
  8. And with yesterdays certifying of the votes. Joe Biden will be your 46th President. @DE i told you @swordfish i told you
  9. First time since 1812 that the capitol had been taken over. You see the videos of Cops taking selfies w those people inside the capitol building? You see the videos where some cops just let them get through w rather ease? Ill say this. If this was a group of people representing BLM.. We would have 20+ dead, 40+ wounded and 100s in jail. This shouldn't happen in America what so ever... The people that did this are Traitors to the United States and should be treated as such and if people approve of this. You are Traitor towards America. 13 days till inauguration day.
  10. I really can't wait for inauguration day. Itll be nice for the next 4 years to tell you i told you so.
  11. @DEand @swordfish when they realize Biden becomes President in 15 days and their dreams of a coup are slipping away.
  12. 18 days. Guess DE was wrong.... AGAIN.
  13. The only ones that mattered were ben and luke. Tyler was a scrub.
  14. I remember that sam logan cat. Other then the tons of fumbles that Winamac had, i remember thinking how good he was. Stud. Good basketball player too. Watt was my grade level growing up. I saw him on the bball court and didnt much of him athletically.. Man kids sure can change! I was floored to find out his class never had a winning season in bball and never won a single game in football in middle school. Chapman, Care, Rodriguez,Sellers, Hood, Watt and Snodgrass really put the work in+ having Welsh, Wiley and Care to name a couple behind you certainly helped!
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