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  1. Only in his early 30s, has a record of 52-3 in four seasons, and has two blue rings and a red ring.
  2. For Kiser it was about making history. If I remember right, Kiser nearly swept the 1A and 2A vote to become the first 1A player to win Mr. Football.
  3. I can imagine you now, dancing and kicking up your heels now because a few dozen students lost the opportunity to play a sport. I think I found DTs picture
  4. When I was in school in the 90s, most of the kids I knew HATED participation trophies and ribbons because they basically meant that we didn't win. It was a bit of the proverbial "slap in the face" to me.
  5. I pretty sure that Western and Northwestern do. Kokomo public schools is academically a bottom 50 school system in the state. As a result, there is a big demand for the other, higher performing public schools in the area.
  6. Pioneer has played multiple semi state games at nearby Logansport due to facilities not meeting the standard of a semi state crowd.
  7. I'm actually quite fond of Rick Astley. I think that Lutheran takes this game. Hopefully it's not a blowout.
  8. Can't compete with Lutheran's city speed! LCC might as well not even show up.
  9. He's a Pioneer guy, so I'm guessing that he was too lazy to look up how long Eastern Greene had been playing football before making it to the state finals.
  10. The biggest case for not splitting up 1A is the fact that the two most successful 1A programs of the past decade are in the bottom 32 of enrollment. LCC and Pioneer have both won multiple state championships and are the only back to back champions to be moved up to 2A due to the success factor. Both schools were actually smaller in the past decade too. LCC was in the bottom ten in the past decade.
  11. I had this as well at Pioneer. When I attended Winamac for a year, every Friday was stuffed crust pizza day.
  12. I've heard that Andrean is big up front and very fast all over the field. Should be a great game.
  13. What were some of the upsets that happened in round 2? 6A had a couple for sure.
  14. North Judson 16 Winamac 0 FINAL Harrell erroneously has the score posted as 60-0.
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