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  1. Watching Mannering's Cass teams was always a treat. They were always well coached and they ran the Wing-T like a well oiled machine. Mannering liked to use a committee of backs, opposed to a workhorse or two. It was not uncommon in the box score to see that 10 or more players carried the ball.
  2. Is that why he chose TCU? He probably should have said that on Twitter. Instead he blabbed on about how it is his "dream school," said God led him, and called it a business decision. Now he's being crucified on Twitter by Purdue fans.
  3. I really like Storment. He shows a real nasty streak. Especially love the 4th highlight when he wallops the D-lineman from Arkansas. I get that this is a highlight tape and that only his best work is shown, but I like that most of his highlights are in pass protection. That bodes well for this offense. He also shows some good quickness on screens.
  4. Fingers crossed we get TJ Storment tomorrow as well.
  5. He's related to Mike Alstott and Anthony Spencer. Not sure on the specific relations. I'm also hoping that his teammate, OL Zach Richards, picks Purdue soon as well.
  6. Glad to have him as a boiler!
  7. AG

    College Blue Bloods

    Notre Dame has been in the conversation for the past decade.
  8. This Yaseen kid looks like he's going to be a STUD. He had over 1600 receiving yards and 20 TDs as a senior as a deep ball threat. Lots of people are complaining that Brohm is still signing WRs over linemen, but he's faced with losing Bell and Moore in the next two years, which makes this and the Carr signing tremendous.
  9. Performance periods are longer at Purdue because the program recently suffered through the worst 4 year period in it's own history. Hazell was given 3.5 seasons and Brohm has fared much better.
  10. I would love to see Purdue field a FAST aggressive defense based on getting turnovers and giving the offense as many chances as possible to score, similar to what the Colts had in the 2000s with Manning and Co on offense. Freeney and Mathis were absolute turnover causing machines back then. I think that with more aggressive play calling Big George will put up BIG sack numbers in the future.
  11. When Brohm took over, Purdue's fanbase had low expectations and was expecting 6-6 and a bowl bid in year 3 or 4. Brohm and Co took a bunch of transfers and achieved "play 13" in years 1 and 2. Due to that early success, coupled with Brohm's reputation as an offensive genius, he became a hot target for other programs as a candidate. This left AD Bobinski in a tough spot. Should he risk letting Brohm go or show that he backs the football program, unlike previous AD and well known cheapskate Morgan Burke, and pony up a big contract? Brohm got paid. Unfortunately, this led a lot of casual fans, the ones who dont closely follow recruiting and etc, to think that Purdue was going to have a big 8-10 win season and follow a trajectory from 6-6. Even with all of the injuries last season, a total that actually led the entire nation, Brohm was probably looking at another 6-6 type of season. Most of the depth on this team was composed of true and redshirt freshman, due to years of poor recruiting left behind by the Hazell regime. That depth was then forced to start, exposing a bunch of freshman. This also gave a lot of the freshmen valuable playing time. Honestly, next year looks like it's going to be another 6-6 type of season barring this team resembling a MASH unit once again. I'm okay with that, though, after dealing with the Danny Hope years of 6-6 mediocrity, followed by Hazell winning less than a dozen games in 4 years. There is upside, as Rondale Moore and DT Lorenzo Neal Jr. will return from injury and the offensive line should show improvement. This gives Purdue's starting QB, whomever that is, two 1000 yard receivers to target, plus the defense returns their best player. I look forward to 2021 as the year that Purdue takes a giant step, as Purdue currently has only 19 upperclassmen on the entire roster. This includes 11 seniors and 8 juniors.
  12. I think that Purdue wins 5-7 next year and then takes the leap to 8 wins or more in 2021.
  13. Only in his early 30s, has a record of 52-3 in four seasons, and has two blue rings and a red ring.
  14. For Kiser it was about making history. If I remember right, Kiser nearly swept the 1A and 2A vote to become the first 1A player to win Mr. Football.
  15. I can imagine you now, dancing and kicking up your heels now because a few dozen students lost the opportunity to play a sport. I think I found DTs picture
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