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  1. The Panthers are chomping at the bit for payback! This is gonna be a good one!
  2. Panthers won 56-0 vs the Jays. Winamac beat Triton 23-20 by kicking a field goal with 7 seconds left. Winamac was down 12-7 in the 4th at one point.
  3. AG

    Colts 2019

    It should be a good game. I've enjoyed Colts vs Texans matchups in the past decade.
  4. It's been well known for a couple of years that the 2020 class in Indiana as a whole is weak. This is following a 2019 class that was one of the best in state history with 8+ 4* recruits. This year there are two 4* recruits in the entire state.
  5. I've also seen Jack play 50+ times. He was a 4* recruit and won Mr. Football.
  6. Ridiculous. This draw cheats the Cass County area fans out of what would have been a terrific sectional championship game. Both teams are evenly matched and are within 1 point of one another in the Sagarin. Lewis Cass won the week one matchup vs Pioneer 28-22.
  7. Apparently Rutgers had one yard passing vs IU.
  8. Sagarin has Caston as a 5 point favorite over TC and as a 23 point favorite over SN. I would watch both games because they would be competitive.
  9. If you believe the rumors, Brohm had Coy Cronk of IU and LCC lined up to transfer and then plans changed. Michael Mendez, a multi year player in the system, also left the team in the early Summer. Both programs were definitely not in the same position. Minnesota was 8-5 in 2013, 8-5 in 2014, 6-7 in 2015, 9-4 in 2016, and 5-7 and 7-6 in Fleck's first two years. In comparison, Purdue was 1-11 in 2013, 3-9 in 2014, 2-10 in 2015, 3-9 in 2016, and then finished 7-6 and 6-7 in Brohm's first two seasons.
  10. Before the season, I remember him saying explicitly that they're young and that some of his freshman backs weren't close to playing. Expectations would've been lower had it not been for the OSU upset and the Rondale hype train.
  11. My only issue is that his defenses have always struggled to stop the pass. It can be argued that Purdue has had subpar DBs, though. 4* TE/WR Maliq Carr is making his decision tomorrow afternoon and Purdue is the heavy favorite.
  12. You're misinterpreting. This implies that one of those teams will make a deep run. Even if Webo or Eastbrook beats Cass or Pioneer, the road still technically goes through one of those towns. Sagarin also has Cass and Pioneer as the #1 and #2 ranked teams.
  13. I was a big fan of Danny, but Jack is the best player I've ever seen at the 1A level, hands down.
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