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  1. I never met TA in person, but I have fond memories of his presence on this forum. He often chimed in on topics, from 1A all the way to 5A/6A. When he commented everyone else noticed. It was kind of a big deal to me to have him comment on my posts, as I was just a teen when I joined the GID in the mid 2000s. That all seems like a lifetime ago. TA had a tight grip on this forum and you couldn't swear on here. Even though the board was heavily moderated, the mid to late 2000s were probably the prime of the forum. I remember when the 2008 tournament selection show had a guest amount in the thousands and certain game threads would be dozens of pages long, especially LCC and Roncalli threads. TA was insanely passionate about football, this forum, and it was an absolute blast back then.
  2. Safety crossed my mind, although I can't advocate taking away a sport, especially one that a "husky" kid can specialize in.
  3. It's about providing students an opportunity to learn through participating in athletics, win, lose, or draw. At many small schools, cross country is the only option for fall sport athletes, as many smaller schools don't field a soccer team. It's arguable that more soccer programs will pop up if football is contracted at many schools, although many small schools might decide not to go in that direction.
  4. I figured it was caused by the free concession stand pop that I always received after little league games. Who else ordered a "suicide?"
  5. Sounds to me like this law wasn't even needed. If anything it will potentially drive businesses from coming here.
  6. From what I've read, there's only one transgender athlete in the entire state.
  7. Not as important as allowing discrimination is. It's too slippery of a slope.
  8. Apparently first place medals are more important than LGBTQ discrimination. Conservatives love saying "F your feelings" until it's their feelings being hurt. I'm absolutely appalled at how this country has been stepping away from progress so much lately. I've always felt that participation is more important than winning when you truly enjoy the sport that you're playing. At this point it's obvious to me that conservatives and liberals are wired differently. I just want all of the hatred and fighting to stop.
  9. This reminds me of some of the old Scott Mannering coached Lewis Cass teams that Pioneer always played in week 1. Cass, a 2A school with a larger roster than Pioneer, would often have 10+ guys carry the ball throughout the game. There were several games in which Cass simply wore down Pioneer by rotating fresh ball carriers in and out, and the difference could be seen in the 3rd and 4th quarters, especially in the August heat. AC players might not put up the prettiest stats with this method, but if the players can put aside their egos, it will probably lead to something really special. 1A teams with elite talent and depth will often run roughshod over the rest of 1A. Will AC have very many one way starters?
  10. I assumed that there aren't any Kiser or Lewellen type talents walking the halls right now. I was asking about maybe a tier or two below that, i.e. potential all-state players. It sounds like we return most of our lines though. Hopefully everyone will take their new role with pride and work hard.
  11. Will Pioneer have any studs in your opinion?
  12. I agree with you actually. I brought it up because I've been told this before by non-Pioneer fans. The only seasons that I've questioned whether Pioneer was actually really good or not were the 2010-2012 seasons, in which Pioneer was smashed by LCC all three seasons after cruising through their MWC schedule.
  13. I have NJ as the favorite in their sectional. Pioneer should challenge them, but they've lost a ton of talent in the past few years. The X-factor is Pioneer coach Adam Berry. Can he do the same thing that previous coach Mike Johnson did and continue to reload, even in years when they lacked amazing athletes? Will he return to the bread and butter of the Wing-T, making sure that his team is a machine running a small but effective playbook? Or will he do something different and continue to succeed? Or was Pioneer's success in the Johnson days mostly due to the weaker MWC conference?
  14. We will see if last year was an outlier for Purdue or if last year's success will continue.
  15. I'm a Purdue guy through and through who has paid very close attention to recruiting in the past five years. With that being said, Purdue benefitted from two of the most important factors in recruiting - location and timing. Yes, it took some effort from Brohm and his staff to land Bell and Karlaftis, but they have been outliers. Purdue hasn't landed a player ranked as highly as either player since both committed. Yes, they've signed Milton Wright who is from Louisville and is an outlier, Maliq Carr, who has left the program for Michigan St, and Brady Allen, who has yet to play and is in Purdue's backyard, and a dozen or so of other low 4 star recruits. The only other former 4* players that have played at a high level, in the Brohm era, have been Marvin Grant, Gus Hartwig, and Rondale Moore, with Hartwig and Grant being debatable. Purdue only landed Moore because he went to the same high school as Brohm and is from the Louisville pipeline, which makes him another outlier. Hartwig also seems to be yet another outlier, as he is the highest OL recruit that Purdue has signed, by far, in the Brohm era, and was essentially in Purdue's backyard. I've read a few mock drafts for next season and I've only seen one player mocked to be drafted, and it's Jalen Graham in the 5th round. Obviously a lot can happen between now and then. I think that AOC and Wright have good chances to be drafted, as long as Wright can stay eligible. Purdue was very lucky to have signed two top 100 players in their own backyard. Outside of those two, Purdue had one other player drafted this year, a former walk-on in the seventh round, and had several UDFA free agents signed. Take away Bell and Karlaftis and Purdue goes back to their norm, which is normally one player being drafted on day 3 and a slew of UDFA being signed after the draft. Recruiting has improved quite a bit in the Brohm era, as he has been adept at recruiting Indiana, but the drafting really hasn't outside of three outliers. It's not like 5-10 players are being drafted every year now. Brohm hasn't shown that he is capable of signing highly coveted players outside of the Indiana and Louisville pipelines, which tells me that his classes would have been mediocre without those pipelines producing highly coveted players.
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