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  1. He was able to find an apartment in Winamac in the past month. He appreciates your thoughts and prayers.
  2. I like Culver by a TD, Pioneer by 3 TDs, LaVille by a TD, NJ by 21, and Winamac wins by 50+.
  3. I really liked the QB change for Pioneer. Basic exchange issues seemed to be taken care of. Pioneer will win their sectional if they can stay healthy.
  4. Many of the long term posters here, especially those from the old MWC and HNAC, remember MightyJones, real name Kreigh Hook, and his on again off again status on this website. Kreigh hasn't been on here much lately but is still active on the John Harrell forum. We can all attest to the fact that he is Winamac's biggest fan and has been a member of the Warrior basketball program as a statistician for the past decade. Kreigh has had a very rough year. In the past few months he not only lost his mother to cancer, but he also lost his house to a fire on the night of August 27th, which he, coincidentally, found out about after Winamac had defeated Pioneer to hand the Panthers their first HNAC loss. His house had been in his family for roughly 175 years and he lost everything but his mom's ashes in it. Mr. Hook needs your help and has set up a GoFundMe page. Anything that you can give will help Mr. Hook out. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/f/57ugkm-please-help?qid=87324b85f34acf33e122e382193741df Moderators, take this down if it violates any rules.
  5. Scecina 14 Pioneer 0 Half Pioneer has 6 turnovers already. Both of Scecina's scores came on short drives following turnovers.
  6. Pioneer vs Cass was canceled due to outbreaks at Cass. Pioneer is looking for a week 1 opponent.
  7. I've heard that Maconaquah has moved to E-learning due to a large outbreak in the high school.
  8. Actually the fact that they continue to churn out great teams, despite having poor facilities, should give them some bonus points, if anything.
  9. Pioneer has the best 1A public program. There's a reason why they are now in 2A for the second classification cycle. Pioneer has the best public small school athletic program in the entire state right now.
  10. Former LCC OL Coy Cronk signed with the Packers as an UDFA.
  11. The Pit will always be home. It's too bad that the press box is teeny tiny, to the point that deep tournament games are moved to Logansport.
  12. Purdue has already lost Maliq Carr to Michigan State. Ugh :<
  13. From what I've read, Rosen isn't a fan of watching film or of being a student of the game. If he ever gets his head screwed on right, he might become a factor.
  14. Eh, I receive approximately five e-mails every week from Western about new cases in the school corporation.
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