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  1. We all should want utopia. It's not possible to be perfect, but why not try to get close? I agree, but only if the resources are used for academics. Otherwise I prefer seeing more students get the opportunity to play a sport.
  2. Schools dropping sports in the name of competitiveness doesn't entertain me very much.
  3. It is a business. I simply believe that it shouldn't be. Every person deserves to be educated to their highest potential and money shouldn't be an obstacle.
  4. 2008 regional vs Pioneer, NZ fielded a punt at around midfield and took off toward a sideline. He then ran out of room and headed toward the opposite sideline and used his speed to evade several Panther defenders for a TD.
  5. Education and business don't belong in the same sentence. You and DT have sure fooled me, with your hundreds of combined posts chronicling the potential demise of youth athletic programs, all in the name of your own entertainment.
  6. I imagine that this is DT and Muda when a rural 1A school closes their football program.
  7. If you're a pro wrestling fan, check out Dark Side of the Ring on VICE. It is also available on streaming services. It is a documentary series that covers tragedies and controversies in the world of professional wrestling. Chris Benoit part one and part two were just released, as a part of season two, and they are both phenomenal. Season one included episodes covering the Montreal Screwjob, the Von Erich Family, the death of Bruiser Brody, the controversy surrounding the Fabulous Moolah's career, and Randy Savage's relationship with Miss Elizabeth. Upcoming season two episodes include The Brawl For All, New Jack, Jimmy Snuka, Owen Hart, The Road Warriors, and Dr. D. David Schultz.
  8. The stock market was actually starting to drop before all of the COVID-19 pandemonium, due to the Russian/Saudi oil feud/war. Your claim is false.
  9. When you quoted the constitutional right to public assembly, you are also enabling people to possibly do just that and that is dangerous in our current situation.
  10. So 20 1A teams should contract? Sounds like a bit much.
  11. I've never seen someone want others to fail so much in my life.
  12. AG

    Colts 2020

    Desir was cut because he was a bit of a one hit wonder. He was a replacement level journeyman for several years who was cut a handful of times. He then got a chance in Indy and played well as a solid starter, so he was signed to a big contract. He then regressed last year, possibly due to injuries. I'm thinking that the staff must really believe in a younger guy like Ya-Sin to cut Desir.
  13. Well we can start with the 2.27 billion reserve that was in state coffers at the end of June last year, which was the end/start of the fiscal year. There's also a SEVERE staff shortage in the Indiana Department of Corrections, but the state also refuses to do anything about that either. Seems to be a trend in this state. Maybe they'll actually use some of that money to help with the Corona virus situation.
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