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  1. Like Dante said. If numbers at said 4A school, probably Frankfort, continue to drop into the teens regularly, it's time to either make a desperate and drastic change or drop the program altogether. Simply having losing seasons is not a great reason to shutter a program. Poor success can lead to low numbers though, which can eventually lead to contraction.
  2. If a school or community doesn't support a sport, it makes sense to not field said sport. If a school regularly doesn't have enough numbers to regularly field a team, think less than 15 players for football in grades 9-12, that is understandable. If numbers are decent and the school just plain struggles to have any success, the sport shouldn't be dropped.
  3. Players at losing programs are still willingly participating in the sport. It's not like anybody is forcing them to. They are still getting enjoyment out of competing. When I was in high school, I was a member of a winning program in one sport and a member of a program in another sport that didn't win a game for a couple of years. I would have been very upset if the losing program had been shuttered due to "lack of competitiveness." That's an absolute slap in the face to those athletes, many who are competing to turn their program around. It doesn't matter if you or I are entertained. Should we cut the Chess Club or the FFA at Highland because they don't entertain you enough? High school is about learning and nurturing students to become leaders after they leave. It's definitely not about entertaining Joe Blow or making a school board or a group of athletic boosters happy. If a program has success, great, good for them. Sports aren't just about winning and losing and a school like Caston showed us all that last season. Well, everybody except for you and Muda.
  4. Translation: "I'd like to see over 1000 football players lose the ability to play our great sport, just because I want to be entertained more."
  5. Reigning 1A champ vs reigning 2A champ would be a HUGE matchup.
  6. Nobody will be able to see Ant-Man in the backfield until he's already picked up a big gain.
  7. His backup is Uncle Rico. I'm being told by an anonymous GM that Falco gets nervous in the 4th quarter so Coach is gonna put Rico in.
  8. I think that the sideline drink of choice might be the deciding factor. H2O or Dr. Pepper?
  9. Absolutely. Forrest was an All-American player, but Boucher set records that are even beyond video game statistics. He was able to powerbomb All-American DL Meanie and tackle Colonel Sanders. Do you think that Mama can tackle Forrest?
  10. You can find out for yourself because he is already on this board.
  11. I'm not sure who Jacon is. Sounds like bacon.
  12. Jacon and Ab were pretty good ball players back in the day, but I wasn't aware that either had won Mr. Football.
  13. 3 years, 25 million, 12 million guaranteed. Not a bad deal if he continues to play well.
  14. Anyone who has driven to Indy on US 31 knows that Westfield has great facilities and they've had success lately as well.
  15. Don't forget about LCC and Linton in 1A. They've had a few "down" years, but they'll be back in no time.
  16. I hope you're right. With Mendez leaving the program, there is little to no playing experience in the interior line.
  17. I'll name a few positives for you. 7 on 7 games in the off-season give teams an opportunity the chance for their skill players to have live go reps against other competition. It also gives teams a great opportunity to work on their passing offense. Injuries are down, which will lead a number increase over time.
  18. Try naming the positives in one of your gripes for a change.
  19. Nick Holt's son Ben made it official that he has transferred from Western Kentucky to Purdue. He is a grad transfer and will be a 5th year senior linebacker. Now all that Purdue needs is a few grad transfer offensive linemen and they will be all set.
  20. IU has one of the best non-conference resumes in the country, but they've absolutely fizzled in the B1G.
  21. A quick Google search didn't yield any results. With eight AAF teams and eight NFL divisions, it makes sense to designate a team as an affiliate for each division.
  22. Add to this that each AAF team has NFL affiliate teams, much like NBA G/D-League does. It's great for the sport and keeps veterans active for longer. I'm predicting that we will see more feel good comeback stories in the NFL due to the AAF's impact. Kurt Warner should've just kept working as a bag boy, right?
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