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  1. Is there an option for schools that have no football or to low of numbers to participate at neighboring schools?
  2. With luers, laville, andrean and pioneer added to the north, Tipton most likely rolls south again this cycle as well
  3. I'll preface this by saying I don't know the situation very well, but is it possible the middle school coach runs the same offensive and defensive schemes as the high school team and they are looking for some consistency therein? Maybe the dude is a good leader on and off the field and he has built some relationships with the kids already. Again, I don't know the situation so I may be way off base, but calling it a bad hire before the coach even has a practice seems a little asinine to me.
  4. I’m personally not a fan of 7-on-7 and prefer light contact 11-on-11 in the off-season. With Pioneers wing-t offense, we were having to work on things we would seldom use during the season. I think it’s also important to give kids the opportunity to take a break from football and play other sports.
  5. Pioneer will need much better o-line play than last year if they want to be successful. To many times Kiser and co. had to make something out of nothing. Annnndddd they might need to figure a way to somewhat replace the great senior class we had this year.
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