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  1. For football, these boys have been running the same offense since third grade. We have had consistency in coaching from youth on up generally seeing the most turnover at the junior high level. These young men go in with the mindset that they are going to step up and win every single game they play in no matter the opponent. Another cool tidbit, every coach on the high school staff except for one is a former Panther. In short consistency in coaching, scheme and high player expectations are the secret.
  2. We’ve been pumping HGH and roids into the water for years. Isn’t that common practice???
  3. You have provided nothing of value to this conversation other than saying it should be moved to the OOB. Thank you for being so vigilant in policing the site and protecting us from non thread relevant dangers.
  4. Back to the volleyball comment mentioned above. Since the IHSAA does not have organized men's volleyball can men join the volleyball team? Women can play football but for most other sports there is a gendered split (basketball, golf, etc.)
  5. But that's the point you don't have to do that now. Every school pays a mint to HUDL to avoid what you described and it is beneficial to all involved to submit useable film. That's like older generations making fun of kids for not knowing how to operate a rotary phone. Technology advancements make it so that you don't need to.
  6. No one wants to break down film off of a broadcast though. Then you have to sort through and sit through all of the crap in between plays.
  7. I tend to agree, but in all the time I've never seen another team share endzone film. While I'm complaining, I'd also like to see teams update stats on maxpreps.
  8. I would love to see all HNAC teams submit to a pool. Only sideline no end zone. I’d also like to see schools using a competent camera person and camera. These tablet uploads we get are terrible.
  9. I think this will be the most competitive year to date since the HNAC was formed in 2015. Pioneer loses a ton to graduation, so how they rebuild will be key. On offense, they will need to replace both guards, 1 tackle and both Lewellens at wingbacks. On defense, they will need to replace 2 defensive lineman, 1 OLB, 1 ILB and both Lewellen's at db. Ezra and Addai also returned most kicks for the Panthers. Brock Robinson will need to take on a larger role in the offense as Caden Hill continues to develop at QB.
  10. Yes because the state takes such great care of its teachers 🙃
  11. Easy mistake. Pioneer hasn’t played Bremen since the Clinton administration.
  12. I completely agree that it should be based on high school achievement and as such Mr Fisher fits the bill.
  13. It’s an award for the best player. Not a popularity contest. If mr Steele was the best player in the state surely his collegiate offers would match that namesake.
  14. Why shouldn’t it be? Steele is a fantastic player playing on the best/ most loaded team in the state. Put him on another team is he as dominant? I think that Fisher would be the same force regardless of where he is playing.
  15. This looks like a great year for a lineman to win!
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