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  1. 1 Point Games Rensselaer @ West Lafayette Hamilton Heights @ Western Cass @ Northwestern Tipton @ Lafayette Central Catholic Benton Central @ Twin Lakes 2 Point Game Lowell @ Kankakee Valley 3 Point Games Indianapolis Attucks @ Pioneer Triton @ Culver Covington @ Seeger Center Grove @ North Central Clinton Prairie @ Sheridan Frankton @ Elwood
  2. If someone's bringing wagon masters I'll drag him on the field for awhile😝
  3. BOLD PREDICTION- Addai Lewellen WILL NOT be tackled tonight!
  4. Honest question- Do you think he’ll be given that chance if things continue this year like they have the last two?
  5. SN has great kids and the FFA is TOP NOTCH out there! Still waiting on them to get The Pit squared away...
  6. We have very different views of "hanging with"...
  7. I honestly don’t give two craps about how Barr does. Two terrible seasons to start his tenure at Winamac and a third that is following the same path are not acceptable in that community and you know it. His offense is predictable and the defense is porous to say the least. Only bright spot is Compton and to me Barr is holding him back. The players are undisciplined and at times flat out lazy, and that starts from the top down. Hard to go go to battle for a dude you don’t respect.
  8. And humiliating your kids is the best way to do that?? No wonder numbers are down.
  9. Probably another inside out jersey day next week for Winamac after the Laville game...
  10. 1 POINT GAMES Western @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Central Catholic 2 POINT GAMES Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer Kokomo @ McCutcheon North Judson @ Knox Delphi @ Sheridan Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass 3 POINT GAMES North Newton @ Kankakee Valley Tri-County @ North White
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