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  1. I dislike all of this "leveling the playing field" nonsense. Whatever happened to embracing a challenge and working your butt off to beat your opponents. This whiny attitude of other team's winning too much and need bumped up does a disservice to the teams that do things the right way regardless of socioeconomic factors, especially at the small school level. Pioneer, as well as a number of other teams, had their heads caved in by LCC for several years in a row in the tournament. Finally in 2016 when they beat them, it was an awesome moment for our team and community that really sparked a good few year run for us. Pioneer has a garbage field, old equipment and little administrative support. They also have ~ 50% Free and Reduced Lunch rate, but in general have been successful since the late 90's. Their feeder program runs the same offense from youth league through high school and several high school coaches also help with the younger levels. Like every small school we will have ebbs and flows of talent, but in general we are successful due to the system we have in place. There are many examples of other teams/communities doing this across the state. It is a shame that instead of rewarding this "commitment to consistence", we instead reward the ineptitude of other programs by enabling this woe is me attitude. If you don't want to get beat, get better.
  2. I noticed TV currently plays Rochester week 5. Do you think that game will stand given the rivalry? If not, could be a great opportunity in the future for Pioneer and Rochester to play. Pioneer has Hammond Central scheduled right now and would like to get out of that matchup from a travel standpoint.
  3. We've had a better offseason so far than we did last year, but we are still going to be young. I expect some more growing pains this year, but overall we should be better than last year.
  4. Calling Pioneer average in basketball is an insult to the word average... From a football standpoint, I think Pioneer in the Hoosier would be a great fit overall most years, but to Gipper's point we wouldn't be competitive in much else, but maybe track, softball and volleyball.
  5. There is no way Pioneer is joining that conference, so you might as well get them off of this list. Aside from enrollment disparity, the shortest drive time for the confirmed schools is ~45 minutes Jimtown is ~1:20.
  6. Personally, I think that we should get rid of the success factor all together. I'll never understand punishing future teams for the successes of those that came before them. I don't care if you're a public or private school, you classify based on your enrollment and leave it be.
  7. Has there been any mention when the conference will officially start? curious to see when schedules start getting obliterated.
  8. They were at the offset and left after a year or two. With Knox and LaVille leaving I could see them having interest coming back especially if the rest of the MWC pushes for 8 man.
  9. I’d like to see them reach out to Rochester, Lewis Cass, West Central and or North Miami.
  10. No doubt. North White chooses to take a bye week 5 instead of playing Pioneer anymore, so we've played Hammond Central (2-3 hour drive depending on traffic) and Indy Attucks the last several years.
  11. Is Friday the actual vote? Heard yesterday's meeting was just ADs and principals.
  12. Completely agree from a football standpoint. When you factor in all of the other sports being played I don't see the small schools wanting them to join.
  13. Can't see Triton, Caston, Winamac, Pioneer or Culver being in favor. I think Judson would be on the border.
  14. From a football standpoint, at least as of 2023, Glenn and Bremen would be middle of the pack teams. Enrollment wise, I wonder if Glenn and Knox would continue to be good fits as they continue to expand in the future. Hopefully the decision makers are looking at the long term and not just a see what fits now mentality.
  15. I find it hard to believe Pioneer and Caston would be for this from a travel distance standpoint alone. For Pioneer this would add 2 more roughly one hour drives for conference opponents. I know this might seem like a big deal, but the fuel costs start to add up when you factor in all of the additional varsity, JV and junior high games, events and matched that they will need to travel to.
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