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  1. Caston over North white Pioneer over Triton Winamac over Culver... if they decide they have the right guys to compete this week... Laville over Knox CMA over Judson- Kudos to Judson for reaching out and scheduling an opponent to play last Friday. Heard they were reaching out to schools in Illinois so they could play.
  2. Congrats to South Newton on win 2! 1 Point Games Northwestern @ Tipton West Lafayette @ Benton Central 3 Point Games Lafayette Central Catholic @ Rensselaer Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Western @ Cass North Judson @ Culver Military Brebeuf Jesuit @ Indianapolis Roncalli DONNIE BAKER SPECIAL Park Heritage @ South Vermillion
  3. Can’t be crowned champ if all conference games aren’t played… At least that’s what Pioneer was told last year after beating every conference opponent.
  4. Any idea how many out? Pioneer played them with half a JV team and Winamac has quite a few more kids...
  5. Winamac has Judson this week. 2 Point Games Benton Central @ Twin Lakes Hamilton Heights @ Western 3 Point Games Lewis Cass @ Northwestern Rensselaer @ West Lafayette 5 Point Games Covington @ Seeger Tipton @ Central Catholic Winamac @ Judson Carroll @ Eastern
  6. Hammond Central @ Pioneer- This one will come down to toughness and overall depth. If the Panthers dont get worn down by sheer 5A numbers I like their chances. LaVille @ Caston- Your gut be wrong because Caston be bad... Laville by whatever their offense can muster because Caston wont score on them... Triton @ Culver- Dont know much about either team yet but I'll take the Trojans. Glenn @ Knox- I like Knox by a couple of scores. Winamac @ North Judson- I'll take the Warriors off the bye week. Sidebar: Why didn't Winamac go pick up a team last week with LaVille out? I figured with their best team in recent years they would want to test themselves against some tougher competition prior to the tournament.
  7. Congrats to the Panthers for picking up their first win of the season over a very good Laville team. Defense needed tightening up, but I was very impressed with the offense for only practicing the new look since Wednesday.
  8. Pioneer will only have 17 kids at practice today. Pioneer schools has been on virtual learning all week due to too many teachers being close Covid contacts.
  9. Found out at 330 that 3 more just went into quarantine…
  10. Panthers should have 2-3 players back this week, but still down 4-5.
  11. According to Harrell’s site Pioneer is out 7 starters ( all 2 way players) tonight versus Winamac. Kudos to Pioneer for showing up to compete. They’ll probably bring less than 20 kids to the game tonight.
  12. 2 Point Games Benton Central @ Seeger Elwood @ Tipton LCC @ Guerin Cass @ Maconoquah Logansport @ Northwestern McCutcheon @ West Lafayette North Montgomery @ Hamilton Heights Rensselaer @ North Newton Twin Lakes @ New Prairie Western Boone @ Western Pioneer @ Winamac Parke Heritage @ Covington 3 Point Games Lafayette Jeff @ Lawrence Central Delphi @ Carroll
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