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  1. Any update from last week's meeting/ any idea when the minutes will be posted on the IHSAA site?
  2. In general, we teach our guys in coverage to be physical with the receivers early on in the game to try and gauge how flexible the crew will be. If crews are more "let them play" we will stay physical/ keep getting hands on the receivers, if they are more strict we will pull our guys back. I always tell the kids the first PI call is on me and I will never get on our backers for checking receivers that cross their faces. As for blown coverages on deep balls take the PI over a TD every time.
  3. 2 Point Games Zionsville @ Cathedral Westfield @ Center Grove Northridge @ Mount Vernon 4 Point Games Andrean @ Evansville Mater Dei Brebeuf @ Gibson Southern 6 Point Game Adams Central @ Lutheran
  4. I wasn’t taking anything away from AC. They dominated every facet of the game. I will however not back down in saying that it was absolute horse crap effort by Judson. Extremely disappointing effort from a team that prides itself on its toughness and attitude.
  5. I watched online and as early as AC’s first and second possession the Jays defense had 10-11 guys jogging. Pretty weak effort for a team playing for a semi-state. Congrats to AC on a great game.
  6. I believe this is what the kids call the " Trick or Treat" return.
  7. Judson-I think Judson smacks Carroll and gets ready for AC next week. 59ers- If Laville comes out mentally prepared for Andrean like they did for Pioneer they can beat them, but if they come in flat after an emotional win last week it could be a long night. LaVille cannot get drawn into Andrean's game plan. They need to slow the game down and control the clock.
  8. 3 Point Games North Judson @ Carroll Lutheran @ Parke Heritage Tri @ North Central LaVille @ Andrean Eastbrook @ Eastside Scecina @ Lafayette Central Catholic Tri-West @ Owen Valley Mississinewa @ Northridge New Prairie @ Lowell Valparaiso @ Michigan City
  9. I think AC will win this, but I think it will be closer than what you think. AC has only played 3-4 teams with winning records this year. Panthers Hanover Judson by 2-3 scores, but only if they dont come in with Winamac hangover. If they let Culver get rolling it could be tighter.
  10. Judson by 2-3 scores. Fully expect Judson in semistate versus Adams Central.
  11. Doesn’t matter if their oline plays as bad as it did last week… woof
  12. I'm fine with that. I would expect playing on turf would benefit LaVille more than Pioneer at this point.
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