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  1. With weights programs going on and spring practices now allowed any conference news??? A few things I'm curious about: 1. Who will step up on the o-line at Pioneer and as team leaders?How will scheme change without Kiser and Gregorich on Offense and Defense? 2. How will new coaches impact schemes at Triton and North Judson? 3. How much will Laville's youngsters continue to improve off of last years solid team? 4. Will Caston be able to field a team this year?
  2. Coach Slocum does a great job with the kids. It’s just tough when you have to throw freshman to the wolves right away playing all three phases just to field a full team.
  3. I would assume so. Hopefully they have a better turnout of kids for next season.
  4. Pioneer And Bremen have played each other in JV the last 2 years.
  5. Only thing I have heard would be potentially adding Bremen and John Glenn. Personally, I would love to see Bremen added from a football standpoint. I would not be in favor of having a full conference regular season however. Pioneer has a great season opener with cross county rival Lewis Cass that I would hate to see go away.
  6. Not to belittle the topic, but is JV forfeiture really a punishment for playing to many quarters? At the end of the day not to many people are going to care if they have to forfeit a JV or freshman game if they feel they can give their kids some extra playing opportunities. How are teams even kept accountable for this?
  7. Saturday JV games are the WORST! Move them all to Monday nights!
  8. Rule was changed to allow kids to play a total of 6 quarters as opposed to 5 in the past. Once halftime hits jv guys can sub in freely without penalty of missing time in the JV game.
  9. Not to mention they are one of the most physical teams we play every year.
  10. Pioneer loses one of, if not, the best classes to ever go through the program as well as the reigning Mr. Football. Large shoes to fill on both sides of the ball and the vast majority of our offensive production b/w Kiser and Gregorich. I think it is more wide open than people think. -Bremen had a great season last year -Cass came on strong at the end of the season (losses came against excellent competition) -Pioneer looking for leadership after our state run last year -Laville returns a great core of young skill guys who got better every game
  11. Is there an option for schools that have no football or to low of numbers to participate at neighboring schools?
  12. With luers, laville, andrean and pioneer added to the north, Tipton most likely rolls south again this cycle as well
  13. I'll preface this by saying I don't know the situation very well, but is it possible the middle school coach runs the same offensive and defensive schemes as the high school team and they are looking for some consistency therein? Maybe the dude is a good leader on and off the field and he has built some relationships with the kids already. Again, I don't know the situation so I may be way off base, but calling it a bad hire before the coach even has a practice seems a little asinine to me.
  14. I’m personally not a fan of 7-on-7 and prefer light contact 11-on-11 in the off-season. With Pioneers wing-t offense, we were having to work on things we would seldom use during the season. I think it’s also important to give kids the opportunity to take a break from football and play other sports.
  15. Pioneer will need much better o-line play than last year if they want to be successful. To many times Kiser and co. had to make something out of nothing. Annnndddd they might need to figure a way to somewhat replace the great senior class we had this year.
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