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  1. Wondering if Curry and Hyerly ( not sure of spelling) are playing college ball somewhere? Great players!
  2. Wondering if there is any information you can share about upcoming 7 on 7 tournament in Mooresville
  3. Woah I’ve never seen on GID anyone ever talk about about Triton in that high of regard! Frankly, I don’t like it. They have 14 seniors who are all good football players! Some really talented junior playmakers and lots of underclassman who are hungry for playing time! We’ll see! They are working hard in the weight room but don’t know how to really play discipline, winning football yet!
  4. Seems as though the committee wanted to get Lutheran and Tudor out of the same sectional and potentially have them meet in the state finals?
  5. Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on how they matched up the regional assignments?
  6. Triton has the players to make a run this year BUT, not the winning mentality they need to beat the tough team in are sectional! It seems we always end up in the toughest 1a sectional in the north!
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