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  1. Culver 35-7 Laville 42-7 Knox 28-14 West Central 21-10 Some commentary on Triton/ NJ game i think NJ is the slight favorite and they are at home where they are very good! If you gave me a choice between a shared conference title and a Sectional title, it’s a no brainer! When you have teams that are similar in ability, it is extremely hard to win twice in one season! so I’m picking NJ 21-17 Friday night with hopes that Triton will get them at home in sectional final and win that close game.
  2. The MOST important thing for Triton is when they get on that bus to come home from Judson is, the belief that they can beat them if they meet again the Sectional!
  3. So Triton won by 23 you predicted them to lose by 16. You were only off by 39 points!
  4. Fine Print, wondering what the prediction was on that site for the Triton/Bremen game? Harrell had Bremen as a 11 point favorite as well.
  5. Who said Triton was a “big dog” of the conference?
  6. I would love to hear from someone who was at the Laville/Knox game on how Knox almost pulled off the upset!
  7. Apparently the sagarin ratings did not believe the 35-12 win Triton had over Pioneer meant anything. Dropped from 5th to 9th in 1a. Trust me the Triton fans loved it! Had never beaten Pioneer before this year!
  8. NJ 24-10 Laville 44-7 Caston 21-7 Culver21-14 Triton 31-14
  9. Wondering if AC gonna be challenged at all by South Adams?
  10. Walter is making his picks , then proceeds to tell you he wouldn’t be surprised if he’s wrong? So why not pick the other team? Seems as though he is covering all the bases!
  11. So with 3 games you claim could go either way this week, one you have at a 12 point spread, the other at a 16 point spread???
  12. I thought we were picking the teams we think would win! My mistake.
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