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  1. Anyone have thoughts on 1a all state selections? Anyone get snubbed?
  2. You cheer for who you want and I will cheer for who I want!
  3. How does one go about purchasing this game to watch live tonight?
  4. Having played AC last year in sectional final and NJ. In sectional semifinals this year, as a Triton parent, I definitely will say that NJ is a better team this year than last year. I don’t know much about AC this year but I know they lost Currie and Hyerly from last years team who were major factors in the beat down of NJ last year. I know AC has a GREAT program and others have obviously stepped into those roles and performed great! I think it will be a better game this year and being at home N J always seems to get that penalty called when they need it! I’m gonna say AC 28-NJ 27
  5. Just watched it again it was 3rd and a short 5 from the 42 1/2 yard line with 10:17 to go in the 4th. Instead of running it twice to get the first down, we threw it twice! Unbelievable!
  6. TOTALLY agree!!! Said it while it was happening! Run Shively twice to get first down!
  7. Triton was 3rd best team on north! Has a REAL shot at beating North Judson if Schuh wouldn’t have gotten hurt! Took opening drive right down field 7 minute drive and punched it in! Shively did his best and played his ass off but when they know your running it, with not much other options, it’s hard to succeed! With 9 minutes to go Triton had the ball first and 10 on Judson 40 down 12-6 with a legit chance! Then it went downhill Congratulations to Triton on a good season!
  8. So how many points does Triton have to hold NJ to in order to have a chance in your opinion?
  9. I think both Laville and Triton have to execute the same game plan in order to have a chance! No turnovers, long sustained drives ending in points and very few penalties. I give Laville a better chance than Triton but you never know. With the help of the opponent turning the ball over, anything can happen!
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