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  1. CoachDurham

    Dawson Basinger Commits to ISU

    Why hi-jack a thread about a 1A kid who has an amazing opportunity! Congrats Dawson!
  2. CoachDurham

    IFCA REGION 4 All Stars

    You listed Logansport, Twin Lakes, and North Judson. None of these teams had a player selected over yours at his position. So what is the point of mentioning them? I think in the fact All-State teams are selected by class, and the Region has No Class. It is all encompassing. So I do understand what your saying, I do not think that argument holds much water. I have been going to this meeting for longer than these kids we are voting on have been alive. I have had some very deserving kids and managers who did not make this team. It does not take away from their success and accomplishments. He is a heck of a football player I am sure. You do not get those type of accolades if you are not.
  3. CoachDurham

    Hoosier Conference 2019

    No one wishes that upon anyone!
  4. CoachDurham

    Hoosier Conference 2019

    These parts not count Cass County? Where Mr. Football and Notre Dame player Jack Kiser resides? They are a conference opponent for the Hoosier.