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  1. State pays a stipend to everyone working the game regardless. Even the chain gang get a chunk! Concessions would get a boost. It can be predetermined before the tournament just like every other sport.
  2. Looking forward to it. The 14th would have been weird.
  3. Wait, whose Curry? Oh that's right this thread was about a kid.
  4. Hes going to weight 300 lbs and be an stand up OLB in a 3-4. Is that what I am getting from DT?
  5. Don't forget their new Defensive Coordinator.
  6. This is interesting. What do they call the female teams at Lewis Cass? Is it the Lady Kings? or do they go with Queens?
  7. This part is irrelevant. No one brought them up. Stop trying to stir the pot.
  8. HHC has that beat though! Bud and Coach Gilbert from CLC! WRC isn't too far off with Crabtree (NV), and Moore (PH)
  9. May be the new X-Factor here. I know @Ultimate Warrior knows him well. Should be a fun year in the old pick 'em. I almost want to get the week 1 picks up now! But, until confirmed it would just take up space.
  10. Either not true, or many refs have messed this up. I have taken many a delay of games in a running clock scenario in 2 states for this very reason.
  11. FINAL STANDINGS CoachDurham 318 112 coachanderson 316 114 Boilernation 315 115 CoachMartin 312 118 LC_Bears_04 310 120 Donnie Baker 308 122 RStandish 302 128 mod22 301 129 coach Snyder 300 130 skeeterman 300 130 Sailors 299 131 nmsu_aggie 292 138 gonzoron 289 143 FarmerFran 287 143 Fballfan15 286 144 rjlittleman 283 147 coach_MarkBrown 280 150 WarriorBronco77 272 158 captainobvious 269 161 WCGrad92 261 169 MrsStandish - DB 250 180 Coach Nowlin 248 182 LilUrb 241 189 foxbat 230 200
  12. 3 Point Games Indianpolis Chatard East Noble 6 Point Games Indianapolis Lutheran New Palestine Western Boone Carmel
  13. As usual the picks lock Friday morning at Kick-Off of game 1. 3 Point Games Indianpolis Chatard vs Heritage Hills East Noble vs Evansville Memorial 6 Point Games Lafayette Central Catholic vs Indianapolis Lutheran Valparaiso vs New Palestine Eastbrook vs Western Boone Carmel v Center Grove
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