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  1. Preach Fran, PREACH! More power to them.
  2. Caston would hate this, or am I wrong.
  3. South Newton, Tri-County, West Central, North White, Frontier, Lake Station Edison, North Judson, , Winamac, South Newton, , Carroll (Flora), Caston,Triton, , Attica, Covington, Fountain Central, PIoneer and North Newton 2A All have Natural Grass that I have coached on recently
  4. Coach, I love it, but lets be honest, if you can get to Hammond and River Forest on a Friday night in an 1.5-1.7 hours, your doing just fine! The region traffic can be dense!
  5. I agree completely. But, it has been reported he resigned for another job up north. So technically, nothing wrong with that correct?
  6. There have been no rules broken, no schools mentioned. The article itself says "He has accepted a position at a school up north that is awaiting school board approval on April 15."
  7. HAHA, the things I fall into. But, I will have to rely on my wrestling co hort @Coach Nowlin I would think Randy Orton would be a higher seed that Kurt. Championships, Impact, and remember its all going to be by popularity anyway. So who cares what the seed is.
  8. This is WWF bracket, not lets wrestle other places and win awards bracket! Huge Angle fan here, but if we are talking WWF work only, Angle is not a #1
  9. I couldn't up vote enough. We always make this a stop.
  10. Why hi-jack a thread about a 1A kid who has an amazing opportunity! Congrats Dawson!
  11. You listed Logansport, Twin Lakes, and North Judson. None of these teams had a player selected over yours at his position. So what is the point of mentioning them? I think in the fact All-State teams are selected by class, and the Region has No Class. It is all encompassing. So I do understand what your saying, I do not think that argument holds much water. I have been going to this meeting for longer than these kids we are voting on have been alive. I have had some very deserving kids and managers who did not make this team. It does not take away from their success and accomplishments. He is a heck of a football player I am sure. You do not get those type of accolades if you are not.
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