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  1. 3 Point Games Northwestern @ Benton Central Cass @ Twin Lakes Hamilton Heights @ Rensselaer Tipton @ Central Catholic Western @ West Lafayette Carroll @ Sheridan Seeger @ North Vermillion North Judson @ Pioneer Hamilton Southeastern @ Brownsburg Highland @ Kankakee Valley
  2. 2 Point Games Benton Central @ Lafayette Central Catholic Cass @ Hamilton Heights Rensselaer @ Northwestern 3 Point Games Twin Lake @ West Lafayette McCutcheon @ Muncie Central Kokomo @ Harrison Tipton @ Western Richmond @ Anderson LaVille @ North Judson North Newton @ North White Sheridan @ Eastern
  3. 3 POINT GAMES Hamilton Heights @ Tipton Central Catholic @ Twin Lakes Rensselaer @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Cass Western @ Northwestern North Newton @ Delphi Sheridan @ Seeger Logansport @ Kokomo Frontier @ Tri-County North White @ South Newton
  4. 1 Point Games Northwestern @ Tipton West Lafayette @ Benton Central 3 Point Games Lafayette Central Catholic @ Rensselaer Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Western @ Cass North Judson @ Culver Military Brebeuf Jesuit @ Indianapolis Roncalli
  5. 2 Point Games Benton Central @ Twin Lakes Hamilton Heights @ Western 3 Point Games Lewis Cass @ Northwestern Rensselaer @ West Lafayette 5 Point Games Covington @ Seeger Tipton @ Central Catholic Winamac @ North Judson Carroll @ Eastern
  6. 2 Point Games Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer West Lafayette @ Lafayette Central Catholic Western @ Benton Central CANCELLED Clinton Central @ Frontier 4 Point Games Lafayette Jeff @ Harrison Bloomington North @ Bloomington South
  7. 2 Point Games Benton Central @ Cass Hamilton Heights @ Rensselaer Lafayette Central Catholic @ Northwestern Twin Lakes @ Tipton West Lafayette @ Western 3 Point Games North Judson @ North Newton Clinton Prairie @ Clinton Central 4 Point Game Sheridan @ Tri-Central
  8. 2 Point Game Benton Central @ Delphi Central Catholic @ Tri-West Lafayette Jeff @ West Lafayette Scecina @ Pioneer Monroe Central @ Hamilton Heights Northwestern @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ Frankfort Western @ Kokomo Attica @ Riverton Parke Frankfort @ Clinton Central Winamac @ Knox 3 Point Game Kankakee Valley @ Rensselaer
  9. Yes, probably would. If the IHSAA moves H Central up who then comes down. We have already lost 1 school, Hammond Clark. What do they do?
  10. So does Hammond Central (previously Hammond High) Move up to 4A or stay at 3A with 1700 students. Morton is already 4A. By the wording of the news release Central would stay at 3A?? All it is is a name change.
  11. A lot of us in the old Hoosier Conference would like to see TSC build a 3rd if not 4th high school and rejoin the Hoosier Conference.
  12. Sorry to correct you but South Newton did play against Rensselaer when they first consolidated. I think the first game was 1967 or so. Rensselaer was led by Danny Epler and was undefeated when they played South Newton who also was undefeated. Rensselaer won the game big. Danny split out his pants in the 3rd quarter and the team gathered around him on the sideline as he changed pants. They played for several years after that. I remember playing in 1970 against a very good South Newton team with Gene Miiller as QB for South Newton. Game ended in a tie but Rensselaer was given the win because SN played an ineligible player. The series ended shortly after that.
  13. Twin Lakes will travel to New Prairie in 2021 then NP will come to TL in 2022. Personally I would like to see us pick up one more non conference school as others have. But it is difficult to find as we have been looking for a 2nd game out of the conference for some time.
  14. Like a fool I forgot to make my picks on here!!! So far I would have been 3 and 2. Oh well looking forward to next year.
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