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  1. Great Job MC Football. What a GREAT opportunity to give back to your community. This is great to see a program do something like this. Good Luck this season!! Also, Congrats to Phil and his staff for this great project idea. Great job guys!!!
  2. Ooops, just change places and redraw 2A. My bad
  3. All of the sectionals in 3, 2, and 1A are all 8 team sectionals so there is no place for Tippy Valley to go. So, the largest 3A may have to up to 4A where there is an opening in the South (I think). Or maybe in 4A will bump up to 5A etc. Interesting problem.
  4. I heard a story yesterday this was going to happen. To go along with that Cathedral will be in 5A and BNL dropped to 4A. Interesting.
  5. Just leave things the way they are. We get 10 games. Everyone in the tourney. Should look to seeding somehow.
  6. Didn't North White drop Pioneer for the Sept 20 game????
  7. As long as one party controls the state of Indiana things will continue to go the way they are going: Get In Line!!! Indiana does not have a checks-and-balance system, as the same with some other states. This is not a slap at Republicans or Democrats but how things seam to work. When one party controls everything for several years this is what happens. Just my opinion.
  8. Amen to all of that!!! HIT HIT AND MORE HITTING!!! No wonder my body feels funny some times.
  9. I'm pretty old school. I loved the old 2 a day 3 hour practices (haha). With all the things we can do now who needs them. We, Twin Lakes, practice once a day for 2 hours, maybe 2.5 on some days, but it's short, sweet, and to the point. I find myself getting more accomplished in technique time than ever because everything else is already in. I truly like how we run practices now. Kids enjoy and are fresh. Coaches are fresh. Planning is easier. There is no wasted time in practice as something is always being accomplished. But I would not trade the past for anything. It was a great learning time. My only complaint is that kids just don't get the time to be kids anymore.
  10. My hats off to Megan, Scott's daughter, and her depiction of what a great man Scott truly is. He is a blessing to Indiana High School Football coaches as a parent, teacher, and coach.
  11. Northwestern is the only school in the Hoosier Conference with Turf.
  12. Twin Lakes will travel: 97 miles to Hammond Clark 1.7 hours 91 miles to Hammond High School 1.6 hours 80 miles to River Forest High School 1.5 hours 75 miles to Hanover Central 1.5 hours 86 miles to Calumet 1.5 46 miles to Knox 1hour 48 miles to Benton Central 50 minutes Plus ALL but BC are on Central Standard time. The GREAT thing is that we are in the tourney, playing schools we seldom see, and it is a great opportunity for the kids. Don't worry about travel or other things. Let the kids enjoy the moment and opportunity. That is what is important. Enough said.
  13. Myself and 3 other retired teachers work for a local Driver Education company that took over when Twin Lakes decided not to offer driver education any more because of the expense of the program. The state of Indiana is one of a hand full of states that no longer requires or provides money to local schools for education credit for a LIFETIME SKILL. When I taught in South Carolina every student was scheduled into driver education. The school was a larger school and had 6 driver education instructors, also taught other courses, BUT the state provided funds for this. Indiana no longer sees the need of driver education in the school system but encourages schools to drop their programs and let outside companies take this over. Last I was aware of over half of the school corporations in the state have dropped their summer DE programs. We have laws that if a student takes DE he/she can get their license 6 months earlier BUT I have found at least half of our local students just get their permit and wait the extra 6 months to get their license. Meanwhile we have students from Frontier, Tri County, West Central, Lafayette, Logansport, Rensselaer, Winamac, Pioneer, North White, Delphi, and Carroll that come to us because we are open year round and can meet their needs as several of these schools only offer DE in the summer OR have dropped their programs all together. The next big problem, and I take my hat off to Chris Meeks at Rensselaer, is that the state now encourages students to take the classroom portion of DE Online. The company I work for offers the classroom opportunity but we can not get anyone to sign up for the classroom. Having looked at that program I do not believe it is near as good as what Chris is doing. All the small things he does, outside speakers/discussion/examples, etc., are much more effective that an online class a student can do in a couple of weeks with no verbal feedback. It is no wonder Indiana continues to be one of the leaders nationally in student accidents. We still require 6 hours in the car with and instructor and the 50 hour log with parents that to many just sign off on. I don't know what the answer is other than bringing a LIFETIME SKILL back into the school setting or changing the laws where students must complete a DE course. I also believe moving the age back to 17 is a good thing to look at and if you do not complete a DE course then wait until you are 18 to get a license. I know of to many situations here and in other local communities where parents tried to teach their children to drive while they themselves had forgotten many rules of the road but thought they could handle it, only to see their child be involved in a deadly wreck. These are my opinions. Disagree if you wish. I have said to much.
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