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  1. 3 POINTS EACH GAME Cass @ West Lafayette Frankfort @ Crawfordsville Harrison @ Marion Muncie Central @ Logansport Eastern Hancock @ Lapel Western @ Lafayette Central Catholic Tipton @ Rensselaer Northwestern @ Benton Central Hamilton Heights @ Twin Lakes Northview @ Indian Creek
  2. 1 Point Games Benton Central @ Lafayette Central Catholic Cass @ Hamilton Heights Rensselaer @ Northwestern Twin Lakes @ West Lafayette Tipton @ Western 2 Point Games West Central @ Frontier Taylor @ Tri-Central Sheridan @ Eastern Adam Central @ Bluffton Andrean @ Lowell Heritage @ Southern Wells Northeastern @ Knightstown Northwood @ Warsaw Oldenburg Academy @ South Decatur Richmond @ Anderson 5 Point Game Warren Central @ Carmel
  3. 1 Point Games Rensselaer @ Benton Central Western @ Northwestern Lafayette Central Catholic @ Twin Lakes 3 Point Games Hamilton Heights @ Tipton Harrison @ McCutcheon North Newton @ Delphi Park Heritage @ North Vermillion 5 Point Games Carmel @ Ben Davis Monroe Central @ Eastern Hancock West Lafayette @ Cass
  4. 1 POINT GAMES Northwestern @ Tipton West Lafayette @ Benton Central 3 Point Games North Vermillion @ Attica Central Catholic @ Rensselaer Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Western @ Cass 4 POINT GAMES Caston @ North White Knox @ LaVille Delphi @ Clinton Prairie Gibson Southern @ Heritage Hills
  5. 1 Point Games Rensselaer @ West Lafayette Hamilton Heights @ Western Cass @ Northwestern Tipton @ Lafayette Central Catholic Benton Central @ Twin Lakes 2 Point Game Lowell @ Kankakee Valley 3 Point Games Indianapolis Attucks @ Pioneer Triton @ Culver Covington @ Seeger Center Grove @ North Central Clinton Prairie @ Sheridan Frankton @ Elwood
  6. I strongly agree Caston should have stayed in the Midwest conference. There was a day and time when they were very competitive in that conference. It is time for the school administration to start a move to get back in the Midwest Conference. Do what is best for your student athletes!!! Put yourself where you are competitive and save your program. This has to come from the top. Does the administration have the ___________ to do this? Will the Midwest Conference take them back? I would hope so. The Midwest was always a great small school conference. To me it is a Win Win situation for both parties. Enough said.
  7. 1 POINT GAMES Western @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Central Catholic 2 POINT GAMES Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer Kokomo @ McCutcheon North Judson @ Knox Delphi @ Sheridan Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass 3 POINT GAMES North Newton @ Kankakee Valley Tri-County @ North White
  8. I'm sorry but North White and West Central have no business in the HNAC. I also feel Caston is in over their heads in this conference. The old Midwest conference was perfect for NW, WC and Caston. Schools of same size and competitive ability. NW and WC made the correct choice staying or going back to the Midwest.
  9. 1 Point Games Benton Central @ Cass Central Catholic @ Northwestern Twin Lakes @ Tipton Hamilton Heights @ West Lafayette 3 Point Games Rensselaer 2 Western North Judson @ North Newton
  10. 2 Point Games Central Catholic @ Guerin Catholic Cass @ Maconoquah McCutcheon @ West Lafayette North Montgomery @ Hamilton Heights Northwestern @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ Elwood Western Boone @ Western 3 Point Games Benton Central @ Seeger North White @ Frontier Lafayette Jeff @ Lawrence Central Delphi @ Carroll 4 Point Game Rensselaer @ North Newton
  11. 2 POINTS EACH Benton Central @ Delphi Eastern Hancock @ Northwestern Hamilton Heights @ Mt. Vernon Cass @ Pioneer Madison Grant @ Tipton Twin Lakes @ Western West Lafayette @ Lafayette Jeff Guerin Catholic @ McCutcheon Carroll @ Tri-County Taylor @ North White South Vermillion @ Covington Frankfort @ Clinton Central 3 POINTS EACH Kankakee Valley @ Rensselaer Central Catholic @ Tri-West
  12. Great Job MC Football. What a GREAT opportunity to give back to your community. This is great to see a program do something like this. Good Luck this season!! Also, Congrats to Phil and his staff for this great project idea. Great job guys!!!
  13. Ooops, just change places and redraw 2A. My bad
  14. All of the sectionals in 3, 2, and 1A are all 8 team sectionals so there is no place for Tippy Valley to go. So, the largest 3A may have to up to 4A where there is an opening in the South (I think). Or maybe in 4A will bump up to 5A etc. Interesting problem.
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