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  1. Caston to SN is 66 miles. We travel 80 miles to Hamilton Heights and 71 miles to Tipton. You are correct it is long travel but a lot of conferences have to do it. What's more important to the school? Travel distance and not competitive or travel and be competitive? Lose or keep programs going? What is best for our student athletes? Administrators have tough choices to make.
  2. Caston needs to go back to the Midwest Conference where they were competitive.
  3. West Central administration wised up and realized they were in over their heads and did what was best for ALL their sports teams. Caston would be very wise to follow. They have no business in this conference.
  4. According to a Notre Dame friend the campus will open August 10 for classes with no fall break and will end the semester at Thanksgiving. This is to stop a lot of student travel back and forth.
  5. In many situations, not all, head coaches are also paid for the extra things they do. For example, summer conditioning, extra supervision help, summer camps they put on, running the weight program if there is no strength coach, they are at the top of the pay scale and that dictates % wise what their football salary would be, and some schools make the head coach (not just football) as an administrator because they have to evaluate people and programs (asst. coaches & entire football program) which is a schools right. Having been a head coach and labeled as an administrator and my salary covered EVRYTHING I did related to football, teaching, and supervision, this is quite fair to what these gentlemen are making.
  6. TL lights are on but I don't have a picture. Kent Adams, TL AD, and Paul were teammates at UIndy I believe.
  7. What a GREAT man!! Would do anything for kids. Was great for North Central and Indiana Football. God Bless. Rest in peace.
  8. As I learned a long time ago, early 60's, if you don't have offensive lineman in any type of offense you are not going to be successful. In any game you watch in person or tv watch the offensive linemen. They either block at the point of attack, pass block, or are down field. Bill Siderewicz, Chris Geesman, Dale Hummer, and Joe Burvan (HOF coaching staff at Rensselaer when I played) made it known as the offensive line goes so goes our team. During that time we saw the robust T, Pro I, double wing, and wing T. Even today's RPO system has to have OL to win at a high level. When I watched state finals and bowl games last year it was the teams with offensive lineman that won. Enough said.
  9. I agree!! To add to my previous thought we even had several schools in our area playing 8 man football. Of course this was before contraction, oops, consolidation!! Couldn't resist.
  10. This has been the official future dates calendar since last July. This may be an interesting year. Everybody may be forced to start on even ground. No summer conditioning, camps, 11 on 11, etc. Kind of like it was back in the 60's. Everybody was bored they should up to play football. Kind of an interesting thought!
  11. According to IHSAA web site August 3 is 1st official football practice. July 31st is start for girls golf. Did I miss something??
  12. If memory serves me correct from the IFCA to the IHSAA there have been 11 schools that had seasons of no point allowed. Including 1918 Kentland. Just thought I would throw that out.
  13. Rensselaer in 1977 or 78 had an undefeated team that did not make the playoffs on the old point system.
  14. North Judson I believe had either 10 or 11 shutouts in the late 70's. Also, the Lafayette Central Catholic Team of 1969 was an OUTSTANDING team. Undefeated. When we played them we were 6 and 0 and they were the same. It was the big game of the year in Lafayette area. They kicked our butts. Lawrenceburg teams of the 80s under Glenn Crocker were also outstanding teams.
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