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  1. Valpo, Chesterton, and wheeler strong VU connections I like your ranking gipper
  2. Nice job listing the duneland plus part of the northwest crossroads. Please limit the ranking to top 5 because of the severe drop off in talent.
  3. Per nwitimes valpo 17 Chesterton 14 4 min 2q does this means pioneer could beat valpo?
  4. Nfl unmasks who can coach and who can’t. If you want to prove yourself nfl trumps any college job. Larger schools in college have financial advantages that make it an unfair playing field. Bigger gig nfl, I live in the western portion of the USA and college isn’t big out here. I see college as Deep South, Texas, and Midwest sport. Nfl is just so big because of the gambling aspect and parity. better gig depends on the roster, if you have an Aaron Rodgers or russel Wilson id take position over any college gig.
  5. I’m fully aware of that my mom just retired from city. He has a gambling problem he never hurt anyone or stole anything, he repaid everything. It’s sad how society treats addicts.
  6. https://www.whiting.k12.in.us/o/district/page/school-board--573 see the lack of diversity in school board, glad I skipped town place is going downhill fast
  7. Be careful I shared an article about their fight to play and got a warning
  8. Appears a strong correlation between being a pe teacher and successful coach. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile can coaches give kids supplements? I remember back in 97 I’d walk 10 blocks across town past clark high school and buy my own creatine and ripped fuel for football.
  9. It’s not funny it’s making a mockery of the situation and poor leadership, he should be terminated
  10. I think the consensus matchup everyone wants is Columbus north at Merrillville. Tell Columbus north they can go to portillos after the game that should seal the deal.
  11. To become a basketball powerhouse But probably low numbers I’d imagine but I bet they could be become a football powerhouse if they wanted to
  12. Nice choice half the teams they played don’t exist
  13. https://www.almanacsports.com/football/members.php pick a former football school from the right column that you think if still around would be a beast of a program. ill start Klondike Nuggets man they were 8-1 in their last year, who knows what could of been if the Nuggs were still around. What school took them in? Why did they fold?
  14. Honorable mention Pioneer still in awe they beat a 6a school
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