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  1. Region football is awful I’d like to see a super power for once.
  2. They’ll get better coaching, nutrition, training, and education going to college early. Plus NIL money so why not go early if you can? we have selfish fans who care more about the high school teams then individuals so understandable why they might not like this trend
  3. Is merrillville that good or is crown point the new lake central? id like to see crown point and merrillville consolidate to take on the Indy super powers Merrill point high school would kill everyone. Remember part of crown point already attends merrillville, remembers James Aldridge?
  4. It gets even worst they have kid from class of 2020 listed as class of 2022
  5. Back in the day whiting had 3 sets silver, white, and green. The silver and whites were alternated on the road with no issues
  6. Online charter school for at risk students
  7. This ghetto school played a game on Friday and Sunday. Lied about having D1 prospects. How does the happen? Are there schools in Indiana like this? reminds me of college of faith in ncaa football years ago Source https://www.google.com/amp/s/thespun.com/more/top-stories/espn-high-school-bishop-sycamore-img-academy/amp
  8. You guys are lucky In Nevada we have covid and smoke cancellations. Yes covid is getting worst with delta I just came off a 2 weeks covid vacation after being fully vaccinated and I’m 38 in good health.
  9. Whiting beating Frontier whiting coming off 2 straight losing season beating a farm team is impressive
  10. Should of went with the Valpo Vaxxers that would of got national attention
  11. It was not a strong field the owgr points equated to the rocket mortgage classic
  12. Great answer about rest and nutrition in the 90s programs were known for notoriously overtraining thinking it was hard work but they were getting diminishing returns
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