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  1. Can they use the states premier public university brand recognition to build a small school football powerhouse?
  2. I saw your interview it’s crazy they draw from the whole city it’s a pretty big geographic footprint. Hopefully they can get the athletes to bypass those charter schools
  3. With schools getting kicked out (CG Carmel) or possibly leaving voluntarily (VL), who would kick out and why and where you would reassign them? greater south shore bishop Noll and lake station, they bring nothing and should go independent to play smaller programs. northwest crossroads munster the Carmel of the north in regards to wealth, independent. They are 4a playing with a 2a roster they’d be better served choosing their opponents. have the greater south shore take in the Great Lakes conference with bni and lake station gone and Hanover leaving this makes sense now
  4. Braden Fiske looked like a beast in the bowl game I can see a pro future in his career
  5. Ben Skowronek 🐐 if he played 4 years at ND would of been 1st round draft pick
  6. Whiting89


    Hearing stories that AB was refusing to go in because he was hurt so maybe BA is the bad guy here forcing injured players to play against their will. Maybe the pack or cowboys pick him up and he wins another SB. Or a team blocks them like Deion sanders back in the day.
  7. No school over 2a should contract just need to find the right coach and get numbers up what might be best for these struggling schools is go independent and schedule 1a to 2a schools
  8. I don’t understand your issue is with it, it’s a legit concern akin to insider trading on stock market https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/12/28/point-spread-started-moving-toward-raiders-before-colts-put-carson-wentz-on-covid-19-reserve/amp/ my degrees are bsba finance and mba so I see everything through business perspective
  9. It certainly is due to legalized gambling. There were some questionable line movement prior to official Carson Wentz announcement yesterday.
  10. Wentz never commented kirk cousins “if I die I die” Aaron Rodgers “alleged allergy to mRNA vaccine ingredient”
  11. Congrats Carson Wentz your selfishness has derailed the team because you are scared or don’t believe in a shot
  12. He couldn’t even get offensive or defensive player of the year from nwitimes.com journalism is dead thanks cnn, nytimes, and wapo.
  13. https://www.ihsa.org/data/fb/playoffs.htm Travels isn’t nothing here in Nevada some schools travel 4-5 hours for conference games essentially border of Utah to California as we have California schools that are part of the Nevada high school association because of the mountain divide.
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