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  1. That’s the sideline with folding chairs spaced
  2. My neighborhood school is playing today online if you’re interested Current Reno/Sparks nfl players Brandon Aiyuk wr 49ers Kyle Van Noy fa lb Austin Corbett OG rams
  3. I think this geared for other sports where scholarship spots are few and far between for example golf and baseball a lot of ncaa players stayed an extra year reducing scholarships available for class of 2021 hs players.
  4. Success breeds success kids growing up don’t want to be know as the Losing class so everyone pushes everyone harder
  5. You don’t know that because the top of 1a would move up because of the nsf shift of 2a to 1a.
  6. No they have trucks out there but it’s like in whiting the farthest point is 10 blocks from the school so it’s just different to me
  7. I was always wondered about north Newton as the school is literally in the middle of no where. It serves half the county I believe and I wonder how kids get home etc.
  8. good article and some strong quotes from a former player https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/college/valparaiso-university/mascot-debate-at-valparaiso-has-proponents-and-opponents-just-as-it-did-in-the-1940s/article_cbb15837-c915-557e-9668-5194e3f60bd2.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  9. From what I’ve heard not good. The crusader fund has been replaced by the victory for valpo https://support.valpo.edu/s/1347/17/page-1col.tabs.aspx?sid=1347&gid=1&pgid=2030 a lot of brick and mortar private schools will shut down in the coming years
  10. It’s a manufactured crisis created by the ultra liberal student body president and interim university president. It has created quite the outrage will many demanding to release the results of the survey. like the cliche you play for the name on the front of jersey not the name on the back and that name is Crusaders
  11. Totally agree it’s a sad day and most everyone I know is upset
  12. Nice diversion for the real problems the university faces declining enrollment, financial mismanagement, poor athletics facilities etc next target whiting oilers, oilers glorify fossil fuel which cause climate change any other mascot needing change? https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/college/valparaiso-university/vu-retiring-crusader-mascot-citing-associations-with-oppression-violence-hate-groups/article_06f06acd-dbe7-5b0f-9a33-253833d7f820.html#tracking-source=home-breaking
  13. I used to think that what then I realized I can’t emphasize with them so I have no opinion
  14. Was just curious because the kid from merrillville committed to 3 schools just wanted to see if it was official
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