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  1. That is what I had heard also. I know there is word going around on who could go in and pull them to their school. Heard there is even an undecided 8th grader on that team who is a true difference maker. A lot of talk about area teams wanting to get him. With some possible openings coming up in conference there could be some player movement this offseason.
  2. So it appears Marian is for real, ,they made Riley look real bad. They now look like a serious contender to do big things and a undefeated regular season is within reach for them in a weakened South side of conference. Now question is was Riley a real team or had they not played anyone? Was this more about the emotions around everything hurting their play or they weren’t the team the paper made them out to be? We shall see as this season goes on.
  3. Exciting to see new blood like TurfToe bring some strong Homer love back to the site. Keep up the work gentleman you are becoming fun to listen to. Wish them and everyone in conference luck tonight. Hope the clouds stay parted and it's a nice evening for football. Looks like only one game of the week in conference, I'm looking forward to taking in a hopefully packed house. Wish people would update schools throughout the night to keep us at one game informed of conference play.
  4. Friday is here. Not much talk about the games this week. Just see the same names pop up commenting. Any other word from around the conference? Well good luck to conference schools, stay healthy and play hard. Look forward to seeing the recaps on the games.
  5. What did you see with Glenn to think they will compete with Marian? Great question, could they compete for conference and better yet a sectional?
  6. Well looking at these there is some that appear to be no brainers, and a few toss ups. Riley should and will win big. Central looks to be real deal and wins big. Jimtown should win, maybe close one. Penn should make LaPorte 0-2 against NIC this year, and get back to their winning ways. Mishawaka looked like they didn't miss a beat last week and this one could show they are still legit team. I'll take them with the win. Marian has no reason to think this will be a game, Marian big? Adams with an out of state game. Don't know enough about GlenOak to guess, just know Adams has a big time QB and another offensive player in #6 whos really good. They should keep games close all year. New Prairie and nothing else to say. St Joe and Northridge should be a good one and a total guess who wins this one. Go with SJ to focus and Northridge to have a little hangover from their Goalline stop to win last week. Some good games on tap for this week and some mercy rules ones also.
  7. Good luck to all tonight. Still interested in your all thoughts on how you see season playing out. Look forward to hearing recaps on all the conference games today.
  8. I don’t think I’d be surprised. Bremen has been solid for awhile. Could definitely see them finishing in top 3 again. Not much talk around conference, is there that much uncertainty or not much interest?
  9. MC your probably correct. Jimtown has been building to this year. Sounds like they have a bunch of seniors on this years team. Are you really prepared to put Glenn over you? Glenn was beat by everyone by a lot last year, well except Clay which unless things drastically change may not even need to be mentioned. Bremen seems to have built something, the same can not be said of Glenn. Also if memory services me I think Bremen beat Riley soundly also. Only team to have beat you guys in conference of Jimtown. Do you think the graduation is really going to bring you guys back down to level with some of these teams?
  10. Before we start the season, how does everyone feel the standings will go north and south? North will Penn reclaim the title or is Mishawaka more then a loaded senior class? What about Elkhart? St Joe? New Prairie? Adams? On the Southside, Bremen sounds like they lost a lot from last year. Is this Marian’s title to take before they leave for North? Can Riley finally jump up and grab a title in Edison’s 4th year? Will Jimtown step up and compete for title? Can Washington, Glenn, or Clay win more then a game against each other? Excited for the start of the year, good luck to all the NIC teams.
  11. I think already reported it’s eliminated. From what I’m reading you have to have admin license to apply. Heard that inlyone has one. This could be interesting.
  12. So today all SB school AD’s were fired and now the job will be a mix AD/Dean of students job. What they going to do next?
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