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  1. Any possible inside info on that Future? Think any changes after that second half to year?
  2. Call me crazy but I see NIC sweeping this week. And yes that includes the Eagles going to Concord and pulling out upset.
  3. Yes surprised by the NP/Plymouth game. But in fairness it was hard to get a real idea of Plymouth after missing weeks. And you are correct 7, looked really good. Marian should walk to semi state, don’t see anyone before then getting in the way. SJ playing Logansport could get them another win, things have lined up well for them to go on a mini run and possibly end up giving admin a positive outlook on season. Heard a few rumblings from south side of conference. I hear at Riley they can’t wait for Coach Edison to return and right the ship. Had heard preseason they had high hopes for year, and don’t think ending it at Logansport giving up 400 plus rushing was in those thoughts. And out on the county line, don’t think anyone is happy with lack of offense and blowing a share of conference title. Could be moves on at least offense down there. Really a disappointment to not score against a 1-8 team in sectionals. Looking forward to week 2 of playoffs and seeing the conference teams make some runs.
  4. Agree with you on all points. But when looking at the Jimtown from the start of them joining conference and there being a North and South they have been 2nd or 3rd almost every year. Yes there was a Washington year and a Bremen year at top, but after NP and Marian there was always Jimtown lurking. But your correct new staff, new kids so who knows. Look forward to seeing how it plays out.
  5. Let’s slow down on handing out the Trophy for the South one week in. Let’s remember this is a team that still only won 3 games last year, and two of them were to a SB school. The South still runs through Jimtown, and they haven’t even got started yet.
  6. I would agree, to many people the favorites on both sides of conference didnt get to play week 1. Once they get their first games in hopefully there will be more chatter in later weeks.
  7. Yes I think all teams will look better as the season advances into season. Still can’t say many expected that outcome. Was that more being down a couple guys or is Glenn actually going to be decent team this year? I know when I looked for scores Friday night I was surprised by quite a few of them. If College and Pro is like this I’ll hold off on placing bets on games this season. Totally unpredictable.
  8. Seems late notice to cancel at this point, and could be another bad sign of things to come.
  9. Well that’s quite the feedback on each team. Let’s hope our conference can play every week and we can see how it all shakes out.
  10. I get it, have to keep somethings in your back pocket. You’ve been solid for years so wouldn’t expect a drop off. I’ll keep track of Andrean more this year then. Seems like I’m each class there is a real solid team from up here who can make a real run, look forward to it.
  11. Ouch, so your down top two QB’s from last year. Makes the year with less offseason an uphill battle. Anyone left in program who can toss it around, or gonna be mainly run team to start out? So you think Andrean is in for a long run? Would like to see more true North teams playing down state.
  12. Yes you guys had some very talented players last year. Vann and your QB were quite special players. Was surprised by the end score of the Andrean game. Anyone to fill their shoes? With similar schedule and they margin of victory you had, have to think regular season will be more of same. Does Andean return a lot?
  13. Graphic, do you a similar regular season for your BG team? Do you think you can have a better shot against Andrean this time around? Outstanding run last year, did Andrean just have your number?
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