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  1. Our disfunctional school board will not close buildings because they fear a charter taking them over. They want to hold 2 closed buildings under one plan for future grade school use. Yet the estimate to lose 1200 in the next 2 years
  2. Redeemer Radio 95.7 Sports 3m · Daeh McCullough, a 4-star defensive back & son of new Notre Dame running backs coach Deland McCullough, will play his senior year of football for Saint Joseph High School, according to @michianaFball on Twitter. Big news for Ben Downey! McCullough is committed to IU & will be an instant star for St. Joe. (Photo courtesy of Daeh McCullough on Twitter)
  3. I was at the meeting. Most of the people left once they knew Washington was not going to close. I want to know how Clay needs $35M of repairs. Putting 6-7-8 graders in a high school building is absurd here. Turning Clay into a sports complex that they say is needed. Really? They said nothing about how much money it would cost to implement this plan. It was a very bizarre meeting.
  4. Attended the meeting last night. Appears Clay High and a 1 in 3 chance of remaining a high school Once people read about this plan think a lot of discussion will follow
  5. I was unaware of the stadium. I recall the semi state game there but the other issues provide good information
  6. WHME 46 Sports Sde20m471i605i858868m7 · Breaking: Romison Saint-Louis is the new Elkhart football head coach. He has been in that job at Peru the last four years
  7. It would be fun if St Joe, Marian, FW Dwenger and FW Luers could figure a way to play each other A double header at St. Franics would be a very interesting idea for sure. Just a thought were many diocesan schools play each other
  8. SB St Joe has Fort Wayne South on their schedule week 2 in 23-24-25-26. This year Mishawaka fills that date An interesting match up non NIC is FW Dwenger has a home and home with Cincy Moeller
  9. Looking at Harrell's schedule and this may have been updated since......... New Prairie is open Week 2 and Week 7. Looks as if Twin Lakes dropped the Cougars for SB Clay. So now in week 2 Clay has 2 games with Twin Lakes and Goshen. SB Riley has openings week 5 and 7. If anyone has updated information please share
  10. St Joe is playing Mishawaka week 2 this year replacing Northridge. I believe next year the Caveman play Penn week 2 so this could be a one year game. Culver Academy has Hammond Morton in place of SJ in week 8. SJ picked up Benet Academy from the Easy Suburban Catholic League outside Chicago
  11. I have not heard of Elkhart being filled yet but may have missed that one
  12. NIC posters have been pretty quiet. Anyone have any thoughts to share, maybe some transfers or other items
  13. WHME 46 Sports lYesterfday2a0 at 7:211fo oA48M · BREAKING: Adam Handley, who resigned Thursday at Wabash, is on Tuesday night’s Plymouth school board agenda as the new head football coach. Handley was 14-26 in four seasons at Wabash, posting a rare winning season there in 2020.
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