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  1. Benet Academy is 3-3 in the tough Chicagoland Catholic league. The lost to Noblesville 21-13 in week 2. Just a fyi. I also like the running back, is it Williams? He has more quickness while Balis has the power
  2. Friday, Oct. 7 Benet Academy (Ill.) at St. Joseph, 7:30 pm Jimtown at Adams, 7 pm Glenn at Clay ©, 7 pm Marian at Elkhart ©, 7 pm New Prairie at Penn ©, 7:30 pm Riley at Bremen ©, 7 pm Washington at Bowman, 8 pm Here are the games for week 8. The big one is Penn at New Prairie. Jimtown at Adams could be an interesting match-up
  3. It would be a smaller high school just for those who want to study the arts. I highly doubt it would include athletics. The early report shows about 475 kids
  4. It sounds like Clay could remain a high school for the fine arts only of about 450 kids. It would not be in the current high school building. That is what the consultant wants to see happen which is why the Clay Twp people are not happy The school board could be shaken up in November with the election and one current member did not seek reelection
  5. When the announce the new enrollment numbers it will be interesting I have had parents tell me the sent their children to Adams because they did not see Clay open in 4 years. If numbers continue to drop they cannot continue to keep open all of their buildings but they are afraid if they close one it will become a charter school and more students will leave. There are many issue in some of the middle schools (Jackson, Edison, Dickinson) with education and staffing. They keep hiring consultants and spending money but have no real clue what the big issue is.
  6. That will never happen. I went to a facility meeting and 99% of the people were there to hear WHS will not close
  7. I would like to hear more from people in the know about SB schools. I heard Milt Lee talk to the school board and it seemed like he talk the talk is he walking the walk. Both Washington and Clay enrollment is in the hundreds. Comments of Clay closing as a traditional high schools has hurt. In all honesty I think SB need 2 traditional high school and one magnet high school.
  8. Friday, Sep. 30 Angola at Marian, 7 pm Bremen at Prairie Heights, 7:30 pm Calumet at Clay, 7:30 pm Jimtown at Washington ©, 7 pm Glenn at LaVille, 7 pm New Prairie at Riley, 7:30 pm Penn at St. Joseph ©, 7 pm Adams at Elkhart ©, 7 pm Several non conference clashes this week.
  9. Yes, the have open enrollment and put ads in the paper how many transfers they have opening for. I know 2 families who drive their kids up there
  10. Why do they let it go? It would seem it could bring about more issues among the ranks
  11. Friday, Sep. 23 Bremen at Glenn ©, 7 pm Elkhart at St. Joseph ©, 7 pm Marian at Penn ©, 7 pm Adams at New Prairie ©, 7:30 pm Clay at Jimtown ©, 7 pm Riley at Washington ©, 7:30 pm
  12. this was posted when announced on here some time ago
  13. DO they not pick up Mishawaka week 2 next year? Also when the Cathedral series is over did they not sign for 4 years with Carmel? Their issue may come down to who is available and wants to play them the week Penn has an opening.
  14. Friday, Sep. 16 Indianapolis Washington at Riley, 7 pm Jimtown at Bremen ©, 7 pm Knox at Glenn, 7:30 pm Marian at Adams ©, 7 pm Penn at Elkhart ©, 7 pm A huge game at Rice Field St. Joseph at New Prairie ©, 7:30 pm Washington at Clay ©, 7 pm Both teams 0-4 ©conference game
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