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  1. JOHN GLENN JOB POSTING Head Varsity Football Coach Notice of Job Posting 12/3/2021 Openings anticipated for the 2022-2023 school year. All licensures encouraged to apply. Job Description: Head Coach of the John Glenn High School Football Team. Job Requirements: Perform the normal duties of a head varsity football coach including but not limited to: Directly responsible for all high school football activities. Design, oversee, and administrate highly structured off season preparation program Supporting all levels of the football program, specifically Urey Middle School Football. Administration and evaluation of football staff. Duties as assigned by the John Glenn High School Administration. Job Qualifications: Successful varsity football coaching experience. Excellent communication and organizational skills. Ability to lead and work with student athletes, coaches, and volunteers Ability to work with a team – staff, administration and parents for the greater good of JGHS students. Head football coaching experience STRONGLY preferred All persons interested should: Apply at http://www.applitrack.com/jgsc/onlineapp/default.aspx?all=1. Send letter of interest, resume, letters of recommendation and additional supplemental materials TO: Eric Stephens, Athletic Director, estephens@jgsc.k12.in.us cc: Chris Manering, Principal, cmanering@jgsc.k12.in.us 101 John Glenn Drive, Walkerton, IN 46574 (574) 586-3195 ext 8426 Application Deadline is Friday, January 14, 2022
  2. True and they also sponsored at one South Bend St. Joe and Evansville Memorial along with Catherdal My uncle, who was a Holy Cross Brother was at Cathedral in the late 50's maybe early 60's. I would have to see before he went to Evansville Memorial as Principal. He also was at St. Ed's later in his ministry life.
  3. His base is supposed to be $7M and with the other benefits $9M He has taken them about as far as he could. Making the playoff is one thing but winning it? I think ND would always be a player or 2 short. Plus there is not more ND can give him. Swarnrick has given him everything he has wanted. Fickel has said ND or OSU are the only 2 jobs he would leave for. Could Campbell from Iowa State be on the radar?
  4. I agree with the size and the athletes. It will take a special team from elsewhere in the state to compete and beat an Indy area team
  5. St. Ed's and Hoban - 2 Brothers of the Holy Cross High School
  6. I watched all 6 games on the TV for the first time in years. Here are a few initial thoughts. The QB from GS is the real deal and should be Mr. Football hands down. The Bowen kid from Andrean is a beast and can see why ND went after him. Several teams had young QBs which mean they are set for a couple of years Mt Vernon was the quickest team I had seen in a long time Not sure what the attendance was but seemed on TV some crowd bases followed and others did not. I thought Northridge would have more fans since when they play a home their side is usually full. The 6A game was a great fans game. Some of the offenses were very wide open and scored often. Football around Indy is still in a league of its own. I have no problem with Cathedral winning again. Great programs that can reload and do that I have no issue with. Kids want to play for a winner. In all I thought is was a fun weekend to watch football.
  7. The QB from GS is the real deal. One of the best I have seen over 50 years. Purdue looks like they could be getting the real deal Great game though to watch
  8. I think it is more metro Indy and the State of Indiana North or South once you leave the metro Indy are for the larger schools is the big difference
  9. My take from this post is this...Metro Indy area will dominate the top 2 classes much like the Chicago area dominates Illinois. While there may be a team now and then that makes it and could win there just seems to be such a big difference in the football from northern Indiana to Indy. All you heard about up here was Merrillville and look what happened. Same with Mich City who won the regional in 5A up this way. I figured whoever won the Brebeuf/West Laf game would get to Indy. Marian played the Braves very tough but they prevailed.
  10. There are lots and fields across the street (Franklin St.) from the stadium. Not sure what is available to park. There were a few sports on the north side of the stadium the last time I was there.
  11. The Michigan City community will show up and support their school. It is a town that has been waiting for a winner again. In 1966 when they wont State in basketball over 50,000 people lined a 3+ mile parade route through town to welcome them home. It was unreal. They had a reunion of sorts a few years ago during the summer festival and the crowd was there to see the players. The old Ames field was not a place t watch football at all. The one sideline had no fans behind it I would love to see City win this but being from the indy area their football is a different breed
  12. Any grass field in No. Indiana with the rain and snow and more projected for Thurs and Fri will not be ideal this weekend
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