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  1. Reels/tik toks are worse than the fake news media. I’m a big fitness/nutrition guy and there are so much false information on these. Even at work I have employees sourcing tik tok as valid information, it’s bad.
  2. It was passed on to me not sure of initial source
  3. Good luck seems like you would be a good hire. Having a Hispanic background is a plus as well
  4. This was passed on to me hopefully they aren’t resigning because of critical race theory and pushing lqbtq agenda in the curriculum
  5. They hired someone 2 weeks ago apparently he resigned to stay at river forest
  6. Embarrassing situation but season on the brink and the program doesn’t have a coach, any volunteers?
  7. cathedral #2 player in the nation in hoops. Get him out for red zone package ala Jimmy Graham https://n.rivals.com/prospect_rankings/rivals150/2023
  8. Hoping whiting can bring back the winning tradition. Your analysis spot on though Hanover head and shoulders above everyone else.
  9. Does it matter though most good big ten games are on abc/espn where as btn gets northwestern Rutgers
  10. Stupid just have everyone go independent like nd break away from the ncaa and make football it’s own entity.
  11. My opinion is supply and demand you wants more officials raise the wage, simple as that.
  12. No last season of Cain Andrean wasn’t in sectional. Whiting will never drop down unless they get rid of open enrollment. From what I heard in past there was speculation of shutting down school corps with less then maybe 1000 total students so they ramped up out district students to be over 1k. This was all hearsay on my part. Makes sense though as when I went in 90s enrollment was 260 or so and they maybe added 30 new homes since then.
  13. I don’t know specifics of why they hired, I’ve heard people upset they didn’t hire within the “family” and went with an outsider
  14. It’s one of the smallest schools in lake county the other schools can handle it whiting can’t apparently. You saw clark close and gavit. Clark right down the street was legit soccer powerhouse prior to shut down
  15. Yeah something needs to change the program has been on a downward trajectory since Cain retired. I hate to say it but if things don’t change they might contract and go to soccer only due to demographic changes.
  16. Infamously known for not accepting a running clock vs Merrillville. I believe merrillville put up 80 plus points. It’s a good hire need a tough coach like that
  17. Pretty solid I’m sure it’s much higher than the median salary in the south bend metro area
  18. Carmel vs bishop Gorman stay at the Bellagio
  19. I don’t know about with him having a business background he probably understands the present value of money and how he can invest. So players such qb from texas, osu, and t bama if they were wise could set themselves up with a nice investment opportunity.
  20. Yeah but how much NIL money is he making?
  21. Outwork is an antiquated view its about working smart now and using science and technology to improve. This includes adequate rest and proper nutrition
  22. Exactly so be a leader quit and start the public school association. I’m a big golf fan and there is a serious shake up going on with liv golf and the pga tour. The status quo isn’t working anymore
  23. It’s a joke I really wish we’d get some leadership from the public schools and force the private schools out.
  24. Illiana christian is in dyer near Andrean and lake central 2 perennial baseball powers fyi
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