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  1. I’m assuming it would come from this list as these guy have proven through performance and camps they are top notch
  2. probably the best team the university has had over 100 years of existence by the way. Also churned out plenty of hs coaches, success breeds success https://www.valpoathletics.com/football/news/2023-24/22267/a-look-back-at-the-2003-valpo-football-championship-team-20-years-later/
  3. What’s wrong with a cupcake or two on the schedule? It’s done in every level except nfl
  4. Shocked so many “rumors” in this post that the GID police haven’t shut this down yet
  5. The ridge road teams from the region suffering griffith, highland, and Munster. Not sure if any of them will be competitive again seems they get worse every year, conversely Hanover central looks like the next region powerhouse
  6. I admire you guys that follow college it’s so boring for me now no parity it will be bama Georgia and Ohio state Saturday’s are for golf for me now
  7. Out of curiosity is Miami central a legit public school with neighborhood boundaries? any consideration of doing public and private ranking?
  8. Since ihsaa is a member organization and consensus is that a majority doesn’t want private schools in the ihsaa, why can’t they get voted out?
  9. Not really this season rose bowl is a cfp semi and once the larger playoff hits it will be a quarter final per espn this morning
  10. Guess what there is one free transfer per student athlete, if they don’t like the travel they can transfer
  11. FYI ncaa has little or no input on college football playoffs it’s a separate entity. The ncaa money maker is March madness have you noticed there is no NCAA football champion in fbs? It’s the cfp champion ncaa only controls fcs d2 and d3 football championships
  12. Still baffled why cal and Stanford arent above oregon Washington. Is solely based on football program strength?
  13. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/could-guardian-caps-be-used-in-games
  14. It’s been 20 years since I’ve played college and longer since high school but when I played I never recalled a coach critiquing a tackling technique in practice or film. Just out of curiosity do coaches reprimand and or offer feedback on technique now days?
  15. I have no evidence or experience but I believe they can lead to bad habits. so one might think I have protection and can tackle or run over anyone I want in practice with little to no impact. if that behavior carry’s over to games or will lead to more concussions
  16. I remember the good ole days in the 90s on the region we used to get the south bend news and it seemed like Penn and Jimtown were powerhouses with massive rosters
  17. From dac thread I believe the Hobart qb is at CP
  18. Much like the nfl these all star games need to be ended they bring little to no value for everyone financially I’m sure these run at a loss then add in the injury element next lack of stars Finally the reputational risk. Do the stakeholders really want to be associated with what went on?
  19. You are right lot of fake news out there going off media reports This article looks very factual however after Covid vaccines, 2020 election, and hunter Biden I told understand your view about not knowing the facts https://www.espn.com/college-football/news/story?id=6219373
  20. Good to see northwestern do the right thing. I believe there was a school that had high winds and allowed a support staff member film practice from a lift then die, and nothing happened to that coach.
  21. That’s not how it works I believe it would be highland munster coop football then highland basketball and Munster basketball
  22. Why about the tax payers? Bigger schools are more efficient
  23. I always wondered these two high school towns why don’t they merge and create a super school like Carmel
  24. As an Illinois fan was hoping he would go there just like Jeff George in the old days
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