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  1. Great answer about rest and nutrition in the 90s programs were known for notoriously overtraining thinking it was hard work but they were getting diminishing returns
  2. Never forget Bloomington south best player ever Rex Grossman bear down
  3. Since when did d1 commits stop playing in game? Has it always been that way?
  4. How about ask about hobbies favorite sports teams or non football related questions
  5. But how valuable are those rights without players? I’ve always wondered why professional players don’t break away and make their own league. I know it’s complicated with all the laws etc.
  6. It would be kinda cool like hockey where a player can get drafted and still play college so as a bears fan you can follow your prospects in college How come schools are making money off tv, tickets, and licensing rights.
  7. Wrong college football will always be an attraction because of gambling, with more states legalizing it will become bigger.
  8. Keyshawn Johnson had an interesting take on first take he said will there be animosity between teammates because one makes more then the other?
  9. Shared but I don’t have a robust following so it won’t generate many likes
  10. I called someone a “fatty” in a golf group and got a 1 day suspension
  11. Nice no locked topics or moved threads. However we can’t name call
  12. here you one of highlands biggest wins, I believe whiting won the next year
  13. Some pro golfers players hs basketball haven’t heard of any football players
  14. Center Grover won the state golf championship, the best sport by far congrats.
  15. I disagree high school football coaches job is to win and build a respectable program not send kids to the next level. If you are good enough you will make on the next level regardless of what offense you run.
  16. Must be first day on forum, welcome. That’s how these posts go. DT makes an outlandish statement, it’s get disproven, and we move on.
  17. In the region seems like there is no big money affluent communities. Seems like the blue collar workers populate all communities. Munster maybe being the exception.
  18. I know played in it, was good for football but bad for bball Andrean Hammond high Munster just killed us
  19. Add griffith and 2 Hammond schools then divide north south and have a conference championship game like the big ten north-Hammond central, Morton, highland, Munster, and griffith. South- Andrean, Hobart, KV, HC, and Lowell.
  20. I’m not privy to teaching/coaching employment but is it contract or at will employment? If contract did he have to possibly pay the previous school?
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