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  1. Congratulations to MD on playing a great game and State Championship.
  2. Princeton 5th & 6th grade lost to Evansville North 5th & 6th Tuesday. I think the score was 38-0.
  3. You called it. Great prediction for the final score. That was a great game. South Warren is a very good team with a lot of size and speed. Unbelievable 4th quarter. Go Titans
  4. That’s a great article and should be shared. He’s a special young man.
  5. I’m not superstitious but the first 3 championship games were won by teams in dark jerseys and 2 of the 3 team colors were maroon and gold. I have to go with the maroon and gold dark jerseys in this one too. Let’s go Mater Dei.
  6. According to the Evansville Courier, Strickland and Allen will be roommates at Purdue after this semester.
  7. More accurate description is an impressive team performance.
  8. Looks like an incomplete pass to me. His arm was moving forward when the ball came out. Congratulations on your win.
  9. I was at that game and the entire Salem football team hustled to our end of the field to join in a prayer with their football brothers from another school. If there were any Buddhist, Hindus, or Muslims on either team, it didn’t slow them down in joining in fellowship with each other after a hard fought battle on the football field. I think we are blessed to have such fine groups of young men representing our respective communities. There are real problems around the world that need to be addressed, people voluntarily praying is not one of them.
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