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  1. Did Castle lose a couple linemen to transfer? Did they start or play much last year for the Knights?
  2. I hear some of these shootouts teams are playing 6,7,8 or more games in a day. When is it too much? I love that these kids get these opportunities but I think many of them would benefit from a month or so without sports. Have time to pick up hay, watermelons, or mow yards,
  3. I believe the concern was many of our varsity players are on vacation or gone to church camp or playing another sport or recovering from an injury. We had mostly freshmen and sophomores left and a total of 19 kids that could make it Thursday night. Coach made the decision to pickup a scrimmage later on that could benefit the whole team. With so many 2 and 3 sport athletes these reps are extremely valuable and missing the majority of the team didn't make sense.
  4. Purdue must love some PAC football! Mockobee in 21, Allen in 22, what juniors have a chance to play big ten ball
  5. Great program, great coaches, great work ethic! Those kids expect to win
  6. Why discuss a kid that won't be playing football in a football forum? Does Cannelton have Endzone Camera's for Cross Country?
  7. If I'm going to watch it, it better be filmed from a Hi-Pod x31. Everything else is trash.
  8. Yes, I believe he is Washington's all time win leader as a head coach winning 48 games. He took over a bad program and after a few years had three consecutive seasons with 8,7, and 8 wins. Congrats and best of luck.
  9. I believe the website, Lettermen row, is calling him a must get not the Buckeyes. I believe Caden Curry is a great high school player and wish him nothing but the best of luck going forward but I doubt a school as talented as Ohio State has any recruit as a "must get."
  10. Really like both of these stadiums. I have always liked Tell City's stadium. Middle of town, surrounded by houses, when they are good they have what appears to be parties at the house across the street. Field seems to always have good grass, thick and well maintained. Home stands are big enough and elevated. Good concession stand food. To me it is what small school football in a small town should be about. I love our (North Posey) field and location but there is something to being in the middle of the town.
  11. Sean Coultis resigns as Central football coach after two seasons (courierpress.com)
  12. No, Boonville had the chance to join the SIAC and decided it was not in there best interest. Bosse is part of the EVSC, I doubt the AD of the EVSC wants to have schools in multiple conferences. Now I could see Gibson Southern wanting to join the SIAC and they would be able to compete in many sports but Bosse isn't leaving the SIAC.
  13. I hope one day we have a lineman win again, I think it will have to be a lineman that dominates on both sides of the ball for a state championship team.
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