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  1. I heard GS non conference will be Southport, Southridge, Henderson County... just what I heard Tecumseh does not want to be in the small division either.
  2. I don’t know what benefit it is or would be for the PAC. Maybe the PAC schools want to help these other schools and solidify the conference? At this point I expect the PAC to expand and go big/small divisions but who knows! Things change in a hurry!
  3. Which done deal? Big8 joining PAC for football or Boonville and GS to SIAC? Lots of changes
  4. To me Princeton and MtV and Washington are all about the same. P/MtV are probably traditional better in Football than Washington. Washington is traditionally better in basketball. Don’t really know about other sports... Washington is probably closer to most of the PAC not in Gibson or Posey County.
  5. Off topic but I heard Mt Vernon hired and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He previously worked at Bobs Gym and with the State Champion Sprinter and the QB Felton a couple years ago at Harrison. Coach Brunson’s brother Cris. I heard all of this and know none of it. So if it is inaccurate I apologize.
  6. What would be the benefit to the PAC adding the four remaining Big8 schools? The PAC could remain unchanged now that GS isn’t going to the SIAC.
  7. Maybe just two schools for now... https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/05/21/siac-add-vincennes-lincoln-and-jasper-amid-conference-reshuffling/3742346002/
  8. Didn’t say no more PAC conference, but I anticipate a new conference to be formed still named the PAC with new members.
  9. Hearing one PAC school and 3 Big8 schools
  10. Heard from pretty reliable source that the SIAC will be finalizing an expansion tomorrow that will include schools from PAC and the Big8.
  11. That would be a scheduling nightmare to get started!!! I'll put Coach Schenk on it
  12. This is what I was told as well, I have been told that the vast majority of programs in both conferences are for this at the AD level and above.
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