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  1. Was at least one or two Howald's on the team last year as well if I remember correctly.
  2. Any word on the Pike Central coach vacancy?
  3. I've heard but can't remember which, either UT-Martin or UT-Chattanooga is a place he is looking at pretty hard.
  4. So its ok to use tax funds to pay to break said contracts?
  5. Hoosier Prep Gridiron and Coach Hart Hoosier Prep Gridiron | Indianapolis IN | Facebook For those not on FB (ADMIN edit) Removed pasted content at the request of the author
  6. If i remember correctly GS returns a lot of experience, this should be a great early test. GS is doing a great job at finding games to challenge them. It would be interesting to hear what everyone (PAC teams) have coming back. I know NP and I believe SR have most of their core players back. Believe HH has a good nucleus coming back as well.
  7. I'd add that Montgomery did still play basketball, so he was still a multi sport athlete.
  8. Unless something has changed Tecumseh is back to being a full member of the PAC next year, they will join the small school division. Below is Tecumseh's schedule per John Harrell, SR has not been playing Tecumseh but is next year as a small school conference opponent. JH's site does not show Tecumseh as a conference member yet but I'm certain next year is the year they rejoin. Mt. Vernon (Big Division) schedule is also on JH's site and does not include SR.
  9. NP beat both MV and HH (in OT,) but I'd guess those two were helped by MV beating 6A Jeffersonville and HH beating Charlestown.
  10. Let’s get this back on topic. I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical about MD returning to state without Humphries, Boots and especially Ralph. But i was really impressed last Friday night! The offense really clicked last Friday, no offense to Linton but it was ugly.
  11. I’m including freshmen, I could be wrong but would guess most 2A public schools include freshmen on the roster. Guessing the P/Ps don’t have to dress freshmen or use them for practice. Including freshmen we had 44 players at the start of the year coming off a conference championship season and 9 wins last year. Including freshmen MD probably had 85-90 players it’s not apples to apples. Fun fact we dressed 39 healthy players against MD, they had that many coaches/staff/trainers/doctors on the roster
  12. As are Nolan and Carter Schickel. In a few years Nolan (freshmen at MD) could be a starting WR/DB and his brother Carter (8th grade) could be a starting QB/DB at NP. I didn't want in this conversation just presented numbers about the 2A tourney and the success of the P/P schools, I'm just going to say we do not see things the same way and that is ok. I don't feel sorry for Pike Central when we beat them almost every year and I don't expect MD to feel sorry for us. I don't see the IHSAA changing anything anytime soon so our 40 - 50 football players will have to learn to outwork the 80 - 100 football players at MD. Same for our 6-8 coaches will have to outwork the 20 or so coaches at MD.
  13. I'm not sure but I believe MD usually has above 90% participation rate and have heard it has been close to 100% before.
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