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  1. I don’t know about SR but I believe you may have Boonville replaced by another team...
  2. I think you will see two turf fields installed in Posey County by 2020 or sooner
  3. Could still be a head to head of champions during the season. I didn’t think GS people cared about conference titles
  4. No championship game, two champs is what I heard. Will be able to keep some rivalry games like SR/J, NP/MtV, HH/SS...
  5. I would like to see some flexibility here, maybe if a small school knows it is on a run of talent they could bump up and move the last place team down.
  6. I think it will go by enrollment, two PAC schools in the big school division and Tecumseh back in as part of the small school division
  7. SR would be in the small school division
  8. I’ll just say I have been told there is a much greater chance than zero percent. Possibly as soon as the 2020 season, but my source could be mistaken. I trust him tho..
  9. I think there is a better chance than zero.
  10. I could see mutual interest from Jasper, Boonville, and Vincennes in joining the SIAC. What would the PAC members interest if two of the three above (J, V, B) joined the SIAC or went independent?