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  1. but do they have a Hi-Pod X31?
  2. I understand the love for a good ol sloppy field and muddy uniforms, what about the cost to repair those neutral sites when there grass is destroyed and field rutted up. Believe that is why a school willing to host would have to have turf.
  3. what about a field that gets destroyed due to playing in extremely sloppy conditions, repairing these fields in the offseason can have a significant cost.
  4. I heard its all because of Toyota, the job opportunities are bringing so many new families to GS. 😋
  5. I thought he was from Newburgh... 😀
  6. Do we know what the discrepancy is between the first set of numbers released for enrollments and the second? I've heard the first was fall enrollment numbers and the second is the spring enrollment numbers which is what the IHSAA usually goes by, this is what I was told can anyone confirm or deny?
  7. I have heard PC enrollment took a big dip and they will be in 2A, also South Spencer had a big drop as well and they will be in 1A... so I've heard didn't see the numbers the first time.
  8. Great news, welcome back Braves!
  9. I'm going all Watermelon Bowl, North Posey wins the small and Gibson wins the big.
  10. The commissioner is a North Posey grad, maybe he was trying to help us out! 🙂
  11. I would add that many kids lose the weight because they want to either for team needs or for potential better weight class for themselves.
  12. Works both ways some kids need to lose the bad weight, have seen kids gain confidence from losing bad weight and became better football players because of it.
  13. I believe the "bad taste" was more than just how things ended. I do think VL would be a solid addition to our conference, they would be at the top in every sport I would imagine.
  14. I'd say that varies from year to year, when they have "up" years they have an opportunity to win the small PAC. When they have "down" years they finish bottom half. The last couple years they would have been bottom half (close losses to NP, FP, and TC) but I believe they have some good groups coming... They sure had their chance to beat us this last year and we won the small PAC. The game was 23 -18 and we were behind until the fourth quarter.
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