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  1. and what opening become available after those two are filled
  2. I have heard that MtV big fear is that several of the 8th graders may follow him, all just speculation, but what I’ve heard.
  3. What can they do about the 8th graders who want to move to Reitz? MtV had high hopes for their 8th grade team
  4. It is going to be very interesting to see how the domino's fall, especially if one job is more sought after than the rest. South Spencer has a lot of tradition and always has good athletes and has been extremely successful in other sports not too long ago. Mt Vernon had some real positive program wide momentum going and has really nice facilities and use to be (may still be) one of the higher paying school districts around.
  5. So now in the new PAC South Spencer, Mt Vernon are both looking for coaches. Anybody else I’m missing, has anyone heard is SS close to finding their next coach?
  6. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/02/24/cory-brunson-named-new-football-coach-reitz-high-school/4810872002/ https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/02/24/moe-sutton-named-new-football-coach-harrison-high-school/4820267002/
  7. I have read this and haven’t been able to confirm yet but it sounds correct. North Posey Josiah Rickets has passed Pike Central’s Adam Seitz (1943pts) to become the PAC’s all time leading scorer. Josiah currently sits at 1973 and is 68th all time in the state of Indiana.
  8. Anyone expect a new coach to be announced at Harrison or Reitz in the next week or two?
  9. If I remember correctly he stated that the benefits had become too expensive and the pay was lacking compared to South Spencer. That was a few years ago so I could be misremembering....
  10. Always thought USI could offer a great opportunity for some of the kids who struggle a little more in the classroom, want to continue to play football and couldn't get into UE
  11. Nope, could see both sides. He had success when he had a established program with talent. He lives in Owensboro and has not had the results at SS I’m sure he had expected.
  12. Yeah I believe he still lives in Owensboro, unless its from the Ridge.
  13. You think Hart snubbed Reitz and took the Apollo job? 😀 So that means that at least two PAC teams may need new coaches...
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