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  1. I’ve seen both Princeton and Forest Park this year, I’ll give the points and take MD and VL to cover.
  2. I saw this last night, 35 years old. Prayers for the Schiff family!
  3. Sagarin isn't very effective tool to use when a team plays a conference only schedule. Once the post season starts after a few weeks MD's sagarin rating would change quite a bit depending on outcomes of other teams within the SIAC.
  4. Don't you know the IHSAA takes care of the private schools, another unfair advantage! 🙂
  5. Some big games this week, couple county rivalries and SR vs HH could be a good one.
  6. I thought the sentiment here was if you lose to a better program you have to just get better. So what does it matter if its October 22nd or November 5th? 😉
  7. I think a lot of their fans would like to re-join as well! They have some good younger grades coming up I think coming back into the PAC would help them for the 1A tournament
  8. Non-league game Tecumseh doesn’t want to re-join the PAC in football. 👎
  9. 570 Wow!! That same time period has MD at 493 (14/15 school year) up to 497 (19/20,) by comparison my school, North Posey, went from 513 down to 450...
  10. @TigerFan20Saw you post this in the PAC thread but decided to bring it over here... You said Memorial is closing in on 2A enrollment. I looked back at 2014-15 numbers and Memorial has dropped from 752 students to 609, why is that? Any certain reason Memorial has lost about 20% of their enrollment in 7 years? Maybe it has been answered on here and I forgot...
  11. One of the best profile pictures on here!
  12. Yeah, I’d guess that several of the GS posters have watched film this week of Mt Vernon.
  13. DTs facebook page https://www.facebook.com/107360041590757/posts/159186076408153/
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