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  1. I understand and because of the bylaws it is not as easy as I suggested.
  2. I understand most of the time you can buyout a contract. If I remember correctly Princeton had to pay North Posey $300 to get out of a contract so they could play Wood Memorial about 10 years ago. I think, never been told this, but I think the goal was to honor all current contracts. If situation occurred and it was not possible to honor one or more of these contracts then so be it. Personally I hate that Tecumseh is staying independent, and personally I wish they would either be in or be out of the conference all together. I don’t like that the PAC is giving them special partial membership.
  3. I don’t think it would be in good taste for the conference to void all contracts with outside schools. It may happen in certain situations but I’m sure they will try to minimize damaging relationships. I know one AD in particular who has worked really hard to make this work. I’m pretty confident he will take the blame for whatever people don’t like but I think he is ok with that if this works out.
  4. I don’t think that it is possible to move all non conference games to the front of the season and honor schedule contracts that already exist. For example, Linton is scheduled to play Boonville about mid season for four years. Now another team may be taking over that contract but I doubt they can get it moved to the beginning of the season. Linton needs that game for their schedule at mid season and it’s contracted for that.
  5. Tecumseh doesn’t want to play Southridge is what I’ve been told. Small School: SR, NP, TC, PC, FP, SS, Tec Big School: Jas, BV, VL, GS, HH, Wa, PR, MTV I have heard Washington wants in small school division so maybe that happens if Tecumseh gets out...
  6. It’s possible that another PAC school may take over this contract.
  7. It is not a merger nor is it a new conference, the Big 8 schools would be joining the PAC for football. The PAC decided if that is going to happen they will do a large school and small school division of the PAC, this is my understanding...
  8. I was also told that Southridge requested the small school division, and that Southridge Superintendent is completely on board with this move.
  9. I believe the PAC will vote on this in March, so we should have a final official answer soon! From my understanding, most will like the schedules with a few teams having to make sacrifices to fulfill contracts and desires. One example is the watermelon bowl may be suspended for a few years. Although this has been incredibly one sided recently I doubt either teams fans (majority speaking) want to see it end forever!
  10. I don’t believe you will see GS/SR in week 9 in 2020
  11. I don’t know about SR but I believe you may have Boonville replaced by another team...
  12. I think you will see two turf fields installed in Posey County by 2020 or sooner
  13. Could still be a head to head of champions during the season. I didn’t think GS people cared about conference titles
  14. No championship game, two champs is what I heard. Will be able to keep some rivalry games like SR/J, NP/MtV, HH/SS...
  15. I would like to see some flexibility here, maybe if a small school knows it is on a run of talent they could bump up and move the last place team down.
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