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  1. Sean Coultis resigns as Central football coach after two seasons (courierpress.com)
  2. No, Boonville had the chance to join the SIAC and decided it was not in there best interest. Bosse is part of the EVSC, I doubt the AD of the EVSC wants to have schools in multiple conferences. Now I could see Gibson Southern wanting to join the SIAC and they would be able to compete in many sports but Bosse isn't leaving the SIAC.
  3. I hope one day we have a lineman win again, I think it will have to be a lineman that dominates on both sides of the ball for a state championship team.
  4. Already happened, so it won't be never ever ever... may never ever ever happen again but it has happened. You seem really passionate about this, did an O-linemen do you wrong at some point in life?
  5. I expect the Vikings to be improved, returning a skilled senior class with many becoming 3 year starters next year. QB Bender showed signs of playing at a high level and has two all conference receivers returning. Our big problem has been line play, and I have high hopes of improvement. Our JV should be solid after a one loss season this year with a nearly all freshmen team. Most of those freshmen should be able to stay on JV and add to them an undefeated 8th grade team (Our first since the 90s)
  6. I was thinking it should have read "but their passing game will be the difference in this one, I swear to god it will. I gotta go!
  7. Many of MD's skilled players are sophomores, they had to learn varsity football. They are coming on now, add to it a very good line on both sides of the ball and they have the "Jimmies and Joes." Doesn't mean they won't lose but believe me they are very capable.
  8. Back on topic here, what does TC do well? How many starters back from last year?
  9. I think he is saying that he thinks they would play within 3 and he thinks they would compete for 4 quarters vs Central...
  10. Pretty sure SR is playing up as well.... I'm pretty sure I saw that on here somewhere?!
  11. In 2007 Mater Dei played North Posey at Gibson Southern it was a MD home game, in 2011 they again chose to play a home game away at Central against North Posey, MD has a history of having home games on other fields. Why couldn't they have moved in 2010? In 2012 they refused to play NP at Central in the sectionals, but because they agreed to the year before the game was played at Central again. I believe the IHSAA was involved in 2012 but I'm just going from memory and I wasn't on the phone with the AD's at the time of the decision.
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