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  1. Has Princeton even started interviewing football coaches yet? All I've heard is they keep offering Coach Schenk more money and he keeps turning them down. They have already missed out on a few guys who may have been interested, at this point they are probably just promoting from within...
  2. I would think they would only leave if they have a place to go. If the PAC says no, maybe they stay put for now?
  3. I've heard some other reasons but all I've heard are rumors. So I'm not going to help spread them.
  4. I’ve heard that as of right now the PAC doesn’t want them as a member.
  5. Unless there are tow Joey Elliotts, #21 Joey Elliott went to Evansville Harrison and played in the SIAC
  6. Indiana Mr. Football: Gibson Southern QB Brady Allen is 2021 winner (indystar.com)
  7. I always try and look up what players are commited to play at the next level or/and are being recruited to play at the next level when watching the state finals. I thought I'd put what I found so far on here and hope people add to it. Here is what I have so far from 247 recruiting, would appreciate any corrections and additions. Center Grove Class of 22 - DL Caden Curry undecided, QB Tayven Jackson Tennessee, Edge James Schott MSU, CB Kalen Carroll Cinci, OT Sam Buras Ball State Westfield Class of 22 - Edge Popeye Williams Louisville, QB Maximus Webster Ball State Cathedral Class of 22 - OT Cooper Koers Princeton, OT Owen Wood ISU Class of 23 - DL Kendrick Gilbert undecided Zionsville Class of 22 - OT Joey Tanona Notre Dame Brefeuf Jesuit Class of 22 - DL Joe Strickland Purdue Gibson Southern Class of 22 - QB Brady Allen Purdue Andrean Class of 23 - LB Drayk Bowen
  8. Posey County, Indiana: Ave Acrevalue: $7,825/ac and I'd give double if I could find someone to sell it to me!
  9. I was thinking MD by 10+ MD has a big line by 2A standards, Oline and Dline are both very good. They are athletic at the skill positions, physical and well coached.
  10. I would think this would really hurt attendance, would think it would be in the IHSAA's best interest to have as big of a crowd as possible.
  11. Tailgaters out front? surprised the school wouldn't want to hide what is going on... I'm sure nothing but chocolate milk in those koozies 🙂
  12. I appreciate the passion you have for your miners! The world needs more people like you!!
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