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  1. Illinois has had over 150,000 residents since 2014 move to other states. I’m sure that has also had an impact.
  2. I know you were kidding but... IMO a muddy field favors a passing team. The ball wont be wet, the receivers know where they are going, and it’s harder for DL to get a take off for a pass rush. Raining and windy would favor a running team.
  3. I was really impressed with HH defense last Friday, not a knock on GS at all! Sigler is dynamic I’ve been back and forth on this game for awhile now. Wish I could watch it
  4. Love when these topics become about one or two teams. How about North Knox, Mt. Vernon, Southridge, North, and Reitz? Nobody would have had NK near this list 4 weeks ago. MtV replaces Mr. Everything Sam Thomas and looks better. Southridge loses a great Senior class and one of the best athletes in the state gives up football and they keep rolling along. What a great Job Coach Paridean is doing at North, those kids and families have clearly bought into his program!!! Reitz? Reitz!! What is going on on the hill?!
  5. I have a hard time with Princeton going in the right direction. Princeton had back to back winning seasons and 3 out of the last 4 years with winning records under Coach Waylon Schenk. Coach Schenk is now trying to build North Posey thru some thin years. Princeton has gone 3-7 each of the last two years without Coach Schenk and are 0-2 to start this year. They have a chance to beat Washington this week but the rest of the year will be tough. 1-9 is possible.
  6. Wood Memorial left the PAC in 2000
  7. The new field is nice and looks great! I can’t wait to see what everything looks like in a year when our multi purpose building is complete along with the new track. That building will house indoor practice facilities for outdoor sports on a turf field the same as our football field. Plus the press box gets an addition. Should make a really nice facility!
  8. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful night under the new lights, on the new turf at North Posey
  9. I can’t tell you stats about returning players or anything like that but I believe from people I have talked to they expect to be pretty good in the trenches. Think QB has playmaking ability, hard nosed RBs but no one with outstanding speed like Central has with Evans and co Nothing earth shattering there, no insider knowledge just things I have pieced together from conversations with a few parents/fans
  10. I agree with those picks except I’ll take my Vikings to make it 6 straight openers. I’ll add it’s tough to win at LS. Tall order even with your stud QB back but without him.... pulling for a all PAC winning Friday night!
  11. C&P article North Posey https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/08/05/zach-lowe-ready-strong-senior-season-north-posey-football/1900712001/
  12. Best thing about this time of year is we can all be excited about our teams. Looking forward to watching these young men (at NP) grow.
  13. Just my 2 cents 1 MD 2 Cen/Mem 3 Rtz 4 Cas 5 Nth 6 B/H
  14. I heard GS non conference will be Southport, Southridge, Henderson County... just what I heard Tecumseh does not want to be in the small division either.
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