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  1. Will have to be able to separate "areas", with designated entrances and restrooms. Will be difficult at some without the use of porta potties. How many entrances could Reitz Bowl have, maybe four? Or could they split those entrances, for example at field level have two ticket areas with a divider. One entrance goes to the bowl side and one goes to the visitor side?
  2. 250 max per set of bleachers Per IHSAA website:
  3. ? I don't believe Southridge has postponed anything, pretty sure they started school this week also.
  4. I worry about the close talkers, the people that have to stand on top of you to talk to you. These people have to feel so uncomfortable right now, probably feel like they need to yell all the time. 😂 I would say your guess is close, maybe without the law enforcement asking anyone to leave. I can't see our county sheriff saying he is not going to legally enforce people to wear mask and then escort out a parent or family member because they keep moving to close to other fans that don't seem to mind. I think you will only see things being enforced if someone complains.
  5. It will be interesting to see how they manage the areas people like to stand and watch at the small schools. Place markers on the ground as a standing spot and place them six feet apart? Most small schools have really small visitor bleachers, how will those spots be given out?
  6. No Navy this year for the Irish, also the schedule is much easier now. Arguably the best schedule ND has had in over 50 years.
  7. I would add that he did pretty well at Harrison but to your point it was year three before they won a sectional. Is Reitz closer to competing than Harrison was when he took over? Does Reitz have the athletes that he was able to get out at Harrison?
  8. South Spencer https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/28/new-south-spencer-coach-jeff-daming-changing-culture-his-alma-mater/5514831002/
  9. Completely agree, they will have the athletes to compete at a very high level in the SIAC. Coach Brunson will put those athletes in position to make plays but can Big Dad get his O-line to become a staple of success again for the Panthers. I will be shocked if Reitz isn't top 3 or 4 by seasons end.
  10. Predicting back to back losing seasons for the Panthers? Wouldn't be shocked if Vincennes finishes closer to the middle of the pack, I know little about their team but I know they have a lot of community pride! Now I know you can't really go off scores, especially from the previous season but just for fun... They beat Bosse by three scores last year, Bosse played Memorial, Reitz, North closer and beat Harrison. Vincennes plays Memorial, Reitz, North and Harrison all at home this year. Coach Salters has never coached in the SIAC but he has won 8 or more games in all of his first three seasons.
  11. Sad day in Marion County, absolutely hate this for these kids. I worry too many of these kids could struggle with depression issues over this decision.
  12. I think we missed this one... Boonville https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/18/boonville-football-start-new-qb-first-time-4-years/5428156002/
  13. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/20/boonville-running-back-devin-mockobee-commits-navy-football/5471866002/
  14. Thanks I missed that, fits what they have coming back and as a former O-lineman I'm sure he (coach Webb) likes a little ground and pound!
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