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  1. I’m with you. The wind was strong, but was at their back if they were to kick it. I understand the choice to go for it on the 4th and goal from the 1 prior to that, down 21-20, ideally making it 28-21 with a score and 2 pt conversion.. 4 mins left. To be fair, it was roughly 3rd and 8 from the 25… not the 15, after they got ball back after a strip sack… 2 mins left… run up the middle all day. They’ve got a solid kicker, with a strong wind at their back. Slant was picked off on a diving play by the safety… amazing play. Jeff fumbled the game away at the end of the day. Would have been a 40-45 yard field goal on 4th with no gain. They couldn’t get anything going in the 2nd half, after completely dominating the first half on the ground. Props to Carroll for adjusting after the first half, and props to Jeff for being in a game no one gave them a chance in. The gap in the north is slimmer than we thought.
  2. Jeff picked off in the red zone. Carroll likely just sealed the game
  3. Carroll QB stripped on 3rd and long, Jeff recovers. Broncho’s ball on the Carroll 30, down by 1 3:05 left
  4. Carroll 21 Lafayette Jeff 20 5:11 Q4 Jeff stuffed on 4th and goal from the one
  5. Carroll 21 Lafayette Jeff 20 late 3Q Carroll capitalizes on a Jeff punt return mishap and scores on back to back drives to take the lead
  6. Lafayette Jeff 20 Carroll 7 6:33 3Q West Lafayette 49 Knox 6 1:30 2Q Andrean 14 LCC 6 Half
  7. Lafayette Jeff 20 Carroll 7 HALF Bronchos get ball to start the 2nd half
  8. Lafayette Jeff 20 Carroll 7 1:43 2Q Bronchos running it at will on the Chargers. Jeff gets ball at half, Carroll really needs a score here
  9. You mind dropping like HM 26-40, if u have already determined those teams?
  10. LCC 48 Lewis Cass 27 4Q 2:10 Carroll 28 Penn 7 4Q Portage 14 Crown Point 6 Half West Lafayette 49 Calumet 0 3Q Chesterton 28 Michigan City 20 Half Decatur Central 31 McCutcheon 13 4Q Warsaw 14 Elkhart 9 Final
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