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  1. Have lived in the north for years, almost always root for whatever team is playing the Indy school. You don’t know me, I wanted Homestead to win. Nice excuse about a bus ride though. I’ll stick with the results on the field when I come to my conclusions. Don’t even think there’s an argument for SAC being better than the HCC. I know the HCC has bigger schools, that’s a part of the reason why they’re better. Same reason as why the MIC is king. The north is not what it used to be.
  2. Disagree. You’ll have a hard time convincing anyone that the HCC has a “lack of defense.” 2 years ago HCC bottom feeder and 1-9 Noblesville took the SAC’s top dawg and undefeated team in Homestead to overtime in sectionals. I think there is a fairly decent gap between the talent level in the SAC and the HCC. HCC has better programs and better players all across the board. Sadly there has not been many matchups between the 2 conferences in the past 5 years. But reputation doesn’t mean a darn thing, everything is settled on the field and there is enough evidence to say the HCC is superior.
  3. Who me? I want to see schools outside of Indy have success as much as anyone. But it’s pretty clear the HCC is better than the SAC.
  4. Do you honestly think that the SAC is better than the HCC? I don’t think theres much of an argument. The HCC has been better from top to bottom as well as when you compare the best teams from each conference. Just look at last year SAC’s top 2 teams in Homestead and Dwenger during tournament play. Homestead got destroyed by Westfield and Dwenger lost to a Zionsville team that finished 3-4 in the HCC.
  5. I agree with you that Lafayette/West Lafayette isn’t big enough to have different types of athletes across different parts of the cities. Though i do find it interesting that West Side has had great success and undoubtedly fielded the best team out of any of the schools during certain years despite the population discrepancy and not ideal demographics for a football team. But I truly believe Jeff has had/will continue to have better athletes due to a combination of the demographics and the fact that Harrison has a really good soccer program that steals some athletes away. Soccer and Wrestling
  6. Demographics and recent history. If you’ve watched these 2 play at all within the last 5 seasons, then u should understand. Harrison has not had better athletes than Jeff, instead they win by being disciplined. Hell they run the triple option.
  7. Yes, all 3 have had their moments in recent times. I believe Harrison has consistently won the NCC award for overall performance across all sports for both boys and girls each year so it’s not like these 3 schools wouldn’t add depth to other conferences if they were to join. An unlucky location really holds them back
  8. Fair, but if we’re being real about it, Jeff or Harrison will most likely never be able to field teams to beat a Carmel or CG type of football team. Jeff is at the bottom of 6a and Harrison is at the top of 5a in terms of students, it would take a special group of players to take down one of the big Indy dogs. And that’s no knock on them, they hover right around 2000-2100 students which is significantly less than the contenders in 6a every year. And I disagree that Harrison is closing the gap on Jeff. They’ve had close games with them the past 3 years or so, but just because they are growing
  9. I think if Jeff, Harrison and Mcc are not able to join a more premier, already structured conference, which is already pretty unlikely, the ideal conference setup would be: Jeff, Harrison, Mccutcheon, West Lafayette, Kokomo, Lebanon, Western and Logansport. I would bet Kokomo becomes a solid team within a couple of years, they are only a few years removed from a 5a state title game appearance. Western has been fairly solid for a while now and Lebanon has been at least somewhat decent recently. Not exactly a power conference, but it would give each schools 2 out of conference games and the Laf
  10. All 3 Lafayette schools should leave in my opinion... where to I’m not sure. The travel for them isn’t necessarily a staying point. A few of the schools are much further than Indy schools. Marion 1 and 1/2 hours, Richmond 2 hours, Muncie 2 hours, Kokomo 1 hour, Anderson 1 and 1/2 hours from Lafayette
  11. Completely agree. As long as Shanley is there I don’t think Jeff will lose to Harrison unless Harrison has a special group. Jeff has had and will continue to have better athletes than the Raiders. Props to both of these programs for the success they have earned over the past 5 years
  12. I just don’t see how they can at this point. They simply do not have the athletes to contend in 6a in the postseason. Last year was the best team they’ve fielded in a long, long time and they ran into a tough Merrillville team. They’ve had athletes for as long as I can remember but I think they really lack size across the board on the O-line/LB’s/DB’s every single year. I think they are at that 29-31st spot in enrollment for 6a so they really need some good fortune to get bumped down to 5a. And they’ve had competitive game against some of the big dogs across the state recently (Carmel, Westfie
  13. Merrillville 14 Elkhart 14 3Q 4:00 LCC 37 Winamac 19 4Q Chatard 21 Concordia 10 4Q Marion 21 East Noble 17 3Q Hobart 24 Logansport 14 3Q Roncalli 35 Mt. Vernon 14 4Q
  14. Ben Davis 27 Carmel 21 FINAL What a performance by the giants. Very little people saw the giants being able to win this game
  15. Marion 14 East Noble 3 2Q LCC 23 Winamac 19 HALF Roncalli 21 Mt. Vernon 7 HALF Merrillville 14 Elkhart 0 2Q 4:35 Hobart 17 Logansport 6 2Q 7:32
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