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  1. Take with these with a grain of salt as it is pretty difficult to find information on teams in the off season. Any insight is appreciated 6A favorites: Cathedral Can win it all: Ben Davis, Carmel, CG, Westfield, Warren Central Longshots: HSE 5A favorites: Decatur Central, Merrillville Can win it all: Michigan City, Valpo, FW Dwenger, FW Snider Longshots: Harrison WL 4A favorites: Roncalli Can win it all: Mount Vernon, East Central, Evansville Memorial, Leo Longshots: Kokomo, Brebeuf, Northridge, New Pal, New Prairie, Lowell 3A favorites: Chatard Can win it all: West Lafayette, Mishawaka Marian, Lawrenceburg Longshots: Western Boone, Danville, Tri-West 2A favorites: Andrean Can win it all: Evansville Mater Dei, Eastside, Fort Wayne Luers, Eastbrook Longshots: LCC, Indy Scecina, Linton-Stockton 1A favorites: Adams Central, Indy Lutheran Can win it all: Pioneer, Park Tudor, Covenant Christian Longshots: North Judson, Churubusco, Parke Heritage
  2. Valpo and Michigan City certainly will have something to say about that. We’ll see how Merrillville is this year, losing some talent. DC has a much easier path, south is pretty weak. I agree they’re both probably the 2 favorites
  3. How? Cakewalk sectional then a CG with massive talent losses in regionals is all they could ever ask for. Dodging Cathedral/Ben Davis until Semi State
  4. Initial thoughts: Lafayette schools have to be happy. Jeff avoids any Indy schools until Semi State. Harrison doesn’t have it easy with Decatur Central and Plainfield but they’ll take that over Zionsville any day.
  5. Narcissistic much? Creating an entire thread to announce you’re leaving and then afterwards continuing to create threads and reply on said threads to brag about “reach” and views no one cares about. You made a Facebook page that’s getting thousands of views. Awesome dude. If you’re going to leave then do it. This is a high school football site. Not a DT site.
  6. West Side’s toughest regular season game has been Jeff for the past 4 seasons, now their toughest game will be Harrison. Being able to play both of them every year would a bump up in difficulty. Also, Kokomo is probably a step or 2 above Western and trending up. Western lost twice last year to WL 69-19 and 44-0. Kokomo would give them much better games than that. But I agree. If I’m the Hoosier conference, I’m begging WL to stay. With that being said.. if WL were to join the NCC and have a conference schedule filled with Jeff, Harrison, Kokomo, Marion (who has even been to semi-state twice within 5 years), and then have 2 non conference games to schedule probably LCC and a good 3a-6a. That’s a much better schedule to get them ready for the postseason. Yeah the travel could suck some years, but nothing too bad. WL has outgrown the Hoosier conference
  7. Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but what makes you choose Valpo over Merrillville? The pirates have been churning out some really good athletes in recent time
  8. 8 seasons ago but yeah. Jeff was getting blown out by everyone at the time. Pre Shanley era. They haven’t had any other opportunities to prove themselves against other DAC teams. They would fit right in the Duneland from a competitive standpoint. Down year this year they will be back. 2019 Jeff team very well could have won the DAC
  9. Not really accurate. Apart from Jeff blowing out Lake Central a couple times in sectionals, Merrillville is the only Duneland team they have played in the past 3 seasons. 2 were blowout losses while one went down to the wire but they still lost. But yeah they have certainly struggled with Merrillville
  10. Why though? Outside of Jeff, Harrison and Kokomo the NCC is full of 4a and 5a cupcakes who have been stuck at the bottom of their class for 10+ years. The NCC is an overall weak conference in all sports, not just football. Not to mention Harrison and Jeff are probably 2 steps ahead of Kokomo at this point. If Kokomo landed an opportunity to be in a package deal with them, they should jump all over that
  11. Yeah I didn’t remember your username or I would have. I knew you were gonna see it, wasn’t a slight at you.
  12. Lol okay dude. They still have to play teams like Carmel and Brownsburg in regionals to get to semi-state. Not exactly pushovers. I know their sectional is a joke and they have the easiest path to semi-state. Just because they get blown out by one of the best hs teams Indiana has ever had doesn’t mean their program is down the drain. You act like anyone in the world besides the BD poster on here actually thought BD would win lol. Complete ignorance.
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