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  1. Carmel 42 Pike 24 BD 63 Southport 14 LN 56 LC 21 NC 28 WC 26 CG 49 CN 10
  2. Penn only lost to Elkhart by 1, why do you think they don’t have a good chance? Penn has played better competition. And homestead beat Snider 33-3, i haven’t watched either team but that’s enough for me to pick them to win again. But I’m sure there have been many examples of similar situations where a team loses by a lot in the regular season and comes back and wins in the tourney.
  3. I totally forgot to add that one somehow! I would pick CG forsure but way closer. I would predict CG 31-21
  4. I don’t think so at all. Not that sagarin is the say-all in everything but they are 26th in state. I mean look at their route, I hope you don’t think they will lose to Portage. So then they will play Elkhart, who they lost to 20-19. I think you are underestimating them.
  5. 6A NOTE: This is simply for fun and to generate discussion. This is how I predict the 6A postseason to pan out at this moment. Obviously it’s hard to predict every single game that is going to happen before sectionals have even started so this is just for fun. I’m sure some of my choices will change after week 1 of sectionals. Would love to see others predict their sectional winners and happily welcome anything anyone has to say about these picks. Let me know where you think I’m wrong at and if there’s something you strongly disagree with me about! Let’s all pray for a Covid-free postseas
  6. I’m not surprised at all, Westfield has to be considered a top 5 team in the state. I would put them at #3. If they played Cathedral again it would be a lot closer, was tough getting them week 1. I think Westfield will make it to state and absolutely have a chance at CG if they meet there.
  7. Great game, not a lot of fireworks. I had no dog in this fight and even though I thought CG would win, Cathedral impressed me more. CG stepped up on their last drive which is what champs do. I thought Cathedral possibly outplayed them but CG earned that win. I think most people would have punted on Cathedral’s 4th & 1 play and that did end up changing the outcome of the game for them unfortunately. I still see them as #1 and #2 in the state and I’m sure most do as well.
  8. Can’t believe Cathedral didn’t punt there... even going for it why do a little WR motion run instead of going up the gut with your RB who’s been killing them the entire 4th quarter?
  9. Ben Davis 35 North Central 7 HALF The most surprising score of the night so far. Ben Davis making a statement before the tourney
  10. Harrison (WL) 41 Richmond 0 4:30 2Q West Lafayette 26 Hamilton Heights 0 7:19 2Q Marion 17 McCutcheon 0 HALF Lafayette Jeff 27 Muncie Central 0 7:34 2Q Westfield 35 Franklin Central 0 3:46 2Q Avon 7 Noblesville 0 HALF Zionsville 14 Fishers 0 :58 2Q Tipton 21 LCC 7 6:11 2Q Carmel 42 Lawrence Central 0 2Q LN 17 Pike 7 4:17 2Q Ben Davis 21 North Central 7 2Q Roncalli 13 East Central 6 HALF
  11. Warrens strength of schedule: 4th Michigan City’s strength of schedule: 84th Love the content you create on here DT but there’s not a chance in hell this game would be competitive. You know as much as I do that Warren is a program built different than most. 2-5 is certainly disappointing but those losses have come as the following: 0-20 to Center Grove 0-10 to North Central 14-21 to Ben Davis 13-34 to Lawrence North 14-38 to Carmel Those are not even bad losses, a 24 point deficit against Carmel is far from embarrassing. All 5 of those teams are top 15
  12. Warren would smoke them. Michigan City is an average 5a team at best... far from a contender. Their toughest opponent of the year is Chesterton and they lost to them. For the record i hate how dominant the Indy schools are but come on let’s be real. Michigan City lost to Chesterton by 8, lost to Laporte by 1 and beat an awful Portage team 28-7. Warren is fielding one of its worst teams of the last 20 years and they would have their way with the Wolves. It would be ugly and I really hope this doesn’t happen or some Michigan City players are going to get hurt
  13. I’m sure someone will do it. At least i hope so, really looking forward to it. Cathedral and Chatard appear to be locks for 5a and 3a. I’m sure most would consider CG a pretty heavy favorite for 6a but they showed they are human last week.
  14. I enjoy looking at them but I’m with you. I think any good coach makes sure their players know rankings don’t mean a thing when it comes to Friday nights
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