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  1. Yeah I didn’t remember your username or I would have. I knew you were gonna see it, wasn’t a slight at you.
  2. Lol okay dude. They still have to play teams like Carmel and Brownsburg in regionals to get to semi-state. Not exactly pushovers. I know their sectional is a joke and they have the easiest path to semi-state. Just because they get blown out by one of the best hs teams Indiana has ever had doesn’t mean their program is down the drain. You act like anyone in the world besides the BD poster on here actually thought BD would win lol. Complete ignorance.
  3. 7. Really? You’re speaking like Ben Davis is some underwhelming program or something. They made it back to Semi-state once again. They are fine. CG has blown almost everyone out. 11. Speak for yourself saying Brebeuf was flying under the radar and “wasn’t expected to make it out of the sectional.” Most people were picking them to beat West Lafayette and make it to the title game. They were arguably the favorite in 3a from the beginning of the postseason. Don’t know where that came from.
  4. Lafayette Jeff 0 Merrillville 0 end of 1Q Jeff drives to Merrillville’s 1 on first drive but get stuffed. Merrillville currently in the red zone Jeff responds with their own goal line stand. Score still 0-0 10:26 2Q
  5. It’s impossible to take this as a parlay lol. These aren’t picks, simply the spreads I created. So Columbus North and Decatur Central will lose by less than 10 to Center Grove and Cathedral? Come on… This is the early postseason of high school football in Indiana, not the NFL. There will be lots of blowouts this week, there are many subpar teams playing. There is a 3-7 team playing this week. There are multiple teams with losing records playing. I left out dozens of games.
  6. Tons of great games across the state this week. Reminder these are made up point spreads. Lots of good games so will be leaving out some, apologies if your team isn’t included. Example: (-7) indicates team is favored by 7 points. (+7) would indicate team is a 7 point underdog. pk (Pick ‘em) indicates there is no favorite or underdog Example: HSE at Westfield (-4.5) is the exact same thing as HSE (+4.5) at Westfield GOTW: Carmel (-2) at Brownsburg HSE at Westfield (-4.5) Merrillville (-25) at Lafayette Jeff Chesterton (-5) at Penn Warsaw at FW Carroll (-11) Columbus North at Center Grove (-36) Lawrence North (-4) at LawrenceCentral Michigan City at Mishawaka (-6.5) FW Snider (-5.5) at FW Dwenger Cathedral (-31) at Decatur Central Whiteland (-2.5) at New Pal Evansville Memorial at Northview (-5) Hobart (-3) at Lowell Chatard at Roncalli (-7.5) Eastside at FW Luers (-9) Eastbrook (-12) at Tipton LCC (pk) at Speedway
  7. Not incredibly surprising to me. Harrison was up 21-14 going into the 2nd quarter, which means they did not score for the final 3 quarters of the game. They are a run heavy team that runs the triple option I believe. Hard to be that one dimensional and beat a team of Zionsville’s caliber. I think it all boils down to strength of schedule, the NCC is horrible aside from Jeff and occasionally Marion and Kokomo. Harrison and Jeff will never truly be ready for the postseason until they ditch the NCC. Harrison scoring 21 in the first quarter shows they have the talent to compete, but these Indy schools go to war each week, they know how to win a dog fight. Harrison had 2 tough games all year, week 1 against Westfield and week 4 against Jeff. Until these Lafayette schools ditch the NCC, it would take a really special team to beat programs such as Zionsville.
  8. Penn won the first game 31-3. You know something I don’t?
  9. How so? You think it should be higher? WC won first meeting by 35. LC coming off about as impressive of a loss as you can have losing to Carmel only 14-0.
  10. **HYPOTHETICAL** point spreads for the best games this week. (Bringing this back as I saw that there are similar threads on Ohio’s hs football forum using imaginary point spreads) Not a ton of great games this week GOTW: Homestead at FW Carroll (-6.5) Penn (-15) at Elkhart Fishers at HSE (-17.5) Mishawaka at Concord (-4) Harrison WL at Zionsville (-7.5) Bloomington South at Castle (pk) New Prairie (-2) at Culver East Central at Mooresville (-4.5) Mishawaka Marian (-11) at Tippecanoe Valley Warren Central (-24) at Lawrence Central
  11. In 5a I see Snider or Zionsville getting there over Valpo. Leaning towards Snider right now which I would have never thought before this season. 4a Roncalli will win it all 3a I’ve got Brebeuf. Gibson Southern can definitely get it done though. 3a should have the best title game in my opinion
  12. Missed opportunity for Harrison and Eastbrook to play each other, would have been a good game. Hammond Central is terrible, Harrison will win by 50+.
  13. Merrillville has proven to be arguably be the premier northern 5a/6a team of the state within the past 3-5 years, Valpo is probably next in line. That being said, last year was probably one of the best teams they’ve ever fielded and that ended in a semi-state loss (nothing to be ashamed of at all). But anyone more than a casual fan knows they are probably somewhere in the 10-15 range of best 6a teams this year. They lost some really good talent from last year. That being said, they’ve earned the right to be ranked in 6a so far. They should win their sectional fairly easy over Jeff again. Regional will be tough against Chesterton, (maybe Elkhart, but i doubt they best Chesterton) and they could very well earn another semi state birth.
  14. Harrison (WL) 15 Kankakee Valley 0 2Q West Lafayette 20 Western 7 1Q 3:34 Lafayette Jeff 41 McCutcheon 7 1Q Westfield 14 Zionsville 7 2Q 4:28 Ben Davis 21 Pike 7 2Q 9:40 Fishers 8 Noblesville 6 HALF Brownsburg 7 Franklin Central 7 2Q Cathedral 16 Penn 0 1Q HSE 33 Avon 0 2Q 5:22 (wow)
  15. CG 45-14 Warren 52-21 BD 49-16 LN 38-21
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