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  1. The road to the 2A title still goes through Linton.
  2. Question for Western Boone fans, or anyone who happens to know. Who is replacing Comer? Is Pelley picking up the OC duties?
  3. Being all-state generally translates into being a decent lineman though. I assure you there are 6+-foot, 300 lb. kids that did not make all-state last season, let alone start on a state finalist team. I don't know if you expected this kid to be a 5-star recruit or something but to imply that he wasn't an above-average starter who will be tough to replace is being intellectually dishonest I think. Either way, I'm surprised you're trashing a kid like this and belittling his accolades. If you had a player that is an upgrade to this kid that wasn't already playing elsewhere last season then the coaching staff needs to consider what they're doing. A little better coaching and maybe a red ring or two turn to blue?
  4. Well I do know he was all-state last season and 6'4" and 300 lbs doesn't grown on trees. If Eastbrook can upgrade there, good for them. I'm guessing its unlikely.
  5. Nobody overlooks Eastbrook in 2A. They've been to the state championship game in 3 of the past 4 years and should've won it the year (2017) they didn't make it there. I don't know what Eastbrook has in the pipeline beyond the couple of standout sophomores they had last season. To a certain extent, it's a plug-and-play type of program but after losing a tremendous class in 2019 and then another very good class in 2020, I'll be surprised if they were to make it back to state this season. I think replacing Stephenson is big on both sides of the ball. Kid was tough as nails. Rice is literally a huge loss and personally I expect to see a drop-off at the quarterback position although I must confess I don't know much about the recruit from Western.
  6. Wright was really good. That said, I think Western Boone would've won 2A without him last year (given an even somewhat competent replacement). Their line was that dominant against most all the 2A competition they played, including the championship game. They were able to just run it down people's throats last year. I think replacing three of those linemen will be even a bigger problem than replacing Wright. I don't see them bullying teams at the line of scrimmage as much this year. If they are somehow able to capably replace Foster, Johnson, and the 3rd kid whose name escapes me right now, then they could well make another deep run into the state tournament even with a lesser QB. I just don't see that happening. Those type of linemen don't come along every year at public 2A programs.
  7. Looks like the Eastbrook program is a mess. Only 1 win last season and players quitting during the season. Many of the same kids that win on the football field and they can't even be remotely competitive on the basketball court? Unfortunate.
  8. Just like every year, the winner of Linton Stockton and Mater Dei will win it all. Nobody else matters.
  9. He will get at least one right this way. Probably a good strategy for him. Everyone will talk about replacing Wright, and for good reason, but I think how they are able to reload on the offensive line as a huge key in whether or not they can re-peat as conference and/or sectional champs.
  10. Some might not be very bright too. When they are 3A enrollment, they play in 3A (like they did from 2007-2016). When their enrollment is 2A level, they play in 2A. There are no tricks involved. Their success has been exclusively in 2A to date. They had some ok teams (not great) while they were in 3A but they ran into better teams early. 2010 - lost to Chatard (eventual state champ) in sectional championship 2011 - lost to West Lafayette (regional champ) in sectional semifinal 2012 - lost to Hamilton Heights (state finalist) in sectional semifinal 2013 - lost to Brebeuf (state finalist) in sectional semifinal 2014 - lost to Tri-West (eventual state champ) in sectional semifinal 2015 - lost to West Lafayette (state finalist) in first round I don't think they need to apologize for playing in 2A, as their enrollment dictates, since 2017.
  11. 2009 Mishawaka vs Penn One of the state's best rivalries even though it's not scheduled to be played going forward (Thanks Penn!). Penn had gone 29 years without losing to Mishawaka, or any NIC team. I'd seen Mishawaka come close on a couple of occasions but things changed when Bart Curtis came to Mishawaka. After a year of the Cavemen learning to play Bart Ball in 2008, Mishawaka was the better team coming into this game and they knew it. They ended up winning fairly handily, 26-10 and it was really cool to see 29 years of being at the wrong end of the scoreboard in this rivalry come to an end for them. I can only find a link to some highlights of this game but the other takeaway I had was it's the only time I can recall seeing a high school football field being stormed after a game. Highlights: Field storming: :
  12. https://twitter.com/dchswarriors/status/1241481867586666498?s=20 Danville hires WeBo OC Comer.
  13. I've seen/read where players from the football program help clean up the bleachers/seats after other sporting/school events. I love seeing that because it gives them a better sense of all the contributions that are made for them to play when they take the field themselves.
  14. When you refuse to acknowledge the very words you post, there is no point for anyone else to try to reason with you. You're being willfully ignorant. And that's fine. I'm just not going to invest a ton of time explaining why you're wrong when it is self-evident to anyone who reads this thread.
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