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  1. Have to disagree. Looks like a big step backwards to me at this juncture.
  2. I think Penn is going to be stuck in the same rut they've been in since Geesman retired. Not sure Elkhart surpasses them but I think maybe they are pretty competitive. Maybe the most annual competition Penn has seen in quite some time.
  3. Thanks. Appreciate the lecture on maturity from an adult using the phrase 'butt hurt" and referring to people as "turds". 😄
  4. The fact that you feel justified in doing it doesn't change the fact that you did it first. It was an innocuous, half-joking comment concerning the mayor of the town I live in. You had time to vote it down to begin with so I don't think your time is quite as valuable as you believe. Like I said to begin with. You wanted to start with the petty down voting and that's fine with me if you want to continue down that road. Silly little game but it's not hard to play.
  5. And can you tell me what time you disliked the post in the screen shot posted below? Now....can you admit that you are the liar as you accused me of being? Being wrong is tough. Being proven wrong is tougher.
  6. Also, based on these figures, the 2A champ will qualify for 3A without success factor.
  7. That's ok. I know how to use them as well! I live in South Bend. Work downtown. Vote in city elections. Pay property taxes here. If anyone would like to debate me on Mayor Pete's record in South Bend, I'd be more than happy to engage them fully on the matter in a more appropriate forum. I'm fairly comfortable I can speak to it better than most anyone who doesn't live here and particularly those that have only come to learn his name in the past year. If they want to get in a silly cycle of down-voting one another, I'm game for that too.
  8. It's noteworthy that Wright was the only Mr Football position winner coming from a class below 5A.
  9. Think I remember hearing that Mississinewa and Marion start playing one another in 2020.
  10. Right. Let's go all the way then and get rid of the classes entirely. Who cares if Carmel has 200 kids for every 1 Sheridan has. Those Sheridan kids just need to roll up their sleeves and realize the only difference that matters is that the Carmel kids work harder at the end of the day. So long as we are still separating teams by class, telling teams to just work harder if they want more success is out the window. We've decided to try to make level playing fields. So if there are significant factors other than just attendance that make an uneven playing field, what's the difference in adjusting for those? Personally I like success factor because I don't believe that winning is #1 ideal the IHSAA should be promoting. Competition is. And if at the end of the day a couple of classes end up losing in regionals rather than walking to a smaller state championship, there's a life lesson that goes with that as well. As someone who believes in competition, I'll tell you who I wouldn't have wanted to be this year. A player for Western Boone or Chatard. Those programs walked through their respective tourneys without ever getting really even challenged. They weren't provided a level of competition to allow them to discover exactly how good they could be. They just know they were way better than everyone in their class.
  11. When you control the line of scrimmage like Western Boone did, the Eastbrook offense isn't really designed to overcome it. Wish they had a 2nd page to that playbook for occasions like Saturday. Too many plays resulting in little-to-no gain and putting them in obvious passing downs. Would've liked to have seen them throw more on early downs and maybe do more running out of the shotgun. Unfortunately, what you see with the Eastbrook offense is what you get. There is no plan B. Most of the time it works but they're going to run the same stuff even if it doesn't in particular matchups. But in the end, anything they could have done differently would have been purely cosmetic and not enough to change to the outcome of the game. The Western Boone team that won state in 2019 was better than the one that won state in 2018. I don't know what happened in the Western game. Maybe Western Boone dropped that to throw everyone off but it was clearly an aberration to the rest of their season. Eastbrook did an exceptional job to get back in 2019 but they weren't as mature and experienced on the liens I don't think.
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