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  1. They were missing more starters on defense than just Karlaftis.
  2. Allowing high school kids to engage in a dangerous physical contact sport in any situation is a bad idea. If that's what we're labeling football now, let's just remove it from the public schools altogether.
  3. Common sense says that it's an extra-curricular activity for kids and if there's enough kids wanting to play it, and the school is willing to sponsor it, who are you to suggest they shouldn't have that opportunity?
  4. Did you see their offense this season? I'm guessing they won't be getting many more there playing like that!
  5. Recruiting rankings factor in volume. Far more taken for the East (141) than the West (114) if my math is correct. Over half the West had 15 or fewer while nobody in the East had fewer than 18. Also, the head-to-head comparison over the past few years suggest it is pretty balanced. There are 21 crossover games every season and I think I've seen they've been 11-10 the past 2 full seasons. The big difference is the BTCG but that's pretty much a reflection of just Ohio State and it's been rare for anyone in either division to top them until this year.
  6. Why would you contract anyone if there is sufficient interest to play?
  7. I wasn't exactly sure how this worked until you explained it right here. Now that I understand it, I like it more. I wonder how many others are in the same boat of not understanding how it works and if everyone knew to add the #TGD to their Friday-night score updates I think it would become even more useful during the season.
  8. You were right. That momentum from the Strickland commitment propelled Purdue to an 8-win season and made IU go winless in conference. Just imagine if he had chosen IU and all that momentum went the other way. IU may well have been playing in the upcoming BTCG for a spot in the playoffs. #LEO
  9. That throw was dropped in between 3 Brebeuf defenders. Super impressive.
  10. Anyone have more information on this? Looks like West Noble's kicker is headed to West Lafayette. https://twitter.com/macias861/status/1463353156558114820?s=20
  11. Thrilled to see Allen continuing to be great. I think he's going to be great at Purdue. Hopefully the next QB in the Cradle.
  12. Gibson Southern is the pinnacle of high school football. For anyone to even consider the notion that they could lose is absurd. There. Is that a little better for your ego?
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