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  1. XStar


    If true, that's too bad. That rivalry is as good as I've seen in high school sports. Got to be disappointing for many players on both sides in the Class of '22 who may never get the chance to play in it. I'm surprised nobody has found a way to get that game scheduled still.
  2. XStar


    I think I saw that Penn and Mishawaka won't be playing in 2020 or 2021. Is that true?
  3. I took a shot at 2A based on one of the iterations posted here: REGION: Whiting, Andrean, Boone Grove, Bowman Academy, Wheeler, Rensselaer Central, North Newton, Delphi NORTH CENTRAL: Bremen, LaVille, Rochester, Pioneer, Lewis Cass, Manchester, Wabash, Fairfield FORT WAYNE: Prairie Heights, Central Noble, Eastside, FW Luers, Woodlan, Whitko, Eastbrook, Bluffton MUNCIE-ISH: Eastern, Blackford, Lapel, Alexandria, Elwood, Tipton, Frankton, Winchester EAST CENTRAL: Centerville, Northeastern, Union County, Shenandoah, Triton Central, Eastern Hancock, Scecina, Heritage Christian WEST CENTRAL: South Vermillion, Speedway, Western Boone, Southmont, Cascade, North Putnam, Howe, Seeger SOUTHWEST: Evansville Mater Dei, North Posey, Paoli, Crawford County, South Spencer, North Knox, Linton-Stockton, Forest Park SOUTHEAST: Monrovia, Mitchell, Eastern Pekin, Clarksville, Tell City, Switzerland County, Providance, Milan Sorry for using geographic labels rather than the numbers. Please nobody jump my case if there is some stupid error here. I was bored and started trying to piece things together and a ton can change if even 1 or 2 teams shift classes. With these 64, the most compelling decisions seemed to be which team gets pulled into the Region sectional from outside of that area (I chose Delphi over Bremen/LaVille) and which central team gets pulled to go south for sectionals (I chose Monrovia over Trition Central). If you were to choose differently for either of those, you could draw a very different looking map.
  4. I assume this has been discussed on here before, but the two Elkhart high schools (Central and Memorial) are due to merge starting for the 2020 season which is the 2nd season of this classification. Each high school has about 1600 students and should be in 5A for next season. Combined in 2020, their attendance would be in the top 10 in the state and put them solidly in 6A. How is this going to be handled?