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  1. Having never coached football in my life, can someone tell me exactly how beneficial this would be? You would see the team running plays just like you would by watching their game tape. A drone flying at that distance wouldn't pick up the conversation or terminology being used to call plays I wouldn't think. Maybe you see them practice a play you they otherwise might not have been expecting and preparing for it if they can gain insight on when it might be used. Also, if the team knows they are being watched, they could do things to send the other team on a wild goose chase by showing
  2. Agree. If you're a competitor, don't you want to play someone closer to your level rather than running roughshod over lesser opponents year after year? Once you master one level, time to move up and attempt to master the next. Frankly, I think it shows winning has been emphasized too much when programs would rather run through a tournament trouncing teams not at your level than even risk a loss against a team that can compete with you. That said, I don't think being in 3A has cost Southridge much. Maybe a 2A sectional in 2019. But they got a 3A regional in 2020 rather than a 2
  3. One injury-ravaged season in 2019 and a worthless, covid-ruined 2020 with a huge mistake at DC that has since been taken care of. It hasn't been good since 2018 but his contract is too good for him to walk away from, too much for another school to want to match right now, and too much/long for Purdue to buy it out. He's not going anywhere in the next 15 months whether anyone wants it or not, and as a Purdue fan I can only speak for myself but I don't. It's not like we're not even in games like the Hazell era. Let Hagen improve the defense. Let the offensive line mature. Stay healthy. Wi
  4. "Momentum" is as good as your next game, changes all the time, and is way overrated. After 2018, Purdue had all the momentum in the series. IU has it now. None of that really matters going forward. One verbal commitment doesn't change a thing in that regard.
  5. Given his contract, I'm not sure what you expect to happen. Purdue can't afford to fire him even if they wanted to and nobody else is going to pay that large a salary for his recent results at Purdue. Barring something scandalous, he's going to be there at least another couple seasons. And unless those seasons are either extremely good.....or extremely bad.....he'll probably be there another couple seasons beyond that.
  6. Could be. I know very little about what they have coming back. It's a team I don't get to see much of during the season but I expected to see them at LOS after they beat Lewis Cass in 2019 and last year going into the tournament and both seasons they fell short. I saw Luers get to the title game last year and did everything but win that game. I know they are returning many of their key players and I know they will test themselves before the state tournament. That said, I could see Luers losing to Andrean, particularly if the game is played in inclement weather in November. I could
  7. Assuming Luers make some modest level of improvement on defense, I'm not sure they lose to another 2A team. They nearly won it last year even with that defense. The one caveat is if they have to play in a bad-weather game in the playoffs where wind/rain/ice could neutralize their passing game. LCC should be on the list somewhere. Eastern Greene is not even in 2A. Eastbrook had alot of sophomore talent in 2019 and those sophomores should now be seniors. My guess is that they get through the regular season undefeated. Remember EMD being very young last year and it se
  8. Sorry, I had to concentrate on work yesterday afternoon/evening. I prioritize that because I don't want to become economically disadvantaged. Aside from that, you have to make a valid point before you can hand out any assignment. All you've done so far is admit that you don't consider Western Boone to be upscale while claiming to back up Muda but admitting that he makes no sense. Like I've repeatedly shown, you're not very good at this.
  9. I'm up by so much it went to a running clock awhile back. You're not very good at this.
  10. Absolutely false. I let you define everything how you wanted and you still couldn't keep up once I started using the DOE data you cited. Again, you're just not very good at this.
  11. Yeah you answered your own objection with that one as Western Boone is over 25%. The Gary reference was for the unique inference that if one can find any school district worse off than another then it makes that school corporation "upscale" which was clearly nonsense but you wanted someone to tell you someone worse off than Frankfort and I did. Literally everything you've tried to prop up here has now been debunked. You're not very good at this.
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