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  1. The one thing with Andrean is that they have played against better teams than Lewis Cass this year. They may not have beaten any of them, but they have played against a Merrillville, a New Prairie, and a Hobart. They aren't going to be intimidated or surprised by whatever Lewis Cass brings to the field against them.
  2. If they're scoring on your defense from 40 yards consistently, the choice is irrelevant and results cosmetic.
  3. Yes, I figured they did when someone said they started it earlier in the year. So is this something your team does? If not, why not?
  4. Because everyone loves their playbook against Elwood, Frankfort, and Northwestern. As the opposition gets progressively better, you love that playbook a little bit less. What works against South Newton is probably going to be less effective against Bishop Chatard. If Lewis Cass was going for 2 against West Lafayette, then they probably aren't going to change for anyone they face in the 2A tournament. And they may well be just that much better than what's left out there to where it's a sound strategy. We'll see the next 3 weekends. My take: It's a strategy that will help you win games you were already going to win by more. In a tight game against an evenly-matched competitor, it could easily backfire. IMO it's Lewis Cass betting on themselves that they're going to dominate every opponent. If they're right, they beat Laville by 35 instead of 28. If they're wrong, however, and they underestimate someone, maybe they lose 21-20 somewhere down the line to an evenly-matched opponent who was good enough defensively to stop them on 2 of 3 conversion attempts.
  5. Not sure it mattered where that game was played last year. Mud, grass, turf, the moon....... Plus, as someone else noted, it's an entirely different field than last season.
  6. Your success rate in going for 2 is very dependent on your opponent is it not?
  7. How long has Lewis Cass been going for 2 on every touchdown? Did that just start this year? Is that done based entirely on philosophy or do they lack a good kicker which makes it a better solution for them than if they had a kicker that made an xp almost a sure thing?
  8. I'd certainly open the job up. You never know who might be interested. No reason not to see what all the options are. As long as the process isn't too drawn out, you're probably not going to lose candidates.
  9. I can't say what the right thing to do is in awarding the coaching job, but this area has been looking for a powerhouse program at the top level ever since Geesman retired at Penn. Elkhart High School has a chance if they do it right.
  10. IMO, Mater Dei is the best team left in the south. I think they win this one.
  11. Heritage Christian really shut down Scecina last night. Going to take a great game for anyone to beat them.
  12. I was just ruffling his feathers because he is so defensive about it that it was comical. It's a leisure activity that is relatively harmless unless you allow it to control your life. Unfortunately I've seen that happen. I used to work with a guy (and 30-something-year-old adult) that would stay up all night playing a game then show up for work everyday looking dead tired. He insisted that he just didn't need as much sleep as most people but he was let go for performance and you'll never convince me that sacrificing sleep for his gaming time didn't play a huge part in that.
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