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  1. Saw this with some good info on Western Boone moving into 2019 and how things will change from last season. https://twitter.com/Will_Willems/status/1141899559628496896
  2. How's the turf coming along at Western Boone?
  3. Did Eastbrook pass the ball much when he played?
  4. Not sure if it's still around, but Sigler's in Mechanicsburg is just south of Frankfort and is/was pretty much an institution in that area.
  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the way this runs right now is that they look at distinct 2-year periods for reclassification. For example, Southridge won state in 2A in 2017 and won their 2A regional in 2018 and consequently moved up to 3A. Western Boone lost in the regional in 2017 but won state in 2018. But if they go on to win their regional in 2019 they do not move up unless they do well in 2020 even though they attained the same results as Southridge over a 2-year period. The only difference being that Southridge's success fell within that specific 2-year window while Western Boone's would straddle 2 different windows. Am I interpreting this correctly?
  6. Have no idea what Luers have coming back from last year, but whenever they are in 2A they seem to be almost always in contention to win it. How good is Andrean going to be?
  7. 2018 Top 100 Sagarin Teams by 2019 Sectional 33 - Andrean (57), Whiting (90) 34 - Pioneer (22), Bremen (68) 35 - Luers (47) 36 - Eastbrook (51), Tipton (81) 37 - Western Boone (34) 38 - Shenandoah (69), Scecina (71) 39 - Triton Central (70) 40 - NONE TEAMS just outside the top 100 - Woodlan (102) in sectional 35. Evansville Mater Dei (104) in sectional 40. Lewis Cass (106) in sectional 34.
  8. What are the objectives? Is it all about travel or is competitive balance in sectionals and and the state overall a factor? A couple of those scenarios really stack the north half the state.
  9. I think many would argue that 3A is the level playing field and not the 2A where they go to the state finals every other year no matter what. They were very competitive with some great 3A teams. Really, I think the decision should be left to the returning players. I can respect that they'd rather play better teams and more competitive football where success is a bigger challenge and not as much of a guarantee.
  10. Assuming some sort of relation to former North Montgomery stud QB BJ Schlicher who graduated in the late 90's? I believe he was runner-up for Mr. Football as well but opted to play baseball after high school.
  11. Just tracking the movement in 2A for fun. 6 teams leaving 2A North (2018 Sag Rating): Oak Hill (46.41), Madison Grant (25.75), River Forest (11.28), Gary Roosevelt (7.83), Taylor (1.32), Lake Station (0.00) 7 teams leaving 2A South (2018 Sag Rating): Southridge (53.14), Milan (38.28), Knightstown (36.99), Perry Central (30.26), Cloverdale (22.09), Indianapolis Washington (12.74), Park Tudor (6.92) 13 Schools Coming into 2A (2018 Sag Rating): 1. Pioneer 85.47 2. FW Bishop Luers 73.22 3. Andrean 71.11 4. Monrovia 51.87 5. Blackford 51.67 6. LaVille 50.4 7. Southmont 45.03 8. Eastside 42.21 9. South Vermillion 30.71 10. Wheeler 29.72 11. Seeger 20.08 12. Howe 16.45 13. Fairfield 6.57 2A is losing none of the top 10 Sagarin ratings from last season and only 2 of the top 25. The top 3 Sagarin ratings coming in would all be in the top 5 of the class based on last season and all 3 of those would figure to end up in the north part of the state. I bolded the 8 incoming schools you would assume will end up in the north half of the state which means at least 2 of the returning 2A schools will probably shift from north to south since only 6 of the schools leaving went north. The bottom line is that the northern route to state figures to get much, much tougher at least based on the very recent history of programs. Of course, things can change quite a bit year-to-year so who knows.
  12. It would be interesting to compare the teams moving out of 2A to the teams coming in but just by looking at a map I would guess Tipton is a lock to head north. You have teams like South Vermillion, Southmont, Monrovia, Seeger, and Howe coming into 2A as well that would all seem more likely to head south than Tipton would.
  13. If true, that's too bad. That rivalry is as good as I've seen in high school sports. Got to be disappointing for many players on both sides in the Class of '22 who may never get the chance to play in it. I'm surprised nobody has found a way to get that game scheduled still.
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