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  1. Some might not be very bright too. When they are 3A enrollment, they play in 3A (like they did from 2007-2016). When their enrollment is 2A level, they play in 2A. There are no tricks involved. Their success has been exclusively in 2A to date. They had some ok teams (not great) while they were in 3A but they ran into better teams early. 2010 - lost to Chatard (eventual state champ) in sectional championship 2011 - lost to West Lafayette (regional champ) in sectional semifinal 2012 - lost to Hamilton Heights (state finalist) in sectional semifinal 2013 - lost to Brebeuf (state finalist) in sectional semifinal 2014 - lost to Tri-West (eventual state champ) in sectional semifinal 2015 - lost to West Lafayette (state finalist) in first round I don't think they need to apologize for playing in 2A, as their enrollment dictates, since 2017.
  2. 2009 Mishawaka vs Penn One of the state's best rivalries even though it's not scheduled to be played going forward (Thanks Penn!). Penn had gone 29 years without losing to Mishawaka, or any NIC team. I'd seen Mishawaka come close on a couple of occasions but things changed when Bart Curtis came to Mishawaka. After a year of the Cavemen learning to play Bart Ball in 2008, Mishawaka was the better team coming into this game and they knew it. They ended up winning fairly handily, 26-10 and it was really cool to see 29 years of being at the wrong end of the scoreboard in this rivalry come to an end for them. I can only find a link to some highlights of this game but the other takeaway I had was it's the only time I can recall seeing a high school football field being stormed after a game. Highlights: Field storming: :
  3. https://twitter.com/dchswarriors/status/1241481867586666498?s=20 Danville hires WeBo OC Comer.
  4. I've seen/read where players from the football program help clean up the bleachers/seats after other sporting/school events. I love seeing that because it gives them a better sense of all the contributions that are made for them to play when they take the field themselves.
  5. When you refuse to acknowledge the very words you post, there is no point for anyone else to try to reason with you. You're being willfully ignorant. And that's fine. I'm just not going to invest a ton of time explaining why you're wrong when it is self-evident to anyone who reads this thread.
  6. Anyone that reads your first post in this thread sees it. I've got better things to do than be the person you try to argue with to distance yourself from it.
  7. Oh you put forth a hypothesis. It just didn't pass any tests. And now that it hasn't, you can't run away from it fast enough.
  8. Can't speak for all of them, but pretty sure that at least 5 of the 6 mentioned in this thread are not the first generation of their family to go through the school.
  9. MLB threw this out there to deflect attention from their poor handling of the Astros cheating scandal and the response has largely been very negative.
  10. Happy to see this hire. I've always appreciated this program and how they do things. Hopefully more of the same to come.
  11. Wow. I thought Wethington was committed to Valpo. Any word on Wright?
  12. Have to disagree. Looks like a big step backwards to me at this juncture.
  13. I think Penn is going to be stuck in the same rut they've been in since Geesman retired. Not sure Elkhart surpasses them but I think maybe they are pretty competitive. Maybe the most annual competition Penn has seen in quite some time.
  14. Thanks. Appreciate the lecture on maturity from an adult using the phrase 'butt hurt" and referring to people as "turds". 😄
  15. The fact that you feel justified in doing it doesn't change the fact that you did it first. It was an innocuous, half-joking comment concerning the mayor of the town I live in. You had time to vote it down to begin with so I don't think your time is quite as valuable as you believe. Like I said to begin with. You wanted to start with the petty down voting and that's fine with me if you want to continue down that road. Silly little game but it's not hard to play.
  16. And can you tell me what time you disliked the post in the screen shot posted below? Now....can you admit that you are the liar as you accused me of being? Being wrong is tough. Being proven wrong is tougher.
  17. Also, based on these figures, the 2A champ will qualify for 3A without success factor.
  18. That's ok. I know how to use them as well! I live in South Bend. Work downtown. Vote in city elections. Pay property taxes here. If anyone would like to debate me on Mayor Pete's record in South Bend, I'd be more than happy to engage them fully on the matter in a more appropriate forum. I'm fairly comfortable I can speak to it better than most anyone who doesn't live here and particularly those that have only come to learn his name in the past year. If they want to get in a silly cycle of down-voting one another, I'm game for that too.
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