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  1. I think Cass should be ranked #1 but it has more to do with them beating West Lafayette than beating Western. Never been much of a believer in the transitive properties of football games. The good news is that this all get played out on the field.
  2. Congratulations to Western Boone on a 2nd straight undefeated Sagamore Conference season in a row and being the first program to win the conference 9 times. Not bad for being the smallest school in it. Now my 3 questions for the postseason. 1. Can Western Boone make another deep run in 2A? I think losing some of their depth from last season has certainly weakened the defense a little bit and the wide receivers are not as sure-handed as last year's group. But they are solid on both lines and if Spencer Wright plays well they are going to be a tough out for anyone. 2. How far can the winner of the Danville/Tri-West game go? Indian Creek and Ritter could also have something to say about the winner of Sectional 29 but whoever gets out of that sectional looks to be a solid favorite against whoever gets out of Sectional 30. They could find themselves in the semi-state championship and an upset away from the state finals. 3. Can Lebanon beat Western? Western Boone fans have a unique perspective on this game having played both teams and having their only loss to Western. Western probably exposed a couple of weaknesses in that week 2 win and caught WeBo off guard but they've done little since then to impress. If the Tigers come to play, I think they can take this one and play for a sectional title.
  3. Agree. It's not like these Cass seniors are coming into this postseason on the heels of multiple long runs and trophies from prior seasons. The last time Cass won a sectional title was 2012 which was when these seniors were what? 10/11 years old? The last 2 years they were 2nd best team in Eastbrook's sectional and they gave an amazing effort in nearly knocking off Eastbrook last season. I'd be shocked if these kids were anything other than starving for a sectional title and a deep tournament run.
  4. I hope and think Cass will win the game. I like the way their team, and most of their fans on here, handle their business. Truth be told, there have been only 4 wins by 2A teams all season that have impressed me and Cass has 2 of those.
  5. Yes. Linton Stockton and EMD is essentially the semistate game. Scecina, WeBo, Triton Central, and Heritage Christian are just not good enough to compete with that level of football.
  6. Correct. None of the teams near/in Indy have a chance.
  7. No problem. I'm not offended. Just figured this will be a more competitive game than several you listed.
  8. I do wonder why you would leave Western Boone's game off again this week. A top-ranked team in 2A hosting their 4A rivals who beat them 2 of the last 3 years. Seems at least as compelling as the blood bath that will be Mississinewa's beat down on Blackford or the showdown between two unranked 5-3 class A teams. To each their own though. I enjoy reading these anyway.
  9. Ways to beat Eastbrook: 1. Control the line of scrimmage. This is something you're either physically capable of doing or not. Most aren't, at least not for an entire game. If you can, it obviously goes a long way. 2. Pass. They have consistently struggled against strong passing attacks since I've followed them. 3. Stay on your assignments and don't gamble and give up the big plays. Make them take 5 yards a carry. And yes, it's possible to have a 14 play drive for 70 yards but every additional play increases the likelihood that the drive gets messed up by a negative play, an empty down, a penalty, or a turnover. Eastbrook can score on such a drive. Their first-half touchdown at Marion this season was one of the best drives I've seen in a long time that didn't involve any "big" plays. Just guts, execution, and consistency. That said, no team can do that consistently. And when Eastbrook gets off schedule on offense, they sometimes start to make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes compound. It's what I saw in the first half at Blackford last week. This is all easier said than done. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tipton. For my money, they were the 2nd best team in 2A last season, just slightly ahead of Eastbrook and Scecina. But they lost much from last year. So did Eastbrook but I've been far more impressed with how Eastbrook has covered for their losses than I am Tipton so far. Tipton is well coached and could pull an upset but I think it would require significant "help" from Eastbrook for it to happen this season. But you never know. It's not like playing Elwood. Eastbrook plays a bad half/game against Tipton or even Blackford, they could find themselves going home and I'd say that's true for any 2A team this season playing another Top 25-30 type 2A team. There's no dominant team out there that's just going to roll to a state title. For what little it's worth, I have Eastbrook winning sectional and regional in my bracket.
  10. Against an opponent they lost to earlier in the season?
  11. Why would either team give up homefield advantage?
  12. How did Danville and Tri-West escape 28 while Crawfordsville and North Montgomery were included? Don't you almost literally drive through Tri-West if you're traveling from Indy to Crawfordsville?
  13. I'll wait to see it to before I believe it. Went 8-1 last season then got blasted by Lewis Cass in sectionals by 50+.
  14. Losing in the first round of the playoffs, you make the playoffs. Not advancing from a cluster, you don't.
  15. So now the winner of that game gets a couple breather weeks before playing what will presumably be a tough regional opponent. Whoever wins that game will likely be thankful for that draw when they are heading into regional relatively rested off of 2 "breather" games rather than having to play someone like Rensselaer Central right on the heels of their toughest, most physical game of the year.
  16. The flip side of this is that whoever wins these tougher first round games gets a little bit of a softer road leading into what is typically going to be a tough regional opponent. Call me crazy but if I'm Cass or Pioneer I'd probably rather play that game 3 weeks before I have to play Andrean (or whoever comes out of that sectional) rather than just the week before.
  17. I can't claim to be too familiar with them this season, but they are very similar to Western at least in terms of Sagarin. If the defense doesn't come to play tonight, there just might be a similar result.
  18. Surprised the Western Boone at Danville game is not up for vote. IMO there's a very real upset chance there.
  19. Western Boone goes south but there is still no shortage of teams in the north that could give Cass/Pioneer a game. Eastbrook hasn't lost to a 2A or lower team all season. Boone Grove hasn't lost all season at all. Andrean's 3 losses are to 4A and 6A opponents. Rensselaer Central will not be an easy out either. Finally, I never discount Luers at the 2A level either no matter what their record is.
  20. This is the last potential roadblock Eastbrook has in clinching the CIC this season (sorry Elwood). They came out focused last week and really handled Alexandria far easier than I thought. A similar performance this week will have me thinking the Panthers are ready for sectionals......and more......
  21. Question for Pioneer fans. Any sense on whether your team would rather be competing in the 1A or 2A tournament?
  22. I'd like to see Lewis Cass win just because they play a more challenging schedule and I like to see that rewarded come tournament time. Also it's been 10 or so years since they've made noise at the state level and it's fun to see different teams get there.
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