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  1. AG

    Purdue 2019

    Nick Holt's son Ben made it official that he has transferred from Western Kentucky to Purdue. He is a grad transfer and will be a 5th year senior linebacker. Now all that Purdue needs is a few grad transfer offensive linemen and they will be all set.
  2. AG

    Purdue Basketball

    IU has one of the best non-conference resumes in the country, but they've absolutely fizzled in the B1G.
  3. AG

    Alliance of American Football

    A quick Google search didn't yield any results. With eight AAF teams and eight NFL divisions, it makes sense to designate a team as an affiliate for each division.
  4. AG

    Alliance of American Football

    Add to this that each AAF team has NFL affiliate teams, much like NBA G/D-League does. It's great for the sport and keeps veterans active for longer. I'm predicting that we will see more feel good comeback stories in the NFL due to the AAF's impact. Kurt Warner should've just kept working as a bag boy, right?
  5. AG

    Alliance of American Football

    That's exactly why I love this new league. 250K over three years isn't going to make anyone rich. HOWEVER, it will put bread on the table and the season is only 10 weeks plus the playoffs, which allows the option for a second job, education, or ample family time. What I also love about this league is that they are specifically a minor league of sorts. They're not trying to go head to head with the NFL.
  6. You should have questioned it because it is sheer ridiculousness.
  7. But of course it wasn't questioned by any of her opponents on here. How convenient.
  8. It must be pretty important to you since you posted about it at 1 AM.
  9. I need the cow farts to keep my garden growing and now your tears can help water it.
  10. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. Don't forget your tinfoil hat. I can see it now. The gubmint shows up to your house to confiscate all of your beef. You then threaten them with your shotgun while wearing a MAGA hat, chewing some Skoal Wintergreen, and wearing a pair of boxers.
  11. AG

    Alliance of American Football

    More former Indiana high school players and players with former Indiana connections. Kitt O'Brien plays for the Birmingham Iron. Austin Appleby and Akeem Hunt play for the Orlando Apollo. Former Notre Dame punter Ben Turk does as well. Eddy Wilson and Greer Martini play for the Salt Lake Stallions. The San Antonio Commanders have heavy Indiana ties. Andrew McDonald, Austin Larkin, Danny Ezechukwu, Chase Dutra, and Scott Daly have all played college ball in our great state. Gelen Robinson plays for the San Diego Fleet. Nyles Morgan plays for the Arizona Hotshots. Tarean Folston plays for the Atlanta Legends.
  12. Thanks for sharing this coach! Lots of players that I forgot about. It was a great trip down memory lane.
  13. I have faith that GID Nation will be back in full force this upcoming season.
  14. AG

    Purdue Basketball

    I've been impressed by Trevion Williams this year. I remember last year that he grabbed 36 rebounds in a game, but he played for a school that was the size of an Indiana 2A. I wasn't sure how his talent would translate to the B1G or whether or not he could get into game shape. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.indystar.com/amp/2761210002
  15. I normally check out the forum twice a week or so in the deep off-season, which I consider around now until July when the season is right around the corner. I'm normally active in the out of bounds section year round.