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  1. Or, maybe because GWB was such a dud, maybe former governors aren’t palatable?
  2. According to the Indiana DOE Compass, Northview HS's feeder middle school has larger classes, which would bring Northview HS's enrollment above 1100 within 4 years, and closer to 1200 after that. Terre Haute North HS has under 1700 students this year, putting it on parallel with Bloomington South for enrollment. Martinsville's enrollment will be closer to 1200 in less than a decade; BNL will be in the same situation. All of the schools in my proposal have, or will have, more in common with one another than with anyone else.
  3. Martinsville also has old rivalries with the Bloomington schools, as well as Bedford.
  4. And a conference that includes schools in Columbus and Terre Haute makes no sense; particularly when factoring in that another Columbus high school is in a much more geographically compact conference.
  5. The ability to do all three don’t require more than high school chemistry. Machining firearms takes engineering skill. And now you are going to fire back with some 3D printed gun nonsense...
  6. The tools help the people; and we don’t catch, or screen, or treat the people before they get the tools.
  7. The cost savings of “going north” are only realized when the team doesn’t travel past Indy.
  8. https://madisoncourier.com/Content/News/News/Article/The-Madison-School-Board-votes-5-0-to-withdraw-Madison-from-the-Hoosier-Hills-Conference-/178/961/118498
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