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  1. It's all Interstate; easy drive. Floyd and Indy Scecina also need games that week. Both sets of teams could play a double-header in Indy.
  2. Stupidity is like a virus- early containment produces the best results.
  3. That is done, by and large, to benefit Reservations and rural areas.
  4. Westminster governments don't have fixed section dates, only maximum time between elections.
  5. To add to those conditions, every time I’ve been on here during the workday, I’ve made sure I’m never on school WiFi.
  6. It’s the Robert E Lee statues that are being torn down, not the Washington statues.
  7. I've seen a lot of terrible history on this board, and it comes from terrible history teachers. I've always swore that my students would know real history.
  8. That was the 2nd incarnation of Andre Agassi's charter school, Democracy Prep. We spent an entire month about Reconstruction and the Great Betrayal. I was also big to point out that the 13th Amendment didn't abolish slavery in the USA, it abolished slavery in the South; the North gave it up willingly. My job after teaching history at DPAC was teaching civics at Pahrump Valley HS, and an activity I did (which met NV standards) was to compare the 2nd Amendment to the equivalent in the Nevada Constitution; the Nevada Constitution says the following- I explained the reason they differ is because the Nevada version was adopted in 1982, and I then had them write a version in their own words.
  9. I taught 8th grade history at a charter school in Las Vegas, where 75% of students were black.
  10. I was in 8th grade when that happened. I knew then that the USA was led by a brainless bozo who couldn’t be bothered to plan for contingencies.
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