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  1. 74 74 you know nothing bout the Clown. He's not one man, he's the whole damn town!!
  2. These Billy's from the South, they have no clue. Stink is Coach K, I know this ain't true. You're rhyme's not bad 74, you have talent I see. But you'll never match that of the EIAC. HH is solid with a lot of tradition, but this years Tigers seem to be on a mission. The Pit it is crazy, one of my favorite spots. But I usually finish at Connie's, payin them thots. This dog takes the Tigers, the Pats they are doomed. Come Saturday night, they'll find they've been "Yooned"!!
  3. Really? Yeah, you really scared the hell out of me. That's why I sent you a personal message basically asking if you wanted to clear the air in private. Stop trying to poke and just let it go man.
  4. Exactly. I did send AVD a personal message, I have nothing to hide. I think anyone can see that his posts are personal, like he has some underlying issues. So I sent him a message and asked him what his issue was, and if he has a personal beef. I didn't whine, I was simply offering him an opportunity to air his personal grievances in a more private and personal manner. Nothing more, nothing less. But obviously he isn't a guy who would handle things that way. Much easier to rant incoherently behind an alias than to actually man up. Whatever, best of luck to you Art. I hope you can someday move past whatever it is that troubles you.
  5. Art is not smart, just read what he says. He's literally the Grid's dumbest poster. 51-13 was the score of last year's Dogs vs Indians game. I don't normally brag about the many times the Dogs have beat Milan as it's a game we're supposed to win. If Milan does beat the Ville they should proud, and celebrate, but only a fool would brag. See the Dogs have been fortunate enough to beat the Mighty Trojans a handful of times over the years as well. We were proud, we celebrated, but bragging about beating a team who has our number more often than not would just be stupid. Not smart Art...well....he's just not smart. Not smart Art keeps trying to make jabs about Coach Hep's record compared to the current coach's, or flag football references, and I'm really not sure why. It sounds as though he has an axe to grind? I don't care about any of that, I'm a Bulldog Football fan. Coach Hep is a great guy, and he was a great coach. So great that even a chump from Milan commends him. 25-19 you say? "Good but not anywhere near Coach Heppner's standards" you say? Once again not so smart Art proves just what a stupid chump he really is....Coach Hep's record was 21-23 in his first 4 years. So...according to not smart Art, the Dogs have a VERY bright future!! Do yourself a favor chump and stay off the Grid, it's only for big boys.
  6. You are clearly a Milan guy, and you're a chump! You prove to be dumber with every post you make. I agree, this idiot needs to go away. Best of luck to East Central and Lawrenceburg this Friday.
  7. I never said anything about Milan until you came into an EIAC thread talking a bunch of smack about Batesville, and how Milan beat them this year. I didn't initiate it, you did. Batesville was not great this year, I can't deny that, but to act as though Batesville is inferior to Milan is just ignorant. Like your comment saying Milan should replace Bateville, who won 3A Conference last year, in the EIAC. Again, ignorant. I never said Milan was a bunch of chumps, I said YOU were a chump...and I stand by that...chump!
  8. Dawgs sucked last night, but they will be back. Tigers will destroy Bucs next week. EC and Stinktown roll on to Regional.
  9. Where is 8 Ball today? Did he come to his senses too??
  10. All it took was a few Tiger BL's for ole Stink to come to his senses!!!
  11. Just some Milan chump who doesn't even belong here talking a bunch of sh!t that doesn't make sense. They're like the EIAC's little step cousin who no one really cares about. Probably one of 8 Ball's relatives trying to stir the pot!
  12. Pretty comical really....some redneck from Milan on an EIAC football thread talking smack about soccer. You can't make this stuff up.
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