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  1. Thank you so much for catching that error. I really screwed up on that one. I meant "Triple" if you're still trying to figure it out. Thanks again!
  2. It seems like some of these "officials" should take a lesson from Tiple C and take up poetry!!
  3. Contact before the ball is in the air is legal in high school...the ball was never in the air. Slot comes off the ball with hands out to block OLB, OLB believes he is being blocked (QB is rolling and is a big run threat). They are tied up for a second or two, then OLB runs with Slot once it's clear that the Slot is continuing on a route. Crucial point for the referees to influence the game on THAT call (in real time). One call usually doesn't decide a game, and the Bulldogs certainly could done things better to secure the victory. I just hate it when a very questionable call by an official has an impact.
  4. Yes he does. I knew it was close, but couldn't tell from the film I saw. Good call.
  5. It won't change anything, so it really doesn't matter. I wouldn't have even brought it up if someone hadn't asked. Yes, there were mistakes made (like interceptions), but if you were there, you KNOW that it was a HUGE momentum shift. After that HH executed well and won the game. I will say, HH made very few mistakes. The hold on the jet sweep was right in front of me and 100% a holding call. The out of bounds I couldn't see, and haven't looked at on film. The first TD...WR landed in the white and appeared to be out of bounds to me. Hard to tell on film though. Calls are part of the game, I'm not denying that. Maybe Batesville should have taken it out of their hands in others ways, but the holding call when the Slot clearly comes at our OLB hands first to pick him was a horrible call that impacted the game. Period! In my opinion, Batesville had the better football team. HH made fewer mistakes and executed well. In the end, they move on and the Bulldogs don't. That's life.
  6. End of 3rd Quarter. Dogs led 21-14 with a little over a minute in the 3rd. HH had the ball, 3rd and 11 from their own 19. Batesville sacked their QB at the 5 making it 4th and long from their own 5, and they called defensive holding on a roll out pick play!!! I rarely, if ever, blame a game on the refs but that call undoubtedly changed the course of the game! We made mistakes, no denying that, but if you were at the game you KNOW that the call changed the game. It's water under the bridge now, but I hate to see a game impacted by officials like that.
  7. Defensive holding. Absolute garbage call!!!! Is what it is, but it killed us.
  8. Better hope all this talk travels well, cuz it's about time to do some mf'n chin checkin!!!!
  9. 1. If the Patriots put 27 points on the Dogs defense, I think there probably is a pretty good chance they win the game. 2. I don't think there's any way the Patriots put 27 points on the Dogs defense!
  10. There is plenty of room on the visitor's side. The covered home stands were originally built for a horse racing track many years ago, and then donated to the school after horse betting was outlawed. Buckle up those chin straps is some solid advice!!
  11. Where's all the Braves fans? Stinktown gets knocked out and the GID goes radio silence! EIAC Forever....WIAC NEVER!!!!
  12. He already has the STC starter kit! Give it a year or two...
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