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  1. If you don't wanna hear the Tiger growl...stop em! (Although not as annoying as the the wildcat purr in chicken and jojo land, I hate the Tiger growl too when the Dogs play them. It means Stinktown just did something good.)
  2. You may see Coach K in flip flops, or a pair of camo hunting boots, but not in a clown suit. The Clown is like a Ninja, or a Leprechaun, you will never find him. Just when you think you have him....he's gone! Connie's is your ONLY chance, but all the girls are on is payroll and will never tell. You're chasing a myth
  3. I'm sorry, you are correct. I was thinking of Hamilton Heights. My bad...double H got me.
  4. Unfortunately, this is true! We beat them once when they were in our Sectional, but never in a Regional. They had our number for several years. Some very good teams!
  5. Someone in Pats land please read my statement to Seventy Four, and try to explain it to him.
  6. Glad you said it. No one is claiming that the Pats play a tough schedule!
  7. All the misdirection, deception offensive schemes belonged to Grandpa. Really isn't that hard to defend if you know what to key. The entire system banks on players getting undisciplined and not following their reads. A couple "no ball" sessions is all it takes to take the "magic" out of it.
  8. No way you can compare the Pocket to the EIAC! Not even close! K9 agrees that HH would have one loss if they played the mighty red and black. Our neighbors to the East will show those Pats what multi dimensional really looks like. They'll have the Cheetahs running wild and family reunions in the endzone! The boney bone is ancient, and not that hard to handle. Just ask the boys at Hondaturd who were told to bring their offense into the 21st century. HH better hope they have Bo Jackson and Eric Dickerson, cuz that's their only chance. But the good news is, everyone's welcome at Connie's...even the losers. Bring plenty of singles fellas cuz the Clown will buy your drinks, but he won't pay for lap dances!!
  9. 74 74 you know nothing bout the Clown. He's not one man, he's the whole damn town!!
  10. These Billy's from the South, they have no clue. Stink is Coach K, I know this ain't true. You're rhyme's not bad 74, you have talent I see. But you'll never match that of the EIAC. HH is solid with a lot of tradition, but this years Tigers seem to be on a mission. The Pit it is crazy, one of my favorite spots. But I usually finish at Connie's, payin them thots. This dog takes the Tigers, the Pats they are doomed. Come Saturday night, they'll find they've been "Yooned"!!
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