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  1. What are some websites or study materials that you all use to keep learning about rules, mechanics, and situations. I know the Redding books are amazing, but what else is out there?
  2. We have an opening on 9/13, but that is a bit too far for us, even with travel covered. We live in SW Indiana. Our crew chief had an idea that if someone had a game as far north as Indy, maybe we could take their game and they could take the Cass game. But we do not know too many officials north of Bloomington.
  3. Tack on two pizzas and its game over for my crew.... You may want to make it 15 on ice, so three for each...
  4. Should have taken it to the house...
  5. It will be enforced as a dead ball foul, meaning the TD counts? March it off on the try or the KO.
  6. Also, you were referenced for the Matchup Predictor that was lost in the crash... Do you still have that? @hhpatriot04
  7. Toss a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Get chewed out by the coach (if he directed his player to do that, he should be fuming), march off 15 yards, start the clock at the ready if there is time left. Start the van....
  8. One thread that was lost when the forum had to reset was the direct link to the matchup predictor using the Sagarin Ratings. Does anyone have that link?
  9. They are... I spoke with the Vincennes AD the other day
  10. It looks like they were able to find some closer games to home. The PLAC was filling out their schedule for a few years. They still have Paoli though.
  11. Jasper, Boonville, VL, Gibson Southern? I thought Boonville didn't want in, so maybe Mount Vernon. Or we find out nothing is happening and we just create threads for fun! I heard Indianapolis Cathedral is joining the PAC.... Just what I heard
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