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  1. Looking at the 0-8 schools... It looks like Shelbyville takes this one... Most of them scored in several of their games...
  2. Does anyone know how many crews applied for the tournament this year? I think last year there were a handful more crews than were actually necessary, so everyone pretty much got a game.
  3. I think the fact that four days have passed and no one wants to touch this one, means you only have one option.... Start the van......
  4. Who is the boss that gave Rodney a -9,999,999 reputation? I love it!
  5. I think the elephant in the room has left?
  6. If the block was initiated with the shoulder, it is likely going to be called a blindside every time. If they use the hands/arms extended, it gives them a bit of leeway.
  7. I worked a scrimmage at Mitchell several years back. We had a fumble and I tossed my beanbag and lost it for a quarter and a half.
  8. There is no place where it says you can run the clock either. Only the shortening of periods... That's the right interpretation..
  9. This is the email that I received from my Chair that I am assuming is at question: ubject: Week 4 All, The Fall Area Principal meetings have begun. Thus far, the Mercy Rule has been an unqualified success. Please remember to report those games where the Mercy Rule is enacted. The weather over the next two weekends looks to be a challenge. Please review both your weather delay procedures as well as your heat management guidelines. Take care of yourselves as well as the athletes. This is now the fourth week of the season and it is very disappointing that a Point of Emphasis is being ignored by our crews. The penalty for uniform infractions has been removed. The player needs to be sent off to become compliant. The attached photos are taken from video of the first three weeks of the season. Three different crews, same issues. Unacceptable. Let’s get better. There were also pictures attached to show the problem with knee pads... Hopefully it was no crew on here!
  10. I am already scheduling games in the '24 and '25 season! I actually have a BD game in 21
  11. I think there was a unsportsmanlike foul on 4th down of the 1st OT, they carried the penalty over to their opportunity on offense. They marched them off 15 and they started 1st and 10 on the 25 when it should have been 1st and Goal from the 25. The chains do not come out for OT. That is how I heard it...
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