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  1. Jasper, Boonville, VL, Gibson Southern? I thought Boonville didn't want in, so maybe Mount Vernon. Or we find out nothing is happening and we just create threads for fun! I heard Indianapolis Cathedral is joining the PAC.... Just what I heard
  2. Jasper, Vincennes, Heritage Hills, Gibson Southern? Some combination of the two? Or all?
  3. I have seen it recently on Conan. He visited Australia and participated in a practice. More comical than anything, but it does definitely have more action to it than American Football. Catching on in the states? I doubt it. The field dimensions alone would rule out a lot of areas, but I am reading about different field sizes for different ages. Even normal rectangular fields. And those run a bit smaller than football fields (about 10 yards smaller) The hits look more vicious because they aren't wearing pads, but they tackle differently too. Just like in rugby, they are trained to go for center mass.
  4. What about an unintended consequence: Teachers go to these externships and find a better opportunity to make more outside of education and more teachers leave the field.... Food for thought.............
  5. Order of Imortance: 1. Chrome 2. Firefox 3. Safari 4. Netscape (yes, that one) 134. Internet Explorer
  6. Does Chrome have one or is it on Firefox only?
  7. Could you give a gist of what it says? I have used all my courier press articles for a month....
  8. School boards are supposed to focus on policy, not administrative roles.
  9. I professionalized when I got my Masters..... Back when there was an incentive to have it.
  10. I guess just continuing the conversation... and it did not work! haha
  11. I teach in the middle school in the afternoon and the class is "Current Events" so it is basically whatever I make of it.
  12. I'm half middle, half high school and it's basically a study hall with assignments as I choose.
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