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  1. Much easier schedule. They are independent and schedule pretty light, but usually somewhat competitive for their enrollment.
  2. Only coach that I know that insisted on the kicking option for scrimmages...
  3. He did the following season. He was a great resource in all things officiating. He truly enjoyed the game. It is going to be different not having him at association meetings in the fall.
  4. Except he never did work that state final after the heart attack. I grew close to Doc being in the same association. Excellent guy. Will absolutely be missed.
  5. Mount Vernon has a pretty solid endzone camera... I have seen the footage. Crystal clear on a rainy Friday night... Although it could have been their visitors who had the end zone camera... Don't know about South Spencer
  6. I know a buddy of mine has interest in the SS job. He has experience with two local programs. He would be a great addition any where though.
  7. It would be a big investment because all Warrick County schools would need to be fitted with turf. People often forget that Tecumseh is in Warrick county. So Castle, Boonville, and Tecumseh would be pushing over $1.5 million, and probably closer to $2 million if you base it off of Jasper's cost. Jasper's cost included resurfacing the track though too..
  8. Boonville used to have a gentle slope in their endzone where the pole vault pit is. I think they have leveled it out, but I could be wrong?
  9. There tends to be cascading affects that will impact other schools...
  10. I wouldn't say it is full of lies... They are observations... Nothing wrong with that As it was stated...
  11. Mater Dei, No personal home field, but they do play at the Reitz Bowl, which is turf
  12. We’ve had a couple games of GS the past two years. He’ll be a junior next year so he is still growing at the position
  13. Should the NFHS can the 5 yard face mask and go uniform with all levels and just make it a 15 yard penalty?
  14. In such close quarters near the goal line there, you do have more eyes there at least.
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