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  1. Ben Davis holds the margin regardless of class. The paper that printed it was incorrect. Largest Margin of Victory 4A: 47 by Ben Davis (99) and Merrillville (52), 2010. 3A: 28 by Princeton vs. Tippecanoe Valley, 2015. 2A: 22 by Heritage ChrisƟ an (53) and Oak Hill (31), 2008. A: 32 by Bloomfi eld (90) and Morgan Township (58), 1998.
  2. I like this list, BUT by just going the leaders list, the numbers are not going to be right. Adams Central would be above Eastbrook, as would Linton and WeBo . Of course, my math could be wrong, but I have Eastbrook at 108, Linton at 116, WeBo at 118, and Adams Central at 212. I found this by going to the individual team tournament history. However, I might have added wrong, I ran out of fingers and toes! :S
  3. Looks like I was wrong on linton being the toughest team on Lutherans schedule this year if they played...
  4. In my opinion, I believe that Linton would be the best team on Lutheran's schedule this year. I can't speak about the Wolves. Of course, Lutheran has played better competition, IMO, week in and week out. That is the biggest difference in the schedule as there is really not much of an off week in the ICC (Monrovia this year) compared to Riverton Parke and Fountain Central this year in the WRC. This should be a great game and once again I feel like turnovers will play a big part. I'll be rooting for the Falcons, but like I said earlier, I feel like this might be Lutheran's year. Either way, I would love to be at this game with two great 1A programs, with history, going at it. Good luck to both teams!
  5. Someone is just glad there is life after the O'Shea era for LCC... However, there are some great 1A teams this year I'm glad to see some new faces get a shot. I can see any of the remaining teams winning it all. This is a good thing! I like Coach Crabtree's approach and feel like he will have his team ready. If they can take care of the ball, I like NV's chances. However, I feel like this might be Lutherans year. Good luck to both teams!
  6. Believe it or not, I thought the same thing. They proved me wrong. Good luck to both teams this Friday. I feel like the team with the least amount of turnovers wins this game.
  7. On their schedule, I would consider Linton the best team on it most years. Therefore Linton = powerhouse. Just my two cents 🙂
  8. This is a new cycle. It should work that way, but I doubt it ever will.
  9. I hate to say I agree, but I do. However, the only complaint you will hear from me is that this was the LAST game for those Seniors, not a meaningless regular season game. On top of that, not all of Linton's fans feel the way we are portrayed on here. All fan bases have bad apples, just ours seem to be louder than others. 😄
  10. I can not answer yours, but maybe you can answer mine. How hard is it to take a knee when a player is down due to injury?
  11. What I'm sure he meant was that Mater Dei would be up by 35 at the half.
  12. It looks like I just missed meeting you! I came up at halftime and talked to the rest of Mr. Beach's crew. I am proud to be on their crew and have benefited from it greatly. Good luck to Mater Dei!
  13. I thought Sam was a Junior that year and a Senior with Jack as a freshman?
  14. See I look at a game in the same way. Trying to explain to a coach why I'm not throwing a flag on something that is behind the play or on the other side of the field that is not a safety issue is always fun. My whole point is that technically that could be deemed a hold, it was there. The OPI or not OPI is dependent on the angle we see it from. Sullivan should not have let them drive almost 70 yards in 20 seconds. The best thing is that the player is fine. Good luck to the Alices on the rest of their season.
  15. I do see what you are saying. Sometimes though that judgement is hard to make if you don't look up in time. Appreciate the input!
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