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  1. A sushi bar where you sit down and sushi comes by on a belt? I love it... but I have to drive to Carmel for that.
  2. Fair enough. I would just say that's part of Carmel. I know the Kroger's where I live doesn't have a sushi bar... they do in Carmel.
  3. Only 6% of students at the high school are eligible for free/reduce lunch. If I'm not mistaken that's tied for the lowest in the state with Zionsville. So why do you care what their parents are buying them for lunch?
  4. My team is still alive. So at least for this week, we're still celebrating!
  5. No need to get upset. I wasn't discrediting anyone. In my opinion, Carmel is the best team left. Therefore, just because they beat a couple HCC teams that they should have, does not mean you get to ignore everything that has happened up to this point and claim that this proves how the MIC is so much more superior than the HCC. So if LN and LC would have been eliminated by HCC schools, would HCC now be the better conference? 6-5... Thanks! 😉
  6. I think the difference is that there was two HCC teams that had a high chance of winning a state title, while there were 4 or 5 MIC teams that had a chance to win a title. The two HCC teams just happen to play each other first game.
  7. I don't remember saying they were. I'm not even saying the HCC is the better conference. I just find it hilarious that people want to forget the fact that in 2019, the HCC is 6-5 against the MIC. If you want to pretend the other games didn't happen, go for it.
  8. But the HCC didn't? 🤔 So is your argument that since Carmel beat HSE and Westfield, while CG beat FC that proves that the MIC is dominant over the HCC? We just completely ignore regular season matchups? That's convenient!
  9. I don't know how a person could stand in front of those players and tell them they are no longer allowed to play football because they aren't good enough. That them not playing will make high school football in Indiana more competitive. Then tell the other sports programs that their funding will be cut because the football program is being shutdown. Then tell the cheerleaders, band members and fans (which I was actually surprised that there were so many) to find something else to do on Friday nights. Just a few more schools to tell this to and then maybe we can get down to that magic number to make Indiana high school football competitive!
  10. I agree. A team that beats an opponent that they lost 3-7 to the first time, isn't much of an upset. #2 losing at #4 isn't much of an upset either.
  11. I haven't watched a game, but if I'm not mistaken, HH runs a flexbone offense (perhaps a double wing). Those type of offenses are never going to throw the ball much. As you pointed out, as we get deeper into the playoffs and the weather gets worse, it only helps them.
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