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  1. Just to be clear, there is a teacher shortage in SOME subjects. Primarily Math, Science and Special Ed. I know several PE/Health, History and Elementary teachers who have struggled to find jobs. Now to the coaching. There is never one answer to a question like this, but I believe the biggest problem is Admin. Willing to coach should help a teacher get a position. I actually feel like it hurts candidates more than it helps them. I've had multiple interviews and NEVER during those interviews have I been asked "Are you willing to coach?". It's not a factor for most admin. A lot of coaches d
  2. I agree that some teaching positions make it more difficult, especially in the first year. Some of it depends on when they are hired. I was lucky enough to be hired in June. So all summer once practice was over, I went to school and worked on lesson plans. Once school started, I obviously had to make adjustments, but I at least had a majority of lesson plans completed. There are other things that can ease up the workload. HC's should realize this and give them less responsibilities. An athletic class, allows the coaches to spend more time focusing on teaching/lesson plans/ grading a
  3. There obviously isn't just one answer, but I think for SOME of these school's Admin either doesn't care or have given up. First, make practice convenient for players. Have an athletic class. Students no longer have to find a way home after workouts, plus it allows them to work after school during the off-season. Adding an activity bus would also increase participation. It would allow students a way home after practice in-season. This doesn't have to be difficult. Coaches can't drive players home after practice in their personal vehicles (at least aren't supposed to). So get them lic
  4. So we can just claim things now and society has to change so someone's feelings don't get hurt? You know, I've always felt like I was 67. Can I get social security? If not, you're a bigot! #Science
  5. This right here. There have been very few times when we haven't been able to get a film we want. Rivals of the team you're preparing for are also usually happy to give whatever they have. 😉
  6. According to the list at the top of the page, Pike Central is open. However, I haven't seen anything official, nor has it been posted on the school corp website.
  7. Yes, it's sarcasm. I realize there are some risk of long-term health issues at the college and especially at the PRO level. However, I do not know anyone that had health issues later in life because they played HS football.
  8. I'd like to say something, but it would get me in trouble. I'll just say, 8 year olds are allowed to make other major decisions in today's society. Yes! So many of the guys I played with in HS have had their lives ruined because they played football. Even though the rules and equipment were so much safer back then. I'll agree with this.
  9. I've seen it both ways for Math, Science, English, etc teachers also.
  10. I THOUGHT during the state game the announcers said the SA QB was a senior. He'll be a tough one to replace.
  11. 6A Center Grove over Elkhart (maybe a year early, but I say they upset Westfield)) 5A Cathedral over Dwenger 4A Mt Vernon over Mooresville 3A Gibson Southern over Mishawaka Marian 2A Pioneer over Mater Dei 1A Lutheran over Winamac
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