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  1. I agree with you, but I think a lot has to do with our response this time. I'm standing in line at the store right now, I assume this is what Black Friday is like (never been). I don't remember this type of frenzy back in 2009.
  2. From the stadiums I've been to/seen the Reitz bowl is the best stadium in the state. Westfield would be #2. I've only seen North Daviess from I69, but have always thought it was a cool stadium for a small school.
  3. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/01/27/damarcus-ganaway-named-new-football-coach-bosse-high-school/4587819002/
  4. I want to start off by making it clear that I think Coach Paridaen has the program headed in the right direction. I'm not to try to take away from what he and his staff has done. He obviously did an outstanding job at Eastern Greene as well. However, you have to understand there was a transition period when North moved to the far north side. First, they lost a lot of their athletes. Students didn't want to have to ride the bus for an hour every day. Instead they could simply go to Central. Isn't it a strange coincidence that around the time North moved, North went from competitive to uncompetitive. Meanwhile, Central went from mediocre to one of the better programs in 4A. Second, they had to start a youth program (or restart I'm not sure how it was set-up before). I remember reading or watching something this past season that said this was the first group of seniors that had played with one another, from the beginning of youth football until their senior year. I think Coach Wilson (once the school moved) and Coach Szabo were in situations where they were not going to be able to have success quick enough.
  5. Not to mention being in pretty sectional with some pretty tough Reitz and most recently Central teams. I think Tony Ahrens was a really good coach, but I really like the hiring of Tony Lewis. I think Jasper makes some noise in the SIAC in the near future.
  6. Contenders for what? State championships? Conference championships? Simply turn a perennial loser into a consistent winner? I would argue that at ALMOST any school, the right coach could turn them into a team that consistently puts up a winning record. I would also argue the following: Admin 40% Coaching 40% Socioeconomics 10% Conference 10%
  7. I seen a few reference his offense, but I'm not familiar with Coach Sharpe. What offense does he run?
  8. I get that you are curious, but Coach Bowling gave you an example of why we/the schools shouldn't release names of the coaches that did not get the job. They would then have to go back and answer questions on why they were trying to leave their current job. I guess I would flip the question on you... These are HS football jobs. Why is it so important that you know who DIDN'T get the job?
  9. Washington High School https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/12/13/jake-durnil-resigns-washington-high-school-football-coach/2638202001/
  10. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/2019/12/06/lane-oxley-ends-ends-tenure-harrison-football-coach/2586400001/ Evansville Harrison is open
  11. Pride comes before the fall! 😉 Bring on the down votes and mocking.
  12. Agree with your whole comment, but especially this part. This goes for more than likely a large portion of the team. Obviously the player that wrote the anonymous letter saw something wrong with it. A stupid, sick, and gutless act, gives a black eye for so many.
  13. I have a feeling it was the "Leaders" in the locker room that was apart of this. While I would have kicked the player in the first incident off the team to send a message, how do you continue to let Jack go into the locker room unsupervised? How do you not make sure there is someone supervising in the locker room period! It shouldn't have to be that way, but obviously you have a culture problem in your locker room. Totally incompetent!
  14. I think Carmel is the best team in 6A. I have thought this for about the last month.That said, I think the Pirates are a lot better than some of you are giving them credit for. I believe Carmel pulls it out, but I think it's still a game during the 4th quarter.
  15. Great teammate and even a better young man. Thanks for sharing!
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