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  1. Hello, with the new enrollment numbers out. Can anyone remind me how 5a will go this time? How about a new update on success factor schools. The IHSAA looks a year old on data. If you know who is playing up or getting moved down please add to this post. For instance, Chatard is stated to be 4A for 2022-23 on https://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/Tournament Success Factor/Football Success Totals 2019-20 2020-21.pdf
  2. I just heard a news broadcast that said a school has cancelled it's football game because of the school has a covid outbreak. Is this real news??? What school?? The news show is an Indy based news channel but did not list school.
  3. Team A kicks to team b- team b touches the ball but never secured ball- can team A pick up ball and run? And score?
  4. Who has knowledge or experience with using IHSAA Streaming platform for regular season games. Looking for info on video/PC equipment requirements. Thanks Our school doesn't have a student lead tv show/media program.
  5. What are officials going to use instead of whistles this season? We would like to get what ever it is for practice.
  6. Hello all, this post is for Coaches and taking a survey on what you call the position (H Back, FB, etc) to a offensive player that is in the backfield (behind a lineman) and in front of a Shotgun QB. 1. So, what to you call the position? 2. For Defensive guys- How do you include this H-Back (in image below) in calling strength of the formation. Please reference the image with A, B, C, D for location of H back and Y (Tight End) and RB.
  7. Anyone have the SportScope EDGE instant replay system? https://www.sportscope.com/edge-replay.php Any issues? To you live stream/broadcast games?
  8. Edgewood HS, in Ellettsville, IN would like to $800 OBO and you must come pick up machine works as it should. http://austinlegdrive.com/ The tallest section is 4'6" PM for more details
  9. Per IHSAA data- https://ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf sullivan 547 Big pants and smallest school Ghs 549 WV 590 BC 619
  10. Big schools- NV, OV, EHS, Indian Creek, and Sullivan. small schools are the rest, but somebody can check the enrollment of Greencastle and Sullivan and see who put on big boy pants. Linton turned down the WIC After Cascade left so that’s why big school small school.
  11. If you have the huddle sideline instant replay system how do you like it? Any glitches? iPad recommended? What advantages do you get with Steaming option over basic plan?
  12. Wix.com has a free service with ads. google has free sites as well still have to pay for Domain names.
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