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  1. At one time there was talk of a Sagamore & Hoosier conference partnership. Not sure where it ended, but haven’t heard anything lately. Honestly, it sounded like a good idea. Might have been good for some of the doormats in these 2 conferences. There would be 3 divisions of 6 teams based on enrollment/competitive balance.
  2. Hearing Chatard, Guerin and Mishawaka Marian are in same sectional. It’s a straight shot up US31.
  3. This all makes no sense. Pioneer has a one time talent in Jack Kiser and hasn’t won state since 2018. Chatard wins state in 2019 & 2020. Neither wins sectional in 2021. Chatard goes down, Pioneer stays up. I know what the rule says about points earned in a higher class. But this just looks wrong. IHSAA should have just reset everything to enrollment and started over.
  4. Tri-West 4 titles in 3 different classes across 3 different decades. 2x runner up. Nice list.
  5. I saw on Facebook where Waldron and Morristown were looking for 8 man football teams to join their K-6 8 man league.
  6. List your Indiana high school players that are at the combine. Peyton Hendershot, Indiana, Tri-West
  7. All 3 (Chatard, WeBo, and LCC) should have to stay up. If they don’t then the IHSAA has no balls and the success factor is useless.
  8. West Lafayette should go independent in football only. I’m sure the rest of the conference won’t mind!
  9. They are getting ready to build a massive airstrip and sort facility west of Lebanon. Don’t expect too much growth between WeBo and Lebanon. No one wants to live near that.
  10. Sagamore Conference! A conference is made up of more than football. But taking only football into account. I think that Southmont would be better off in the Wabash River Conference and Frankfort in the Hoosier East.
  11. Brownsburg has a history of not signing off, if the player doesn’t move. Happened to a kid for us last year. He had to sit 365 days before eligible. But yes, they don’t mind accepting transfers!
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