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  1. Two proposals I would make are 1) allow teams with history of poor performance to petition the IHSAA/Coaches Association to move down a class for a cycle. This could help struggling programs and create better matchups for the Frankforts ,Shelbyvilles, and Crawford Countys. Set criteria of under .250 winning percentage and previous tournament "lack of" success factor as eligibility to apply. Only allow a certain number (3 or 4) per class each year. If we expect the "good teams" to play up then we should let the "bad teams" play down. 2) make 1A & 6A the 32 team tournaments. Lots of 1A schools have less than 30 players. A week off could be better served for these schools instead of 5A schools that have unlimited subs/players. This would also help shake the tournament up a bit. It seems that lately the only way to shake it up is to make wacky sectional alignments. This would give a whole half a class of new schools/opponents.
  2. I’m all for moving back to 730. With daylight savings time it makes it even worse.
  3. That only goes back to 1994 when John Harrell site started. Also, any all time list without Sheridan in the top 5 is way off.
  4. Monrovia and Cascade will never be back. Linton would be a good fit, but they declined invite. Looking at football playing schools. Not much to choose from, travel is a nightmare in this conference. Crawfordsville? Southmont? Eastern Greene? Covenant Christian?
  5. I saw Northview's 2020 schedule on the John Harrell site. Looks like the WIC is going to a Big school & Small school format with no last week 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, etc. Anyone have any insight on realignment or thoughts on a possible 12th team to even things up.
  6. Alex Covey, 6-5 215. DE/TE. Tri-West. Very athletic. Large frame. Could put on weight. Started at DE every game last year and most of season as a freshman.
  7. I would like to see them make 1A a 32 team class and 5A a full 64 team class. The smaller schools have fewer players and the extra week off could help. Most 5A teams are 2 platoon or real close and have plenty of backups. Plus it would shake things up a bit.
  8. Mater Dei, Penn, Columbus East too high. Sheridan, LCC, Tri-West too low
  9. Tri-West does have LCC on the 2020 schedule. I assume another two year deal. This seems to be a good game for both schools.
  10. Chatard really dodged a bullet here with Danville getting beat. I guess that 2 game win streak will live on for another year. I got Pats in this one. 19-16.
  11. Please correct me if wrong but the last PAC win vs. SAC team was South Spencer over Tri-West in 1988. That’s a long time. I respect the hell out of that Heritage Hills program. It is the gold standard in that corner of the state. I think they get it done tonight. In a low scoring game.
  12. 4th place. Lol. Webo took Southridge to the wood shed last year. Pocket team hasn’t beat a sagamore team since 1988.
  13. Who is Gibson Southern? Never heard of them? Get some bigger hardware if you want in this discussion.
  14. Most of the coaches were there. Danville won with lesser athletes in 2016. Trojans got out coached. Poor Vince ended his career with a loss to Danville. Too bad you didn't hire Woods to replace Vince. Then you wouldn't be worried about how to beat him.
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