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  1. I wish I could see that game. I know Linton travels well. Could be a packed night at the Reitz Bowl.
  2. IMO, Frankfort is ahead of C-ville in the rebuilding process. Frankfort had numbers and were quite a bit more competitive at the jr.high level. Both are very tough situations. Frankfort Jr. High coaches were coaching their buts off (even when down 30+ points) when they played us. Hopefully, both can get back to being more competitive.
  3. Just get better! Or maybe they needed to get Danville out of Chatards sectional.
  4. Need to find a way to get the bottom 25% out of the tournament. It will be too much effort for the IHSAA. They couldn’t even get realignment right.
  5. Hope Chatard is a victim of home cookin at North Montgomery. Ultimately, the Trojans will win, but the Chargers will not be intimidated. 50+ pass attempts, some onside kicks, press man coverage, bring 7 every play. Should be a fun one. North is the Football version of Loyola Marymount basketball 1988.
  6. Zionsville was in the Rangeline for years. Can't remember the teams, but I think it was. Zionsville, Sheridan, Westfield, Hamilton Hts. Plus a few others that were in and out. Scecina, Yorktown, New Pal, Triton Central, HSE. Not sure just looked at some old football schedules.
  7. This is a complete mess. Hopefully, the school board knows something that no one else knows. Otherwise its a bad look for them. Plus, now the volleyball coach got fired over some BS snapchat to a player at another school. Thru all of this, Interim coach Jason Ward has done a great job keeping the football program focused and excited every week.
  8. IHSAA needs to get creative and Establish a rehab class for situations like this. Frankfort, Crawfordsville, Shelbyville, Owen Valley, and other mid size schools would benefit. Basically give them the option to opt out of tournament. And play games against similar competion. It doesn’t really help the good programs/teams to beat these schools to death.
  9. DT, Please remove Roncalli from the contraction watch list. They finally won a game. Sincerely, Superjay
  10. Don’t forget Roncalli 0-4, maybe they should be on DTs watch list.
  11. I've always admired the job Ryan Good does at Attica. 11 seasons without a losing record. At a school that small, you would expect a drop off at some point.
  12. I heard from a reliable source that he accidentally tripped over a Danville player. I won’t mention the players name, but he’s not that type of kid.
  13. Heard the refs drove it right down the field for Mooresville score late.
  14. Carmel over Center Grove Cathedral over Michigan City Mooresville over Marion Chatard over Gibson Southern Eastbrook over Western Boone Adams Central over Lutheran
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