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  1. Conference predictions? 1. Webo 8T. Danville 8T. Tri-West 8T. Southmont 8T. Lebanon 8T. North Montgomery 8T. Frankfort 8T. Crawfordsville Webo outscores opponents 6259 to 14. 2019 Conference and State champ t-shirts are already on sale.
  2. Being the main TW guy on the site, I would say it’s a good call to take it down for now. I know both families involved and it is tearing these communities apart (especially on Facebook). This could really go either way. For some reason, Tyler has really dug in and decided to fight these accusations. Most guilty teachers usually take a deal and walk away to avoid prolonged publicity. I must confess that it doesn’t look good, but he deserves due process. Ultimately, I think he will not be charged with a crime and will eventually resign. This is really not even a football issue anymore. Coaches have adjusted and the program has moved on. I am 99.99% sure he will not return to his coaching duties. Discussion on here only serves to worsen Tyler reputation further. Probably not something GID wants to be involved in. Now you will probably have to take this thread down. LOL!
  3. Tri-West will start on stadium upgrades this coming spring. New track, turf, and concession/restrooms next season. Track will have all away meets to allow construction to begin as soon as possible. Concession/restrooms will come down immediately after season. Enjoy those restrooms one more season!
  4. Frankfort is on an upswing. They had the numbers and the athletes last year. I look for them to be more competitive this year.
  5. Now in October and November, we get to hear every team complain about getting eliminated by Luers. And how they should be in 3A!
  6. If Greencastle does move down, Crawfordsville replaces them in Sectional 29. FW Luers to Sectional 27. Northwestern to Sectional 28 to replace C-ville. There better be a good explanation if they skip over 3 schools to move Greencastle down.
  7. Tippy Valley to Sec 35 replacing Luers Peru moves from 27 to 26 to replace Tippy Valley Luers to Sec 27 to replace Peru Cancel the meeting, I got it for you.
  8. Seems pretty simple that Tippy Valley moves down and FW Luers moves up. And a couple sectionals in the north get shuffled around. Am I missing something?
  9. Sorry, but I don't see New Albany or Bloomington South driving across the state to play a 3A school week #1. I find it more likely they would schedule each other. New Albany week #2 might be possible. Bet I would say a longshot.
  10. It’s 1:30 from Vincennes. 1:15 from Petersburg and 1 hour from Washington. All on I-69. You can probably crank the bus up to 70mph too.
  11. That’s some tough luck! I guess those teams will have to work harder and get better. It really could have went either way, as I posted somewhere in this thread. But I really don’t see a problem with who is on the committees. It takes all 3 people to agree, plus the board has to approve it. It could also be noted that Cathedral Coach/AD Rick Streiff was on the 4A committee. No conflict there!
  12. Sectional 28 could have been even more stacked if you swap Tri-West and Ritter for Crawfordsville and North Montgomery. One could argue that it would have made more sense.
  13. How many referees for an 8 man football game? 2? 3? If they are serious about this they need to find a small school conference/group to get it started. Loogootee, Bloomfield, Orleans, Barr Reeve, Shoals, NE Dubois would be a good place to start. Only need 16-20 kids for a team.
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