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  1. Sorry, but I don't see New Albany or Bloomington South driving across the state to play a 3A school week #1. I find it more likely they would schedule each other. New Albany week #2 might be possible. Bet I would say a longshot.
  2. It’s 1:30 from Vincennes. 1:15 from Petersburg and 1 hour from Washington. All on I-69. You can probably crank the bus up to 70mph too.
  3. That’s some tough luck! I guess those teams will have to work harder and get better. It really could have went either way, as I posted somewhere in this thread. But I really don’t see a problem with who is on the committees. It takes all 3 people to agree, plus the board has to approve it. It could also be noted that Cathedral Coach/AD Rick Streiff was on the 4A committee. No conflict there!
  4. Sectional 28 could have been even more stacked if you swap Tri-West and Ritter for Crawfordsville and North Montgomery. One could argue that it would have made more sense.
  5. How many referees for an 8 man football game? 2? 3? If they are serious about this they need to find a small school conference/group to get it started. Loogootee, Bloomfield, Orleans, Barr Reeve, Shoals, NE Dubois would be a good place to start. Only need 16-20 kids for a team.
  6. Is it possible that Barr Reeve/Bloomfield brings more people than Ben Davis/Center Grove?
  7. Crawfordsville has a new coach pending school board approval. Story in Crawfordsville Journal Review.
  8. Tri-West has only gone North one time in 1A 1991 & 1992. I vote for Chatard to go North. It will be up to the 3A committee. Hopeful there's no one from the 3A North or West Lafayette on it. Put them in the "Region" sectional. They can hop on I-65 after school and be there by kickoff. State cops can escort them before they guard the tailgate party.
  9. I've seen a lot of football but IMO. The best programs have a great gameday environment. Heritage Hills and Brownstown would be at or near the top. Evansville Mater Dei or Reitz in the bowl is a great atmosphere. Pioneer surely has a great environment and I've heard Linton is lit on Friday nights. I would consider all of these Premier jobs because the fan bases are very good.
  10. Any guess that has Roncalli and Cathedral is different sectionals is wrong!
  11. Youth & Jr High programs need a major overhaul. Can be done with the right people in place.
  12. Any word out of Crawfordsville? Interviews have been over for month.
  13. Small division of Big 8/PAC would be perfect. You can’t compete with Heritage Hills, Jasper, and Gibson Southern but maybe one out of 10 years. The MIC has a lot of dead weight. Owen Valley, Brown County, Cloverdale, are historically not good programs. I’m not sure about travel concerns, but IMO the Big8/PAC small division would be better.
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