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  1. South Spencer is unique. There isn’t a track so the bleachers are right behind the benches. I assume it is the same. I haven’t been there since 2003. Also, Brownstown has a unique setup. The locals like to tailgate and watch the game from the street that runs behind the visitors bleachers. I assume they still do that. It makes you feel surrounded.
  2. Covenant Christian gets kids from Eastern Hendricks county. Churches like Chapel Rock, Kingsway, and Plainfield Christian. Could be considered “feeders”. They occasionally get the IPS or big school transfer. But mostly stick to the local church schools.
  3. I didn’t think that far! Lol! Either Zionsville and Valpo will move up and 6A will be reshuffled a bit or they will just leave those spots open in 6A. East and Snider can be added anywhere to make 5 team sectionals in 5A.
  4. Guessing LCC will replace WeBo in 2A. WeBo will replace Chatard in 3A. And Chatard will move into 7 team, Roncalli 4A sectional. Hammond schools will stay where they are. Columbus East and FW Snider will return to 5A and make 5 team sectionals. Pretty easy transition for IHSAA.
  5. No, I see a lot of old time Ritter names on Chatards roster. And Ritter continues to take several voucher kids.
  6. He’s gone now. Got caught up in the mess. We already got the next one in reclassification training.
  7. Allow schools to opt out of the tournament and schedule another game or games. School could only opt out during enrollment count years. Another option would be to allow schools to petition the IHSAA to move down a class. Petition requirements could be socioeconomic factors, win/loss records, longevity of poor performance in current class, etc.
  8. Who still plays a freshman schedule? Sagamore did away with it a few years ago because it was always a scheduling nightmare. Not enough kids to field JV and Freshman teams. Curious if other conferences are the same?
  9. What I’d really like to add to it is private schools would only be allowed in 6A, 4A, & 2A. But from a safety standpoint 1A rosters would benefit from that bye week.
  10. 6A & 1A. Should be 32 teams. 6A because of enrollment gaps. 1A because of roster sizes. A bye week would help small rosters of 30-40 players more than 5A 70-100 player rosters.
  11. I'm hearing Tri-West and Brebeuf will begin playing week 2 starting in 2022. TW was dropped by Plainfield after this coming season. Brebeuf was playing New Palestine.
  12. Tayt Odom, Co-owner d1 training finch creek field house and Chatard asst. coach. No different than G2wins and Casey Gillin.
  13. Dutra Conference Whiteland Center Grove Brownsburg Tri-West Danville
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