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  1. They are getting ready to build a massive airstrip and sort facility west of Lebanon. Don’t expect too much growth between WeBo and Lebanon. No one wants to live near that.
  2. Sagamore Conference! A conference is made up of more than football. But taking only football into account. I think that Southmont would be better off in the Wabash River Conference and Frankfort in the Hoosier East.
  3. Brownsburg has a history of not signing off, if the player doesn’t move. Happened to a kid for us last year. He had to sit 365 days before eligible. But yes, they don’t mind accepting transfers!
  4. Being the AD is a tiresome job. Wouldn’t you think he’d give that up to make the same money at a big school just coaching football. Every coach we’ve have at TW had the same thing. Community support, friends on staff, great facilities, good feeder system, etc. Gillin, Haste, Coll all left for bigger better jobs and more money.
  5. My friends at WeBo swear they have been told by the IHSAA that they will go back to 2A. So whichever scenario causes that is the plan.
  6. I would be for this idea. But would rather see schools be allowed to opt out of the tournament and play one or two more games against other teams that have opt out.
  7. d. If a school which has participated in a higher enrollment class during the previous reclassification period achieves a tournament series success point value of Two (2), Three (3), Four (4) or Five (5) points in a specific sport, such school shall remain in the same enrollment class in that sport for the next reclassification period. The foregoing notwithstanding, if there is a change in the school’s enrollment which would result in the school being placed in a higher enrollment class than the enrollment class dictated by this section, then in that circumstance the school shall be placed in the enrollment class determined by the school’s enrollment for the next reclassification period. I’m not sure if I read this correctly, but if success factor is calculated using this year and last year. Both Chatard and WeBo will stay up for the next reclassification because both have 4 points.
  8. If I were to move my kid down south for football only. I would go to Heritage Hills. Linton would be my 2nd choice.
  9. I would say Danville is now or in 2 years. TW has at least 4 years.
  10. Finals broadcast showed Brebuef enrollment at 843. That would put them comfortably into 4A.
  11. They will not reclassify this year. They will wait another year to get success factor and enrollment recounts aligned. I really don’t see any other way.
  12. He moved to TW in 6th grade. I’m just yanking your chain. Notice I’m not mentioning any kids by number or name. Just acknowledge they were nice additions. Mac Dutra moved from Brownsburg to TW in 2014. He was a difference maker for sure. Just ask your HH friends. We actually lose more kids than we get. Just remember if you lose to Brebuef on a last second FG, that kicker was at TW until 8th grade. For those keeping score at home we also lost our best freshman to Brownsburg. And 2 other kids to Chatard. No judgement here. Just call it what it is.
  13. Getting kids from places like Robinson(IL), Castle, and North Posey helps boost enrollment. LOL.
  14. I one is talking about Evansville Mater Dei. Losses to 9-0 Jasper and always tough 7-2 Memorial. Other south sleepers Linton, Monrovia, Speedway, and LCC. I think we are headed for another Luers vs Mater Dei final.
  15. Curious how well North Montgomery's new sod held up after tonights mess?
  16. Will Covered Bridge Festival traffic play a factor in the outcomes?
  17. East-Tipton, Hamilton Hts, WeBo, Lebanon, Tri-West, Danville West-Frankfort, North Montgomery, Crawfordsville, Southmont, North Putnam, Greencastle Play 5 games against your division. Week #9 conference championship. Play as many crossover games as you wish. This would give some scheduling flexibility too.
  18. Taken from IHSAA website: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard will move up to Class 4A for 2021-22, 2022-23 due to Rule 2-5 It lists Western Boone and Lafayette Central Catholic with same result. I think all 3 will stay up for next cycle. link Team Sport Success Totals 2019-20 2020-21.xlsx (ihsaa.org)
  19. All in conference schedules are the problem. The gap between schools serious about football and those that don’t care continues to widen.
  20. For starters, I would add Greencastle and Hamilton Hts. Both make since because of location and size. Not sure on next 2, need to see more responses.
  21. Which game will be the biggest blowout this Friday? I got Danville over Frankfort #1. Lebanon over C-Ville #2
  22. Please learn to read. If Sagamore were to ADD 4 schools. Which 4 schools make the most sense?
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